"Relax, sweetness," I say. "You promised me anything I wanted," I remind her.

I come to a stop behind her and am pleased to see her pussy glistening with dewy moisture. I haven’t laid a hand on her yet – I just ordered her to strip, and she had, baring herself to me completely before falling to her hands and knees at my command. It’s a fucking beautiful sight and my cock aches at the thought of finally taking her. But I won't rush tonight.

I stand over her and slowly unbutton my shirt, discarding it to the floor with her clothes. I can feel Sophie’s eyes watching my movements, her head turned back to look at me. Knowing she’s watching and that she’s every bit as turned on as I am fuels me. Her eyes burn straight through me, creating a physical ache. I take my time, unlatching my belt and pull it slowly from my pants. Opening the front of my dress pants, I push my boxers down my hips and take my cock in my right hand. I don’t need to look up to know she’s zeroed in on my every move.

She watches me stroke myself in long, even pulls, her eyes tracing every hard inch of me.

"Are you ready for me, sweet girl?" I ask.

Her eyes dart up to mine and she gives a wordless nod.

I drop to my knees, positioning myself behind her and place my hands on the rounded curve of her ass cheeks. Using my thumbs, I part her lower lips and find her wet and ready.

Now that is a fucking turn on. I haven’t even touched her yet and my angel is soaking wet for me.

I position myself at her entrance and tease her with the tip of my cock, gliding it back and forth. Her warmth envelopes me and the sensation makes my balls tighten against my body. Fuuuck. I can already tell the sex between us is going to be intense and I haven’t even penetrated her yet.  She’s said that she wants this, but I have to be sure before I take something so precious from her. She wiggles her hips, pushing back against me and I almost lose my shit right then and there. I grip her ass and stifle a groan, watching the wide head of cock press into her pink flesh.

A shaky breath shudders across her lips. "What about a condom," she murmurs.

I pull back and resume teasing her by rubbing my dick against her. "Tonight I want to fuck you with my mouth. And if you’re good, tomorrow I’ll fuck you with my cock."


"And the day after that?"

"If you can still stand, yes."

She inhales sharply. "And will you fuck my ass?"

Goddamn. Hearing those erotic words fall from her perfect lips causes a drop of liquid to leak from my tip. "Not yet, beautiful. Soon, but not yet. I’ll know when you’re ready for more."


"If I do it too soon I’ll hurt you," I explain.

"You’ll hurt me?"

"I won’t hurt you. Not on purpose. But your ass is really tight." I give her ass cheek a playful smack.

She smirks up at me in challenge. 

I spank her again, sharper this time and am rewarded with a satisfying crack and a gasp of breath as Sophie inhales.

She might think she’s in control – giving herself to me this way – but I’m about to show her that I’m still very much in charge.

I lean into her, kissing the twin dimples in her lower back in that damn sexy spot just above her ass.

Moving lower, I plant my face at the juncture between her thighs.

She momentarily stiffens, realizing that my face is pretty much buried in her ass.

"Colton…" she whines. Her tone is unsure, hesitant and she fights against me, trying to wiggle out of my grasp.

"Don’t," I warn and pull her hips back toward me. She has no reason to be self-conscious around me. I want to worship her pussy with my mouth. I could stay here for hours and it wouldn’t be long enough. My hands firmly hold her hips in place as my tongue sweeps out and licks her from top to bottom. She releases a soft groan and stops trying to pull away.

She tastes sweet, like candy, and I indulge, not letting up my rhythm against her clit until her moans of pleasure are loud enough to wake the neighbors.

"Colton!" she cries out again and again.

She’s right there, at that beautiful moment right before her orgasm crashes through her. I plunge two fingers deep inside and feel her squeeze around me.

Suddenly it’s no longer just about watching her come undone, I want her to come harder than she ever has in her life and know it’s because of me.

She pushes her ass back, grinding against my fingers and a vision of her riding my dick flashes through my mind.

"That’s it, baby. Let go." My teeth sink into the fleshy cheek of her perfect ass and my fingers curl upward to that sensitive spot inside.

Sophie comes undone, repeating my name again and again as she gasps for breath and clamps down on my fingers.

Her body trembles with the intensity of her release, and I pull her up from her prone position, cradling her in my arms and kissing her neck, her forehead, her lips.

"Shit, that was hot, baby."

"Colton…" she murmurs again. Her blue eyes are hazy and unfocused and she’s panting like she just ran a marathon. "It’s never been like that."

"That’s because it’s me and you," I say, meaning every word. We share an undeniable connection that goes much deeper than the physical. I don’t know if it’s because of all those weeks we spent living together, getting to know each other and all but ignoring the explosive chemistry between us, but it's intense and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.