“Ha, if you ask me the guy was just allergic to anything with a circle.”

She started chuckling, and he loved the sound.

Pulling up outside a large security gate, Xavier sighed.

“Give it a chance. Think about it, a gate is security. We won’t worry about Logan’s safety.”

They were admitted by the realtor, and Xavier pulled up outside of the house. Only the realtor was waiting.

“Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, welcome,” he said, shaking their hands.

“Andrew,” Xavier said.

“Where’s the little man?” Andrew asked.

“We had to drop him off. He was getting too tired,” Anya said.

None of them wanted to say that Logan was currently in foster care.

“It’s a shame. I have a feeling he’d love this one.”


Taking Anya’s hand, Xavier followed Andrew inside.

The moment they set foot inside, it screamed home to him. The door closed, and Andrew went on, talking nonstop about the previous owners. The overall love in the house was easily seen.

Xavier loved the place.

The kitchen was up to date, with modern appliances, and he saw Anya standing behind the counter, heavily pregnant with Logan beside her. It was a scene that he’d pictured many times growing up. She had stepped out of his dreams, and helped to make them a reality.

Once they were upstairs, he saw their bedroom, and there were four other bedrooms. They picked out Logan’s room, and then he saw the room he could make into a nursery.

“It’s perfect,” she said.

“It is.”

By the time they got to the garden, with the tree house, swing, and barbecue pit, he was sold.

“I’ll take it.”

Andrew paused. “You’re sure?”

“I’m sure. We both want it. Make the arrangements. I’ll pay the asking price, plus extra if they need it.” He tugged Anya to him. “We have a house.”

“We do.”

He slammed his lips down on hers, and everything else faded away. All of his dreams, they were coming true.

“Let’s go to dinner.”

After all the paperwork was done and the deposit was paid, Xavier took her to a little French restaurant. They had a private table where they were able to talk about the plans for the future. He knew what he wanted to do.

Taking hold of her hand, he kissed her knuckles, and smiled at her. “You’re going to make me the happiest man in the world.”

“And how am I going to do that?” she asked.

“By giving me a child, letting me make love to you every chance I get, and tonight, I intend to claim the only hole I’ve not had.”

She burst out laughing. “That was really romantic until you got to the last part.”

“You haven’t seen romance yet.”

“I don’t think doing anal would class as being very romantic.”

“You’ve not seen how good I am at it yet. I may surprise you.”

Later that night, when Anya was lying naked on the couch, he spread open the cheeks of her ass, and teased some lube between her cheeks.

“I don’t feel the romance,” she said.

He chuckled, and slid his finger into her pussy. “What if I was to tell you that I hated it when you went on dates?”

“You want to talk about past dates right now?”

“Not all of them. I’m just talking about how I felt.” Pushing a finger deep inside her cunt with one hand, he used his other hand to tease her ass. The tight ring of muscles of her anus kept him out, but he was determined to get inside. With enough pressure, he pushed a finger into her anus, feeling her pussy grow slick around his finger. “I would hate it. I’d sit at my desk thinking of ways to keep you with me.”

“I never knew,” she said, moaning.

Adding a second finger to her ass and pussy, he thrust inside her. His cock was already leaking pre-cum, and coated in lube. He was preparing her to take his dick. He wanted to own every part of her, surround her so that all she could think about was him.

“I hated the women,” she said.


“The women you had coming through the place. I hated them, and most of the time I wanted to run and cry. I never understood it until now.”

When she was ready for him, he moved behind her, gripping his cock, and easing the tip inside her ass. He told her to push out, and slowly, he sank his cock into her ass, filling her up.