She licked her lips, staring up at him. “No, I don’t. Maybe you should show me.”

He placed her on the edge of his desk, and ran his hand toward the edge of her skirt. He pushed it up. Lifting her ass off the desk, she helped him move the skirt past her panties. She cried out as he tore them off her body, pocketing them. Ever since she’d been with him, she had lost more panties because of his need to take them from her.

“I don’t think I can have too many more panties go missing.”

“Put it on my bill.” He captured her face, and slammed his lips down on hers, making her moan with the kiss that he gave her. He devoured her lips, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, and making her belong to him. This man owned her heart. It didn’t matter how many times she tried to deny it. The truth was, Xavier had gotten inside her heart a long time ago.

Probably from the first moment that she realized he cared. Xavier had so much love inside him. One day, she hoped that he could love her with that kind of fierceness.

“This isn’t going to be nice,” he said, opening his belt buckle.

“I don’t want it to be nice.”

He shoved his pants down, revealing his rock hard cock. Tipping her back on the desk, she cried out as he found her pussy, and slammed deep inside her. There was nothing nice about it. He was hard, and he took her with a passion that surprised her.

Xavier tore open her shirt so that buttons flew all over the office. He tugged her tits out of the cups, and pinched her nipples.

“Fuck, baby, you have no idea what you do to me.”

“I’ve got an idea.” She screamed his name as he swiveled his hips, and plunged deep inside her.


Reaching between them, she fingered her clit, watching as it drove him crazy. Xavier loved it when she took charge of her own orgasm, making him feel when she came. He didn’t make her wait for long as he started to pound inside her, going deeper than ever before.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He pumped inside her, spilling his cum. At the same time, she found her own release, echoing his name over again.

When it was over, the only sounds in the office that could be heard was that of his panting.

“I booked us a restaurant,” he said, breaking the silence. “And I bought you a dress.”

“You didn’t need to do that.”

“I know I didn’t need to. I want to.”

He kissed her lips, and she couldn’t help but smile. She was with him because she wanted to be as well.


Xavier watched as Anya kissed Logan’s cheek, wrapping him up in his new jacket. Each time they brought him back to the foster home, the harder it was to leave him behind. There had been a snag with the adoption, but Shannon was dealing with it. There had to be an assessment done on Logan to make sure he wanted to live with them.

Their backgrounds had come back fine, and Shannon assured him it was just down to paperwork. One department needing to talk to another, and rather than phone calls, they had to do it in paper. He was used to problems like this.

Logan threw his arms around Anya, holding her close.

She was so beautiful, and she took his breath away. They had been together for a little over a month now. A month of being married, and he loved her even more.

Shannon nodded at him, taking hold of Logan’s hand as Anya came back to him.

“I hate this. I hate leaving him.”

“We’ll have him soon. I’ve already got my lawyers working on speeding up the process.” He handed her some leaflets of houses they still had to look at. Logan had come with them in the morning to see some of the properties that they were interested in. Most of the places were too superficial, and wouldn’t welcome a child.

Xavier was looking for something spacious, that screamed for children to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life.

Climbing behind the wheel, he headed out of the city, driving for over an hour until he got to the next house.

“‘A beautiful house fit for a family who are looking to get away from the city. Its quaint location allows for the owners to bask in a peaceful life.’ Sounds interesting.”

“Those little slogans are designed to make people buy them.”

“Very true. That cube mansion. Perfect for an artist type who likes to defy the conventional,” she said.