John believed her. She looked him in the eyes the way she did when she first came into his office. He, in a certain disconnected way, felt sorry for her. A man she loved had passed away. She had the world ahead of her professionally, but the accident with Mr. Gallager put a snag in her future and took away a relationship. John had to find out just how close she was with the music tycoon and what actually happened that night.

"Let's get out of here," she suddenly said. "Just go."


"Come on. You have to admit that this office is stifling. Let's get something to eat. We can walk around or take a drive somewhere."

John was coming to realize that this woman could talk him into anything. God, she was beautiful. He had to keep check on whatever feelings of attraction might be brewing down in his heart for her. He would fight to keep everything professional because to scare her off now would mean a ticket to the poor house. "Sounds good to me," he said as he was already walking around his desk.

Tammy refrained from talking since climbing into the Jeep and fastening her seatbelt. John turned onto Baltic Avenue and started driving aimlessly. He took note of a blue Chevy that had been following them at a safe distance. "What are you hungry for?" he asked. "What do you feel like?"

"Sea food," she told him while she watched the endless blur of hotels and souvenir shops pass on her side of the street.

John nodded.

She looked over at him. "Find one in Williamsburg."

Give or take that was about an hour drive. He wondered why she wanted to go so far away.


She was quiet again for a few minutes before finally speaking up. "Thanks for being so understanding. I know I've dropped a lot on you."

John angled the Jeep toward I-264, thinking it was wrong to date a client. He pressed the gas pedal and moved to the fast lane. "I'm on your side in all this. I work for you. But you have to tell me everything," he said. From the corner of his eye he saw her turn back to her window.

"You ever going to ask why I want to go all the way to Williamsburg?"

He had a smile on his face. "I was thinking you might want to talk a little. I was hoping, anyway."

"I do," she said.

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