I reach over to the intercom on my desk and hit the button for my secretary. “Paul, hold my calls and switch me to ‘do not disturb’. I’m in a meeting.”

“Yes, Mr. Archer,” he replies, and I hear the locks engage on my door.

Paul has the ability to set the locks on my door, but only I can open them. It’s a vital security feature considering all the sensitive client information I have. It’s also useful for when I have important clients who don’t want to be disturbed by a crazy ex bursting in at any time. The latter happened on so many occasions, it was for the benefit of everyone to have these locks installed. So, it’s not an unusual request and it’s one Paul is familiar with.

“What are you doing here?” I say, and glare at Sophie. I’m sure my words come out harsh, but she’s been a distraction to me all day and hasn’t even been in front of me.

“I’m sorry to bother you, I just wanted to see where you worked.”

“I’m going to set up some time for you to get some new clothes this week. You would think after our talk this morning about appropriate attire, you’d come to my place of business with some decent clothes on,” I say, ignoring her words.

She looks down at her dress and then looks back at me, confused.

I grit my teeth and walk around my desk to stand in front of her. “I can see through your dress, Sophie. I can see what you’re wearing…and what you’re not wearing.”

I glare at her breasts so she doesn’t mistake what I mean. She brings her palm up to her neck, trying to shield her nipples with her arm, but it’s no use. She’s got big, full breasts and her hard nipples push against the thin fabric.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she says, and a deep blush creeps up her neck to her cheeks. I wonder if there’s a blush anywhere else on her.

I shake the thought from my head and try to focus. “Did you even have on panties, Sophie?” I say, and immediately regret the question. Now I’m thinking about her naked pussy being exposed in the short dress and I can’t breathe.


“I have panties with me?”

She says it like a question, and I don’t know what that means.

“With you?”

I see her reach into her purse, and pull out the white cotton material. My hands shake as I watch her because I long to reach out for her. I can’t touch her, she’s my stepdaughter and she’s still a teenager. This isn’t right. I try to breathe, but I’m so focused on that white cotton I can’t think.

She looks so innocent as she looks up through her lashes, and holds the panties out for me to take. “I thought since you liked the way they looked on me this morning, you might want to keep them with you.”

“Why would you say that?” It’s all I can manage to say. My mouth has gone dry and my heart is beating out of my chest.

“I saw your, um, penis when you looked at me down there. I know you said it’s not appropriate for you to see me in them, but I thought you might like to, maybe, hold them.”

I can’t deny how much seeing her like that turned me on, but we both know she can’t tempt me like this.

She looks up again through her lashes. It’s so pure and sweet. She’s offering me something that’s touched her flawless body intimately, and she wants me to have it. I can’t touch her because it’s wrong, but I can touch this. I can have this small piece of her, and then we can go back to the way it should be between us.

“Okay, Sophie. I’ll take your panties, but you need to be a good girl after this. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Bruce.”

I take the scrap of cotton from her hand, and as I lift the material from her palm, her little fingers reach up and touch my wrist. She’s trying to cling to me, and as much as I want it, I have to shut it down. I don’t react to the touch, though I want to, and put the panties in my pocket.

“I mean it, Sophie, you’re my stepdaughter, and you need to behave that way. It wasn’t right the way I looked at you today or the way I’m looking at you now.”

“How are you looking at me now?” she asks, looking up at me and making eye contact.

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