Marco laughed a little and gently slapped his butt. “Be still, baby.”

He pushed his cock into Nicky’s hole, forcing it slowly through the tight ring of muscle. Stars swirled around Nicky’s eyes as he felt an intense pain unlike anything he’d ever felt before. He screamed out, but Marco smiled sweetly back at him a split second before he bit him hard in the nape of his neck. Nicky screamed again and tried to get away from the sharp fangs sinking into his flesh. Held in Marco’s strong arms, he was unable to move. He sobbed and moaned until an indescribable feeling of passion swept over him. Even though the pressure and stretching from Marco’s cock hurt like a bitch, he made no attempt to crawl free. His body, acting independently, pushed back in an even more frantic effort to take more. The cock sliding deeper into him also filled him with the most intense joy. Marco pushed in farther and farther. Nicky thought he might split any minute, still his body acting on its own would not seek escape, shoving back, rocking, wanting more.

Buried to the hilt, Marco pulled out his sharp teeth and licked him gently over and over until the pain lessened. Marco said softly, “Try to get used to the feeling of being filled up, baby. Just lie still and take it.”

Nicky tried to, he really did, but his sluttish ass squirmed in a possessed state of its own and wiggled, seeking what more he didn’t know. “I…I can’t…hold still.”

“I know,” Marco soothed. “It’s okay.”

He pulled out slowly and pushed back in, setting up a rhythm, rocking Nicky to his core. His own dick had gotten so hard, it throbbed in pain. He tried to push his hand under him to fist his cock, but Marco stopped him.

“Not yet, baby. You’ll come soon enough.”

He continued his thrusts until he made the same little noises Nicky had been making all along. With a cry, he surged against Nicky, and Nicky felt something else pressing against his hole. Though already stretched to the max, Marco’s fingers pressed, forcing something more still inside him. What felt like a small baseball had to be that ring at the base of his cock. Nicky cried out, and Marco immediately stopped, kissing him tenderly on the back of the neck.

“Be still for me, Pet. This will hurt, but you’ll be okay. You can stretch to take it. Just relax and push out against me.”

He pushed the baseball sized knot against the base of his penis tight again. Forcing in an oiled finger, he stretched and working Nicky’s tight asshole up, around, and over the knot. Nicky whimpered, moaned, and only then tried desperately to force his body to pull away. He couldn’t move an inch. Marco held onto him effortlessly with his weight, not allowing him to move away while he used both hands to drive the knot in.


“Please, please…it hurts…I can’t…” his voice said while his stupid body pushed back, trying to take the knot in.

“Relax, Pet. Almost in. Good boy.”

Suddenly, the large knot of flesh slipped inside with a distinct plop, moving past the tight ring of muscles at his entrance and left Nicky sucking air and trembling. His hole was so stretched it had to be tearing, and he was impaled and helpless even if he could have made his body obey his commands.

Fully inside Nicky, Marco moaned, laid full length over him, and without pulling in and out, rotated his hips, moving inside him. The huge, baseball-sized knot pressed directly against Nicky’s prostate. When Marco moved his hips the slightest bit, or even when he breathed, his cock manipulated Nicky’s prostate, building up an orgasm Nicky was helpless to control. A wave of pleasure, mixed with the passion the bite brought on, engulfed Nicky. Marco’s climax built as well. Pushing up on his arms, his renewed his thrusts, surging even harder, the ring making Nicky’s sweet spot sing. Almost immediately Nicky came, in a rolling wave of delight that went on and on. And on. And on.

He’d never experienced such an orgasm before. No one touched his cock, but it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference. His could feel his cum shooting out in spurts on his belly, soaking the sheets under him with each shuddering, stiffening wave of ecstasy. Marco’s dick still firmly lodged in his ass, Nicky continued climaxing, his body pumping in wild spasms. He screamed, and Marco put one hand over his mouth, while the other rubbed his back.

Nicky’s orgasm lasted a certainly record-breaking and scary length of time. Just when he thought he might be having a seizure of some sort, it began to ease off, totally exhausting him while Marco’s cock was still hard as marble inside him. Shouldn’t he be softening by now? Incredibly, almost as soon as the shocking orgasm finished, he felt another one coming on, one more intense than the last.

He panicked, awash in pleasurable but strong, intense spasms. Marco grabbed his flailing arms and held them behind him tightly, murmuring soothing words to him. Nicky couldn’t stop; the wild thrashing of his hips wouldn’t stop, and Nicky was sure this would kill him. He could no longer feel his cum spurting, probably because there was nothing left in his balls to spurt. He thrashed his head on the pillow and screamed until everything went black.

