Gasping and groaning, I clutched at my breasts and fondled the peaks with my fingers. With a change in tactics between my thighs, and the pressure of his digit against the bead of my pleasure, I gave out a passionate, low moan. His love and attention was driving me absolutely wild.

I could feel the building sensation escalate, my pulsing need for climax rising up inside. My breasts heaved; I was consciously aware of my heavy breathing and how my words flitted from my lips, drenched with lust and need:

“Oh fuck…don’t stop, Cole, please don’t stop…”

He audibly grinned, exhaling between his lips. The billionaire ramped up the pleasure, his thumb rubbing circles around my clit, and I arched my back with pleasure.

“Cole…I’m so close…”

“That’s right, baby, let me take of you…”

His tongue lapped up my juices as I came, my mouth bursting open with exhilaration. My fingers grasped at the bedding on either side, clutching into the sheets as I rode out a couple of incredible orgasms in a row.

“What did you say earlier?” I asked breathlessly as he extracted his face from between my legs. My body welcomed him as he lay down beside me, my arms wrapping around him.

“That I could get used to this?” He asked, wondering himself.

“Yeah…that goes double for me.”

* * *


This time, I finally got that breakfast in bed.

Although I couldn’t hear the sizzle from the kitchen, I could sure smell the slight waft of the delicious food from around the corner and down the hall. When Cole slipped into the room, holding up a tray containing a stack of buttery, chocolate chip pancakes, grilled gourmet sausages, a few strips of spiced French toast, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, I squealed with delight and graciously took the gift.

“How is it?” He asked after a few bites.

“Oh God, dear, this is pretty great,” I grinned, swallowing a chunk of food. “Now I see exactly what I was missing.”

“Glad to hear it,” he smiled, before his joy began to recede away, forming a gradually darkening face. “I’m going to have to go into work today. It’s time that I check on an old friend of ours…”

I gulped down my mouthful of juice. “Coppersmith?”

“Yes,” he muttered angrily, his features firm and furious. “I also need to check in with Kylie, too. Alphonse Megami will be here soon, and I need to make the proper arrangements for his arrival.”

While I thoughtfully ate, he stood up straight, stepping towards the closet. This time while he changed, not an ounce of indignation or concern crossed my mind. I simply enjoyed my breakfast while he donned his battle armor for the coming hours. His naked, sturdy muscles disappeared beneath layers of pressed and starched clothing as he wrapped his handsome body in a custom tailored, three-piece suit.

As he slipped into his socks and shoes, I rose from the bed, just as naked as he had been just several minutes before. He glanced up from his shoelaces, admiring my curves and my supple skin as I perused his ties. He needed something tasteful, something strong and commanding.

“This will do…” I murmured to myself, running my fingers along a softly folded tie, plucking it from its rack.

“And what are you up to in here?” He asked warmly, coming up behind me. His hands slip up my abdomen from behind, grasping at my supple breasts. Involuntarily, I sucked in a sharp, automatic gasp of pleasure, feeling his fingers caress my nipples. His lips found my neck, and I lifted my arms up to loosely hug him with my back against his chest, offering him a better hold on my ample bosom.

“Now, now, Cole…” I murmured, feeling the bulge of his large cock twitching against my bare ass. “Better settle down, you’ve got a job to do…”

I pulled myself free, turning around to pop the collar of his long-sleeved shirt, tightly slipping the tie around the back of his neck. Immediately, I pulled him in for a deep kiss, my hands grasping either end of the tie to leverage his head forward.

“You’re something else, aren’t you, Key?” He murmured as I tied his tie for him.

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