“Maybe just a little,” I grinned. Glancing down as I worked, I could see his erection against the front of his slacks, and tsk-tsk’ed mock disappointment.

“Well…can’t send you off like that, can I?” I smiled, gazing up into his eyes. “You’re ready to go again already? Maybe it’d be better to let you step into your company with a clear head…and I have just the idea of how to do that…”

Unzipping his slacks, I unbuckled his belt and withdrew his thick, fully erect cock before dropping to my knees. As the businessman’s fingers plunged into my hair and held it back, he stood proudly in front, dressed from head to toe in the sharpest suit I’d ever seen. I wrapped my round lips down his cock, happy to worship the rock-hard tool as my mouth descended for the second time this morning. We might not have much time left together, but I wasn’t going to waste a single second.

Chapter 26


As the doors opened, I temporarily set aside the mental picture of Kiona on her knees, bobbing away on my cock before the explosive and knee-weakening finish. Stepping off the elevator, everything focused on the here and now; it was time for business. Strangely, as I glanced around I could sense an immediate tension in the air. People seemed stiffer, bothered somehow as I walked from department to department, checking in with the various supervisors and directors.

Even the middlemen and leaders within my company seemed to have fallen under the tension that had begun gripping my employees. This troubled me. I wasn’t used to my team exhibiting blatant shaken confidence, and I wondered if my temporary absence had anything to do with it.

I began asking, but responses were tight-lipped and canned. The most I could get out of anyone was “quotas” and “rough season,” but I would have been a fairly incompetent leader to not immediately recognize that something was very, very wrong.

The only person who seemed absolutely cheerful was Coppersmith, whom I crossed in the halls. He passed by without noticing me, whistling optimistically as he wandered onward without a care in the world.

I should have immediately recognized the alarm bells, but I was too preoccupied with my impending death, as well as the concerning level of pressure on my staff.

Most of the executives were either at a pair of conventions, on international travel under my orders, or otherwise tied up. This, too, should have struck me as odd, but the aforementioned factors were too near the forefront, and they blinded me.


However, I did have a way of reconciling my concerns independent of them all.

Kylie looked surprised as I entered her office. My executive assistant sprung into action at my approach, brushing her ginger curls out of her way as she snatched up a clipboard.

“Mr. Andrews, I didn’t expect you to be back! Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” I briskly told her, gazing around her office. “Update me. What precisely you been up to in my temporary absence?”

“Well, I’ve been forwarding calls, forestalling any pressing appointments, and…honestly, there hasn’t been too much to do. Your executive staff has been overseeing their own departments and mitigating small fires, here and there…of course, they won’t listen to much direct instruction from me, but it looks like everyone’s generally behaving. Andrews Enterprises seems to be running on autopilot, independently of your direct oversight. Seems like your dream’s finally come to fruition, sir.”

“As excellent to hear, there’s something clearly wrong.”


“The employees…something has them all tense. Explain to me why everyone is on edge.”

“Mr. Andrews, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary…well, now that I think of it, there’s the annual employee review coming up soon. That’s the only thing that crosses my mind.”

“No, that’s not it. The annual reviews have never bothered the staff this much. Something else is going on, and I intend on getting to the bottom of it…and I rely on you to be my eyes and ears while I’m away. If you haven’t noticed anything, then you are less qualified for that role than I’d thought.”

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