His gaze snaps to mine and I can read the indecision in his eyes. "Are you sure?"

I nod. "Yes, just take me."

I'm sure he knows I'm not on any birth control, but I can see the exact moment he decides it doesn’t matter. His eyes soften and his deep blue gaze settles on mine.

"Kiss me, sweet Sophie," he murmurs.

I do.

He widens his stance, bringing one hand under my butt and with the other, he positions his throbbing cock against me. I cling to him with my arms wrapped tightly around his neck and my mouth fused to his.

With gentle strokes, Colton begins to move, teasing my opening with just the tip of him. I gasp when I feel him finally thrust forward. His face is a mask of concentration, like all his focus is on controlling himself so as not to hurt me. I know he's big, but in that moment, I just don't care. I want to be filled with him, to be overcome with sensation and know it's because of this man. Even if I scream out in pain, even if I bleed, it will be worth it, because it will mean he is finally making me his – a moment I've waited a lifetime for.

"Are you ready?"

I give a tight nod.

"Don't hold your breath."

I didn’t know I had been, but I draw a deep inhale and Colton rocks forward, the blunt head of him penetrating me just slightly before he retreats again.


"Was that okay?" he grounds out.

"It feels good," I confirm.

There's the sensation of being stretched and just the slightest sting. It's incredible and despite the discomfort, I never want him to stop.

His tongue strokes mine as he presses inside me in tiny increments.

"God, baby…" He inches forward again, my body stretching around him.

"Colton…" I moan. "I like it."

"Good. I'm trying to make it good for you."

Realizing I'm pinned against the wall and he's holding up my entire weight, I suddenly worry that he's not enjoying this as much as I am. "Am I too heavy?"

"Don't worry about that." He inches forward again and kisses my lips. "I like holding you while I fuck you."

Oh. I like it too. I feel small and possessed by him in a way I never knew I craved. But I know he's taking it easy on me, rocking forward ever so carefully and then easing back every time I feel him begin to sink deeper. I know how big he is, so I thought there would be a feeling of him deeper inside me. "Does it feel as good for you?"

"Better," he confirms and a hot shiver races down my spine at the low way the word rolls off his tongue. He's so sexy and in complete control, and those two little things are my undoing.  "You're clenched so snug and tight around me. Your warmth feels incredible."

I let out a groan of bliss as he inches forward again, rocking deeper this time. I've never given thought to what it would feel like to him, but I love the way he's described it.

"Fuck, you're so tight baby. This next part might hurt a little. Stay with me, okay?"

I nod and met his eyes. I can instantly see that he's been holding back. But I also know that I trust him.

He slams his hips forward into me, filling me so completely, he steals my breath. Only a weak groan escapes. This moment is everything I've been waiting for and it's even more meaningful than I could have ever imagined. A twinge of pain deep inside dissipates after a moment.

"Fuck," he grunts. "Breathe for me, sweetness."

I pull in a deep gasp of air and cling to his shoulders as Colton pounds into me in long hard strokes, taking whatever was left of my virginity.

His steady pace continues, pushing into me and pulling back. Soon the sting subsides and I'm left with a warm pleasurable sensation, like a vessel being filled after a long drought. It's a long awaited moment that I'm incredibly glad I've saved just for him.

I squeeze my inner muscles around him, teasing a raspy groan from his throat. A few more deep thrusts that link his body deep within mine and I feel all his muscles tighten.

Done holding back, his grip tightens on my hips and he thrusts forward in fast hard strokes.

Colton brings his lips to mine and his warm, humid breath comes in fast pants as he releases a short moan of pleasure that I know must mean he's climaxing. He sinks even deeper inside me and I feel the rush of hot semen erupt within me and moments later Colton is lowering me to my feet, kissing my mouth, telling me how perfect I am. And in that moment, I feel perfect. I feel like a fucking sex goddess who just rocked her man's world. And the sleepy, satisfied look overtaking his face is beautiful.

"Sorry that was so fast. You were too much for me to handle myself properly." He kisses my neck, nuzzling into me. "Beautiful girl," he murmurs against my throat.

"It was perfect, Colton." I didn't come, but I hadn't expected to my first time.

"It wasn’t perfect. But it will be. I'll train your body to come with mine," he says, dropping another kiss to my lips.

A warm shiver runs through me at the thought of orgasming in tandem with him. The image it conjures is incredibly erotic.

Before I can question what he's doing, Colton drops to his knees, brings his hot mouth to my core, and his lips latch on, sucking against my clit while his fingers push deep inside of me.

Oh dear God.

"Colt! What are you doing?" My legs tremble as my body reacts to his hot mouth owning me. "You just came in me and now you're..."

"Baby, I need to taste what's mine."