"You think it may be the same person who shot at you? If it is then I'm bad luck to you. Every time we're together someone tries to kill you."

"This Chevy hasn't tried anything yet."

Just then a hard jolt came from behind and Tammy let out a quick scream.

Another bump came. John still couldn't catch a good look at the driver behind them.

"Who is that?" Tammy asked. "What are they doing?"

John gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles turned white. "I can't see. Try to get a look at the face while I keep us on the road."

Tammy held her seat belt strap and turned in her seat enough to get a better look at the maniac driver. "Can't really tell. I think it's a guy."

It was getting harder to keep the Jeep in control and the tunnel was coming up. He had to shake this Chevy somehow before they went inside because all it would take was one good knock and off into the concrete wall they would plow.

"He's beating up my truck!" John yelled. He stomped the gas pedal and pulled away from the Chevy. The car in front of them slowed and John yanked the steering wheel hard to the left and passed them. Tammy screamed again, grabbing the dash.

"He's cut off! That bread truck cut him off!"


They were safe for a few seconds. John held his foot to the gas. He wanted to get through the tunnel before the car could catch up. "Wait a minute," he said.

Tammy twisted back around to face front. "What?"

"They have security cameras in here," John told her as they entered the brightly lit tunnel. The radio neither of them had been listening to turned to fuzz. "Maybe, if we're lucky, they'll pick him up and I can get a look at him."

"How are you going to do that?"

"I'm a private eye and it's official business. And if someone hits me in the rear, obviously on purpose, I want to know who it is."

"Don't look now, but here he comes," Tammy said as she bent to look out of her rearview mirror. She put her hand to her mouth to hold in a scream.

John presses the gas and was able to stay just ahead of the oncoming blow. But the road was blocked ahead. A car was in each lane. He had to slow down.

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