I look down at her hardened nipples again and then back at her.

“I’m your step-dad. I’m not supposed to want to see all of you.”

“You want to see all of me?”

I shake my head, and try to find the right words. “You may be legal, Sophie, but I still see you as my responsibility. I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“How could you be taking advantage of me if I want the same thing?” She sighs. “How about I take your place? I do to my body what you want to do to it.”

What is she saying? And why are a million images of her doing things to herself flashing through my mind?

“No, this conversation isn’t happening. It’s time for you to go. You gave me your panties, and that’s already crossing a line,” I scold, even though I know I blew through the line last night on my own.

In a bold move, she reaches down and slowly lifts the hem of her dress.

“Sophie,” I warn, but she ever so slowly keeps lifting up. “What are you doing?” I growl, wanting her to stop. But part of me wants to see what’s under her dress. Needs to see.

“If you don’t touch me, you’re not really taking advantage of me. You can just look a little, and then I promise I’ll go.”

“Why are you doing this?” I should tell her to stop, not ask her why. I should move from my spot, unlock the doors of my office, and make her leave. But instead I’m just waiting to see what she does.


“Because I like the way you look at me,” she whispers and raises the hem of her dress the rest of the way so I can see her pussy.

I look at her pink lips glistening with nectar, and my mouth waters.

“You shave?” The question comes out thick, laced with desire.

“All the girls at school did it, so I did too.”

I lick my lips, staring at her perfect body, clenching my fists at my side.

She takes a side step, spreading her legs, and her labia open a little, revealing her pink clit. I can also see her honey glazing her thighs, and I’ve had enough.

I reach out and grab her upper arm, causing her to drop her hem. I walk her over to my office door and hit the code for the locks. Pulling her out to my secretary's desk, I find Paul and take her to him.

“Call for a town car, walk her downstairs personally, and send her back home.”

I drop her arm and without looking back, stalk into my office and slam the door behind me so hard it shakes.

Her panties are out of my pocket and to my nose before the door stops shaking. My other hand undoes my belt, pulls out my cock, and jerks off hard as I hold them over my face. I breathe in her scent as I punish my cock. I’m mad at myself for allowing that to happen, and for allowing her to get the better of me. I’m completely pissed off that this eighteen-year-old girl has gotten me harder and more worked up than anyone else in my life. Ever.

It only takes seconds of breathing in her scent before I’m cumming. It comes out in thick streams and runs down my dick, lubing my hand as I continue to stroke. I cum so much at just the thought of her, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be with her when I did it.

I shake that thought away, and clean my dick off with her pretty white panties. Something about seeing my cum on her underwear does things to me, and my half-hard cock twitches with excitement.

Fuck, I’ve got to get myself together. I’m useless today.

I hit the intercom and hear it connect. “Cancel my lunch. I’m in my office for the rest of the day.”

I fall back in my chair and close my eyes, trying to rid myself of Sophie but it’s useless. Because she’s still there.

* * *

Later that night…

Today was…unproductive. I didn’t get anything accomplished, and I was so distracted by thoughts of Sophie concentrate.

I was hard all day just thinking about the panties still in my pocket, and now that I’m home, I plan to go to my bed and jerk off again to finally get her out of my system.

I purposely waited until it was really late before I left the office. I couldn’t handle another encounter with Sophie today, and I need to have a clear head when I talk to her again.

I walk in the door, and the house is dark and quiet. As I walk down the hall, I listen for sounds of Sophie, but there’s nothing. I panic a little, thinking maybe she isn’t home, so I open her door and peek in.

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