Unable to resist, I watch him with wide-eyes, and my mouth hanging open. He is beautiful. Dark messy hair, eyelashes that flutter against his cheeks, a full lush mouth that is currently devouring me... I'm swollen with arousal and his mouth is hot and greedy, licking and sucking against me as I moan and grind myself against his face. "Colton," I murmur, my fingers sinking into his hair.

The vision of him dropping to his knees after sex and eating at me greedily is one I'll never forget. He doesn't seem to care that his own juices are dripping from my body, his only concern is my pleasure–it's incredibly hot. I draw in a shuddering breath, continuing to watch his mouth against me.  His tongue lashes brutally against my clit and teases it repeatedly.

He presses two long fingers inside me, and the sight of his semen coating his fingers as they pump in and out of me is my undoing. I begin to shake and I know that my climax is close.

He grunts and nips at my clit with his teeth, coaxing a low moan from my throat. I tighten around his fingers as my orgasm builds and I come with a shout, my legs almost giving out. Colton keeps me from collapsing in a heap, his hands locking onto my hips keeping me steady while he finishes, softly kissing my lower lips until I stop shaking. Then he rises to his feet with a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

He takes my hand and leads me from the den that I'll forever remember as the first room we've christened.

Colton doesn’t stop touching me once as we make our way up the stairs and into the master bath, keeping his hand in mine, or resting innocently at my hip, or not so innocently against my backside. He only releases me to turn on the faucet to begin filling the big tub that I've missed in my time away.

"How about a relaxing soak?" he asks, kissing my lips.

"Only if you're planning to join me."

He smiles at me wickedly. "Absolutely."

We're both still as naked as the day we were born and I can't help but steal glances at his body. He's like a solid stone wall of muscle built for maximum pleasure. Deeply cut abdominal muscles that lead down into a V at his sides. My gaze drifts lower and I see his manhood is hanging heavily between his powerful thighs. Even in its relaxed state, it's impressive. The times before – when I'd pleasured him orally, he was hard again in an instant. Perhaps this time I've actually satisfied him. Quenched his thirst, so to speak. My lips twitch in a smile.

"What's so funny?" he looks down at his soft penis and back up at me with a frown.


"Nothing." I straighten my mouth, losing the smile.

"Sophie," he chastises. "You were looking down at my dick and laughing."

"I didn’t laugh," I correct him.

"Fine, then you were smiling at him like the two of you were sharing some inside joke. Everything good between the two of you?"

"Very much so," I confirm.

"Then tell me what he did to make you smile."

"He's soft."

Colton frowns and lets out a sigh. "That tends to happen after a man ejaculates, Sophie."

I giggle, unable to stop myself. Hearing Colton say the word ejaculate has brought out my inner twelve-year-old boy. Pulling myself to together, I explain, "Yes, I know that. But the times before, the times I, um, used my mouth, he was hard again right away."

He watches me closely, his face impassive, but I can tell he's thinking about how to answer. "I tend to have a pretty quick recovery time, but you're right, with you it was insane. Honestly, I think it's because I wanted you so badly that I was constantly ready to go."

"And now, because of what we did downstairs you're satisfied?"

"For the moment."

Oh. I chew on my lip, realizing that just because we've already had sex once tonight doesn’t mean it won't happen again. A pang of nerves hits me, as I contemplate if I'll be able to keep up with this man sexually.

"Get into the bath, sweetness," he says, drawing me from my thoughts.

Accepting his hand, I step into the tub and lower myself into the deliciously hot water. It's almost too warn, but it feels good against my overused and achy muscles. I scoot to one end of the oblong tub and Colton gets in and sits down in the water directly across from me.

"How do you feel?" he asks, his tone is soft and tender and his toes are touching mine underneath the water.

My inner tissues feel slightly swollen and tender. But in the best possible way, I decide. "Like a woman," I smile.

He laughs out loud at me. His laughter is the best sound. He's a serious man, often quite thoughtful and composed, so hearing his burst of masculine laughter in the quiet room fills me with a deep sense of happiness.

We settle into the warm water, each of us sinking down to our shoulders and just watching the other quietly. It's a heavy moment, but in a good way. Everything we've shared, everything that's ahead of us leaves me feeling happy and secure.

"I shouldn't have come inside you, Soph. I was being careless," Colton says, finally breaking the silence.

My little happy bubble is momentarily burst. "I wanted you to."

"But you're not on birth control, are you? You could get pregnant."

"I know." I stare right back at him, waiting to see how he'll respond.

His answer is a lazy smile that lights up his entire face. "Understood."

My body floods with endorphins and warm sensation spreads over me. He and I are on the exact same page. This is not some fling. This is not something fleeting or temporary. There is meaning and depth and complete clarity to what we are doing.