He woke up amazed to find he was still alive and Marco’s cock, still in place, was as hard as ever. He was still impaled on a shaft of rock with the bulge of that ring pressing relentlessly against his prostate.

Marco bent down over his back and whispered in his ear. “You’re awake, darling. Good. The orgasms are easing off some now. That last one only lasted two minutes. Just ride them out, honey. Ah, here comes another one.”

Sure enough, Nicky’s hips bucked, and he spasmed into another one. Gritting his teeth, he held on tight, and in only about thirty or forty seconds, it began to ease off. Marco, however, was still rigid inside him, his knot and shaft.

“What…what’s happening?” His words came out in a wheeze.

“Maybe only one or two more, baby. We won’t be tied together much longer. Hang on.” Marco soothed him sweetly, rubbing his body wherever he could reach.

Another one came and almost took his head off. What it lacked in length, it made up for in intensity. Nicky begged for it to stop, screaming and pounding his head into the pillow. Marco tightened his hold on him, crooning to him lovingly. When it eased, Nicky looked around at Marco in wonder, trying to catch his breath.

Marco kissed his nape gently. “You did very well, sweetheart. Try to catch your breath. You’re mine now. All mine forever. We’ve mated, and you’ll never belong to anyone else again. You have to accept that. I know it will be difficult because I haven’t had time to prepare you, but you have no choice, darling, because you belong to me now. Do you understand?”

Hell no, Nicky didn’t understand. What the hell was he talking about? Nothing had made any sense to him since he woke up in this strange place, and the only thing he could hold onto to keep his sanity seemed to be this man. He found himself agreeing as he turned his head to gaze deeply into Marco’s eyes. He could deny him nothing. Nodding his head like the little slut he’d apparently become, he sighed like a lovesick calf.

He was rewarded by another soft kiss and a sweep of Marco’s tongue over his neck. Nicky shuddered and was afraid he was about to come again. Marco pulled his head away. He pushed his hand under Nicky’s belly and wrapped his forefinger and thumb in a tight circle around the base of Nicky’s cock, squeezing until Nicky settled down. “Not again, sweetheart. It’s too much. I’ll let you come again soon, I promise.”

He’d “let” him come? Since when did Nicky need someone’s permission to come? Damn, his head nodded like a stupid puppet again, and Marco patted his shoulder. “Good boy.”

There it was again—“Good boy,” like he was some kind of dog. Maybe he was dreaming— could he be dreaming? Part of him, his treasonous body, didn’t really want this to be a dream. Marco was the only thing that seemed real, and the pleasure he gave him, was the only thing he could cling to in this chaos.

Marco’s cock softened. He pulled his hips back slowly. The knot on his cock gave a little pop and a great deal of pain as it came out of Nicky’s formerly tight little ass. Nicky, exhausted, destroyed, annihilated, couldn’t move his head off the pillow.

Marco leaned over him, rolling him to his back, and Nicky’s eyes opened despite himself. Marco smelled so good. Nicky wanted to crawl up in his lap and sleep. He wanted to go to sleep with Marco’s dick in his mouth and suck on it like a pacifier. Not knowing where in the world that thought came from since he’d never sucked a man’s cock before in his life, he realized his mind still had no control over his body.

Marco bit his wrist and bright red blood flowed out onto Nicky’s chest. Marco pushed his wrist up to Nicky’s lips. “Feed from me, little one.”

Nicky did try to turn his head, but Marco wouldn’t allow it. He took Nicky’s head in one hand and pushed his wrist up to his lips. “Suck me, Pet.”

Body winning yet again over mind, Nicky sucked. The taste was not as bad as reason told him it would be. In fact, the blood was sweet and nourishing. He couldn’t quite place the taste, but somebody really should figure this out and market it, because it was some great stuff. He sucked greedily, really getting into it. Marco allowed it, holding his wrist to his mouth for several minutes before he pulled away and gazed down into Nicky’s sated, exhausted eyes.

“Enough for now. How do you feel, pet?”

“I…I…better, I think. Yes, definitely better. My head doesn’t hurt so much. I’m not so dizzy now, but I'm really tired. Don't want to move.”

Marco touched his throat. “Good. That's because you just fed. My blood will keep you feeling calmer. The wound from the box cutter that bastard used on you has healed up nicely. You don’t even have a scar.”

Nicky shook his head in wonder. “But how…how?”

“Rory’s bite changed you into werekin. It made you resistant to human ailments and conferred a supernatural rapid healing on your wound. You’re not immortal, though we do live very long lives. You are stronger now, less likely to succumb to diseases, as long as you’re fed and cared for by your mate, by me.”