The moonlight casts enough light that I can see her asleep in her bed. She has the covers over her, so I don’t know what she’s wearing, but I can’t let myself wonder. I softly close the door and walk to my room, locking the door behind me. I hurriedly take off all my clothes and pull her panties out of my pocket. I’ve been waiting all day to do this again, and this time I want to cum as many times as it takes until my dick finally goes down.

I climb onto my bed and lie back, her panties on my stomach. I see them there as I grab my cock with both hands and start to stroke up and down. I’m so hard and this feels so good, I close my eyes and lay my head back.

As I breathe in and out, I smell faint traces of Sophie's pussy. Thinking it’s just her panties, I breathe deep, and let the sweet smell fill my lungs. I work my cock up and down with two hands and turn my head to the side, rejoicing in the feeling. As I turn my head, I realize the scent is stronger. It’s confusing, so I sit up a little and turn over, putting my face in the pillow.

Shock tears through me when I realize what she’s done. This pillow isn’t one that’s normally on my bed. It’s one from her room, and it smells like her pussy. She must have done this while I was at work. Did she cum on it? At the thought, my cock starts leaking cum, and I get angry.

She’s teasing me. Testing me.

Sophie’s being a cock-tease with the wrong man. She wants me to smell her pussy? She wants me to see it? Fine.

I grab the pillow and get out of bed, stalking out of my room, completely naked and hard as steel. I’m so fucking horny and worked up, I don’t stop to think about what I’m doing.

My dick points straight up towards my belly button and hardly moves as I stomp down the hallway and into Sophie’s bedroom.

“Wake up,” I growl as I turn on her side lamp and jerk back the covers.

She opens her eyes slowly, and then suddenly she’s wide awake and crawling back on the bed.

“Oh no you don’t, little girl.” I halt her movements with just my words. “You put this on my bed,” I say, tossing the pillow at her. “And now you’re going to deal with the consequences.”


I look down at her and see she’s wearing a paper-thin tank top and white panties like the ones she gave me today.

“Spread your legs, Sophie,” I say, and climb onto the bed.

“Bruce, I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“It’s too late. I’m not going to fuck you, because you’re my responsibility, but you got me like this, and you’re going to show me that pussy to get me off.”

She audibly swallows and pauses before nodding her head. She slowly reaches down and uses one shaky finger to pull away the white cotton, revealing her bare pussy.

Her legs are spread wide and I can see her opening. It’s so small and tight, so I squeeze my fist around my dick and stroke it hard, pretending it’s her pussy around it instead of my hand.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispers, so softly I barely hear it over my own sounds. I stop jerking off and hold my hand out to her.

“Spit on it,” I growl, and wait for her to do it.

She leans forward and softly spits in my hand, and it’s thanks to my sheer iron will I don’t fuck her mouth right that second.

I put my hand back on my dick and look back at her exposed pussy. I jerking off hard and stare at her opening, just thinking about how hard I want to fuck her.

“You’re lucky I have a conscience, Sophie. I’d fuck you hard for that trick today at the office, and for teasing me with your pussy all over that pillow.”

I see her pussy clench at my words, and her honey starts to leak out, and I realize she’s loving this as much as I am.

“Raise your shirt up. I’m going to cum on you, but don’t touch me,” I warn.

With her other shaky hand, she pulls up her tank top, exposing her belly and the curve of her breast.

“All the way. I want to see everything.”

She lifts it up higher and her big breasts pop free, finally showing me the color of her nipples: pale pink.

That’s all it takes and I’m cumming on her. Big creamy spurts cover her virgin pussy, belly, and tits as I cum harder and more than I’ve ever cum before.

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