To think, such a young man playing pretend gets to be my master?

No. Devin J. Coppersmith accepts no masters.

Particularly not from the biggest thief of them all, the veritable king of this entire, decadent empire. I will not serve the lord of the filthy, stinking rats, defiling the memory of the dead.

If he thinks a few donations to the mentally ill are going to change that, he’s as insane as he is stupid. No matter. I will let the bastard die, and I will return this company to its rightful heir apparent.

All of this – I do this all for you, my son.

My Hunter.

Chapter 25


Cole and I developed an unshakable understanding that night, focused on one, beautiful word.


I woke up the next morning first, curled up against him. Cole was deep asleep, his chest slowly rising and falling with his slumber…but I could feel something pressed against me that was wide alert and awake. The impulse struck me, and I knew that I wanted to satisfy it.


Feeling mischievous, I slipped down and under the covers, slowly and gradually dropping near his fully erect cock. God, he’s a heavy sleeper, I thought to myself as I dug the thick erection out of his pajama bottoms. I fought the urge to kiss all over his firm, tanned abdominal muscles as I lowered my lips to the purple crown, engulfing it into my mouth.

“Mmmm…” Cole murmured in his sleep, moving slightly as I savored his taste. I loved the spontaneity of it. As my lips pushed and pulled up and down his hard cock, I began teasing him, my tongue sliding along the sensitive fold of skin below the glans. I would need fresh air soon, but I could continue this for now.

“Mmm…that feels good…” he continued to murmur; his hands pulled lightly near my head as I bobbed up and down. After a moment, I heard a slight noise of surprise, and he whipped the covers aside.

“Key…?” He groaned, looking down at me before his head descended back into the pillows. “Oh…fuck, that feels good…”

“That’s right,” I grinned after pulling my lips free from his cock. “Why don’t you just let me take care of things for a moment…just lay back and relax…” My lips wrapped around his cock again, and I began bobbing faster now, furiously eager to get him off with my mouth.

Cole’s hands clutched my head, his fingers digging into my hair as I sucked down his morning wood. He growled out a few low, satisfied groans as I pleasured him, and it wasn’t longer than a few minutes before his body seized up and he held my head in place, pumping his seed into the back of my throat.

“Oh God, can I wake up like that every morning?” He asked contently. “Because I think I could probably get used to that…”

“We’ll see,” I grinned, suddenly aware that I needed to get rid of my early morning breath. I pulled away, preparing to jump out of bed, when his hand clutched around my forearm.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

“I need to go brush my teeth.”

“Not right now, you don’t,” he chuckled as he pulled me back into bed, his hands quickly unclasping my bra. Sliding out of the way, he held his breath, pressing his lips against my neck. I purred my delight as he peppered kisses down my chest, exhaling as he wrapped his lips around my nipple. I squealed with pleasure, and he brought his hands up to grasp my breasts firmly, gently kneading them as he subtly rocked his head with the motion. At the same time, his wet, strong tongue flicked my small peak into an erect, puckering peak, and he shifted his attention to its sister while squeezing the first between his fingers.

“Oh, you are good at this,” I mumbled lovingly. My arms wrapped around the back of his head and held him in place, locking his lips around the nipple. His tongue worked its magic, and I basked in my sultry enjoyment.

Soon, he pulled himself free, kissing back down to my panties again. With his thumbs hooking into the waistband, he whipped them out of the way, dropping his lips to wrap around my awakening pussy. His wet tongue lapped away, stirring the flicker of my mounting arousal into a burning blaze.

My thighs squeezed around his head as I clenched my fingers into the tufts of his hair, riding his pink tongue inside me. I could feel myself growing wet as he continued to match my enthusiasm, his hot breath wafting over my lower lips and only turning me on more.

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