He could tell that she was starting to like teasing him. She came dressed casual in her tight black jeans, a studded sliver belt, and brown leather boots. She wore a loose fitting white blouse and her hair was pulled back into a tight braid that looked painful. She wasn't a fan of a lot of make up, nor did her face require it. The tantalizing smell of her perfume was a welcome change to the Jeep's greasy fast food odor.

As they approached the interchange to I-64 she began. "I had been seeing Michael for a few months. I had been under the impression that he was going to leave his wife," she said. "He told me they were going through a separation." She glanced over to John as if for support.

"I understand," John said softly. He reached over and turned the country radio station down a notch.

"Him and his wife were obviously not getting along. I think it was financial. See, he gambled a lot. He had a ton of money, but he was going through it like water. It was noting to throw big parties and spare no expense. He had bills and I mean big bills. "

John nodded. "I'm surprised."

"Most people would be. He hid things pretty well."

The way she emphasized the word "hid" led John to think the two of them were not such a hot item. She was clearly venting a little bitterness here. "He told you he was going to leave his wife and make things right with you?"

"And I believed him."

John noticed that the same blue Chevy that pulled out behind them was right on their tail. He gently accelerated. "Now you'll never know."

She was silent. The streetlights bordering the interstate ahead of them curved out over the bay and then dropped off at the tunnel. There was a dark void out over the water before the row of lights picked up on the other side.


The Chevy was still oddly close behind.

"Well, feel free to ask me anything. I'll be open with you," she said.

"You know anybody with a blue Chevy four door?"

She looked at John.

"Take a look in your rearview mirror. I've noticed that whatever I do he follows."

"I can't tell who it is."

John sped up to seventy miles per hour. He changed lanes abruptly and then slowed down. The Chevy stayed back a few car lengths.

"I wouldn't think they would try anything with all these witnesses around."

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