“Everything okay now?”

“Of course. He always acts sick, but I have a trick up my sleeve.” Lottie leaned in close. “I wear my nurse’s outfit, and he’s always ready to get back on the horse, if you know what I mean.”

Anya burst out laughing. “Men, huh.”

“Yeah, men.”

Lottie left soon after, and Anya was still smiling at her story. It was funny, and it was good to laugh.

The weekend with her parents had actually been a blast. Her father adored Xavier, and they had both gone fishing down to the lake back home. She stayed with her mom, cooking up a storm. It was great to get into a nice, big kitchen, and just create. The downfall to living in an apartment was the size of the kitchen. It wasn’t great. Also, her mother often sent food out to the neighbors. Living in the city, that was kind of dangerous to do, and not something she recommended to anyone.

In the evening they’d sat playing board games, and Xavier loved it. He loved being surrounded by family, and it made her realize everything that he had missed out on. Xavier didn’t have a family, nor did he have many close friends. He had colleagues, business associates, contacts, nothing personal. No friends, nothing.

She wanted to make a family with him, to give him everything that he had missed out on as a child.

When her parents had gone to bed, that hadn’t stopped Xavier from coming to her room. The days were spent with her parents where he was the perfect son-in-law. The nights, they belonged to them, and Xavier made every single one of her dreams come true. It wasn’t dirty, hard, rough sex. Those two nights they stayed at her parents—they didn’t leave until Monday morning—Xavier made love to her. There was no dirty talk. It had been beautiful, and she felt a connection to him that went far deeper than sex.

Licking her suddenly dry lips, she rounded her desk, and got on with work. The day wore on, and with it being a Saturday, everyone was gone by two. Xavier was working harder. She knew he was putting in longer hours as she stayed with him. He wanted to make sure he was able to spend as much time with Logan when they got him home.

Their apartment was already prepared for him, the spare bedroom being set up for everything a ten-year-old boy would want.


They were always on the hunt for a house outside of the city. By five o’clock, they were the only two in the building, and Xavier came out of his office. She sat up, stretching out her back, and giving a little moan as she did.

“I didn’t expect to be this long.”

“It’s okay. I’ve caught up on all the work, and besides, what’s a Saturday without having to work overtime? Maybe I should ask my boss for a raise,” she said.

“Come here,” Xavier said.

Getting to her feet, she made her way toward him. He reached out, taking hold of her hip, and tugging her close.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing. I just realized that I’ve spent most of today without you near.”

“I heard a lot of yelling over the phone.”

“A competitor is trying to buy out something that I want. He’s making several tempting offers, but I won’t let him take what’s mine by lying. I don’t believe in that shit.”

“My man, always doing the right thing.”

“You don’t think I should?”

“No, I do. I guess I’m just so proud of the fact you won’t be bullied into doing something you don’t want to do.”

“It’s not something I agree with. If you’re going to buy out a company, and sell it off piece by piece, then be honest about it. I want to make this company thrive. It’s an old bakery company that went under during the last financial crisis. They’re struggling, and I know I can help them.”

She cupped his cheeks, smiling up at him. “Then do what you think is right.” She pressed a kiss to his lips.

He gripped her ass, squeezing.

Anya let out a squeal as he picked her up, and walked back toward his desk. “What are you doing?” she asked, laughing.

“Something I’ve been thinking about doing all day.”

“You’ve been in meetings all day.”

“You don’t think I’ve looked through the glass, and been tempted by you?” he asked.