Marco gazed down at him and reached out to put a hand to his cheek. He pushed his arms down and patted his shoulder, leaned over and whispered in his ear. “It’s okay, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart? Apparently some kind of grievous error had been made. Horrified by his actions, but absolutely unable to control himself, Nicky rubbed his cheek against the hand like a damned puppy, trying to get his nose right up inside his palm so he could sniff him. My God, had he lost his mind? What had they done to him?

Marco stood very still, allowing Nicky to nuzzle his hand and stared down at him. Raising his head angrily, he rasped out a few words to the other men. “Who did this to him?”

An interesting question and one Nicky would like to know the answer to himself. A voice beside him spoke up. Nicky was astonished to see it belonged to his stalker, the cute young man from the restaurant.

Standing by Nicky’s head, he spoke up right away. “I did, Marco. I’m really sorry, but I had to turn him, or he would’ve died. It wasn’t a mating bite, and I didn’t bite him too hard—really. You can see he’s in heat only for you, not me.”

Marco growled down deep in his throat. Growled? Who were these people? Frightened, Nicky whimpered a little louder, and Marco bent down to whisper in his ear. “Hold onto me, sweetheart. Don’t be frightened. You’re in heat—I’ll take care of you soon, baby.”

In heat? There were those words again, but they couldn’t be talking about him, could they? His body managed to inch even closer to Marco and tried to rest his head against his chest. Marco’s shirt was open, showing off his spectacularly sculpted abs. Incredibly, Nicky turned his head and licked them, starting low on Marco’s abs and going all the way up to the space between his nipples. He half expected the man to knock him away. Instead he absentmindedly patted Nicky’s head, putting his fingers into his hair and rubbing his scalp.

Marco made the growling sound again. “How could you have allowed this to happen in the first place?”

The boy’s voice sounded miserable. “I’m really sorry. I was watching him like you told me. He was going home from work at the restaurant, and these two guys jumped out of nowhere. They held a box cutter on him. I headed over as fast as I could, but he acted before I could get there. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he actually fought them. They were both big dudes. He never stood a chance.”

“He’s brave.” Marco’s voice glowed with pride as he rubbed Nicky’s scalp and petted him gently. “Obviously, he has more courage than good sense. I suspected as much. That’s why I sent you to look after him until I could come for him.”


Nicky, who had been basking in the praise from Marco, didn’t think he liked that last part much. He certainly didn’t understand it one bit. Someone had been watching him? Looking out for him? What did they mean about two dudes who jumped him? He hadn’t been jumped by— wait a minute—a sudden memory of walking to the bus stop in the dark and a deep voice from behind him, gruff and menacing.

“Give us your money, man, and don’t take all day about it.”

Nicky had whirled around to find a box cutter lodged against his throat, the tip biting into his neck. Afraid to move at first, he’d been about to empty his pockets when he realized he didn’t have a dime on him. Remembering he’d left his wallet at home, he knew he was in deep trouble. These guys would never believe his excuses.

Making a sudden decision, he sucker punched the one closest to him. The idea sounded perfectly plausible in his head. The trouble came with its execution. The punch, when it landed on the biggest guy’s face, was ineffectual at best. He just shook his head and frowned like a fly landed on his nose. When Nicky tried to turn and run, the other one caught him by the arm. He simply swiped something at his throat. Nicky felt a cold blast of air hit his neck, and he put up his hand to it. Instead of skin, he felt a gaping gash. He’d tried to scream, but no sound came out.

The two men turned and ran, leaving him sinking to the street, his blood spilling out onto the sidewalk. He clutched the skin of his throat, trying to close it together when someone else ran up and bent over him. Nicky turned frightened eyes up to see a young, dark-haired boy, the boy from the restaurant. Nicky held out a hand to him. Without a moment of hesitation, the boy leaned down and bit into his bloody throat. He sank his teeth right into the wound made by the box cutter, and Nicky passed out from horror and pain.

He knew nothing else until he woke up a few minutes ago in this strange place. He put one hand to his throat wonderingly. He felt nothing but smooth skin. Could it have been an awful dream?

Marco spoke urgently to the other men surrounding him. “I have to mate with him and feed him right away. Is a room ready close by?”

The young boy pointed behind him. “There’s a bedroom ready through there. You won’t be disturbed.”

“Good,” Marco said, picking Nicky up off the table as if he weighed nothing.

Holding him high on his chest, Marco rushed Nicky out of the room, down a dark hallway, and put Nicky down gently on the bed. Leaving him for a moment, he locked the door. Coming back to him, Marco tugged at his own clothing, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on Nicky. Nicky could only watch in awe as he stripped off his clothes.

Marco’s body was even more magnificent than Nicky first thought. His skin was tanned a golden brown. His muscles rippled up and down his chest and arms. His cock was fully erect, long, thick and magnificent, jutting proudly out of the dark brown curls covering his huge balls and curving back toward his stomach. Something didn’t seem right about it, though Nicky couldn’t quite see what it was. As he came closer, Nicky’s eyebrows sailed to his hairline. At the very base of the beautiful cock a round bulging ring encircled it. He wasn’t exactly a connoisseur of other men’s dicks, but it certainly looked odd.

Nicky, still feeling outside his own body, made those whimpering noises as Marco prowled inexorably toward him and stripped away the blanket. Nicky was shocked to see he was naked too, and like Marco’s, his cock stood up hard and proud. Nicky looked down at it in horror. How could he get excited like this by another guy? This huge, gorgeous, gay guy was crawling into bed with him, and Nicky’s own damn cock was enthusiastically beckoning him like a little whore.

“I…I want…I need…” Nicky couldn’t seem to get a complete sentence out for the life of him. He had things he needed to say and quickly before he got fucked by that huge dick, but he couldn’t get a word out. Marco lay down beside him and took him in his arms.

“Shhh…hush baby, I know exactly what you need.” Marco’s voice soothed him as much as his presence did. Everything about him was so enticing and delicious. Even the smell coming off his skin was positively addictive. The scent of caramel and cream clouded his head so he couldn’t think clearly. He wanted to lick Marco all over. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all to be fucked by this magnificent man. Just this once, maybe. No one would have to know, right?

Nicky lost all fear of what was about to happen as Marco’s scent surrounded him, overpowering his senses. He wanted the man so much he hurt. He crawled all over the guy trying to get closer to him.

Pushing Nicky on his back, Marco looked down into his eyes. “Sweetheart,” he murmured. “I’ve wanted to taste you for so long. This won’t take long, because you’re in such a hyper state. Hang on, baby.” He bent his head and put his mouth over Nicky’s cock, enveloping him in a sensation like he’d never experienced before. Marco’s mouth was warm, and he moved his tongue over Nicky in incredible ways. Nicky couldn’t stay still in any way while the man sucked and nibbled at this most private part of his body. He bucked his hips and almost lost his mind, moaning and screaming.

Marco licked at his balls, and Nicky grabbed Marco’s hair, hanging on for dear life. His cock sank deep into Marco’s throat, while Marco swirled his tongue along the underside. Nicky came explosively, unable to prevent it, and the gorgeous man between his legs swallowed every drop.

Afterward, still licking his lips, he bent down to kiss Nicky tenderly.

“Nicky, try to concentrate. I’m going to turn you over and mate with you. It’s going to hurt some, but maybe a little less from behind. Do you understand?

Nicky’s head bobbed up and down like an insane puppet. He felt totally drained, yet Nicky’s body was in a fervent frenzy wanting to get fucked by this gorgeous man mountain.

“Baby, this is going to be very intense. I’ll try to be gentle and go slow, but you won’t want me to go slow. I may get a little excited. You might be scared—especially since you’ve never been with a man before. Pretty soon you’ll start the orgasmic cycle, and you’ll have multiple, multiple orgasms. It may sound like fun, but they will be very strong. You’ll probably pass out. Most pets do, but just try to ride it out and don’t panic. I’ll be here with you every step of the way. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Are you ready?”

Nicky’s head nodded enthusiastically and those stupid whimpering noises came from his throat. His brain screamed out, No! I’m not ready. What the hell are you talking about? Stop! I’m not gay. Wait a minute, did he say “pet”?

Nothing his brain thought mattered to his cock, getting harder than ever before in his life in response to Marco’s attentions. Marco spread some kind of oil on his hole, dipping his fingers right up inside his virgin little ass, but instead of cringing away, Nicky’s traitorous body practically wagged its tail. He laid his head down and used his arm to push his ass back to take in more of the invasion, moaning in pleasure as Marco’s delightful fingers reached a certain wonderful spot. Nicky rocked, using his arms to push his ass back, wagging to take the fingers deeper.

Where was this coming from? What’s the matter with me?

Marco oiled up his gorgeous cock before he grabbed Nicky’s hips to hold his ass still. Marco used more fingers inside Nicky to stretch and prepare him. Nicky’s ass burned, but his breathing accelerated. He rocked and wagged his ass faster.