“You so much as fucking look at her and I’ll make sure no one ever sees you again. There’re a whole lot of woods around here, and I got no problem digging a fucking hole to drop you in.”

He just keeps choking at my words, trying to get oxygen.

“Nod your head if you get me.”

He jerkily nods his head fast.

“Now I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to get the fuck out of here and spread the word real wide. No. One. Touches. Our. Gracie.” I bellow the last words, wanting Gracie to hear that part.

I release him and he jumps up, high-tailing it out of the house, the front door slamming behind him. I get up off the floor and turn to see Gracie, wide-eyed and backed up into the corner next to the kitchen sink.

I take her in. She’s breathing a little heavily and that half-panicked look is still on her face. I go to her, lifting her up and sitting her ass on the edge of the counter.

“You always let people in our home when we aren’t here?”

“No, I-I.” She stumbles over her words. “I was just trying to be friendly. It was just Cody, and he said he needed some sugar for his coffee.”

“He wanted what was ours,” I tell her, leaning down so I’m in her space. “No one gets in here but us.”

I slide my hand up under her dress.


“Who does this belong to?” I move her panties to the side as I stroke her clit with my finger. Her head falls back and she moans.

I move my mouth to her neck. “Tell me whose pussy this is, Grace,” I push, this time biting into her neck, wanting to leave a mark on her. She jerks against me, pressing herself more into my hand. Trying to get my fingers where she wants them.

“The McCains’. It belongs to the McCains.” I love the way she says it, like she’s begging. God, we got to make her a McCain, too. Fill her with a few McCain babies to keep her planted right here where she belongs.

“Damn right it is. And this cock is yours. All yours, baby. Isn’t it? Only you get to milk release from it. Only you get it hard.”

“Yes. Please,” she begs.

“And you’ll take care of it whenever I tell you to, won’t you? Drop to your knees and suck me off, or bend over and show me that pussy until I get what I want. Until you’re dripping with me.”

She reaches for the fly of my jeans, but I grab her hands to stop her. A pleading look hits her face. I can tell she’s needy for it.

“I’m going to fuck you on this floor, and you’re going to scream my name over and over again until you lose your voice and I finally get rid of this hard-on I’ve had all day thinking about coming home to you. Then everyone in this fucking neighborhood will know that Gracie’s pussy belongs to the McCains and to stay the fuck away from it.”

I don’t wait for a response. I pull her off the kitchen counter and lay her out on the floor. I flip her dress up and rip her panties from her body before undoing my belt and zipper, freeing my cock while I fall on top of her.

Reaching between us, I guide myself inside and thrust home. Using my free hand, I rip at the top of her dress until one of her tits slips free, and I suck it into my mouth as I rut back and forth. I don’t even care that I’m still fully clothed. I need this. After seeing someone else touch her, I want to mark her, remind her who she belongs to.

I can’t tell you how many hours I fucked her on the kitchen floor. It wasn’t until I could barely move that I slipped my cock free of her, a stream of my cum running out with it. The sight had my cock, which had finally gone down, jerking a little in satisfaction.

I pulled her off the floor and carried her to the bathroom.

“I have to make Daddy dinner,” she mumbles, resting her head against my shoulder, making me smile.

“I’ll make him something. I’m going to clean you up, then you’re going to take a nap. Dad’s gonna be pissed when he finds out about Cody, and you’re going to have to make it up to him.”

9 Rick

Warm lips wrap around my cock, and I feel the whole thing being swallowed into a mouth. I moan and stretch my legs, feeling the head of my dick bump into something as a wet little tongue comes out to barely flick my balls.

I smile to myself with my eyes closed and reach down to grip Gracie’s hair, holding her down on my cock and making her swallow around me.

After a second I let go of her, and she comes off my cock, crawling up to me.

“You sneaking in my room again, baby?”

She reaches down between us, grabbing my cock and sliding it to her soaked pussy.

“You were supposed to be sleeping with Ty tonight. Why are you sneaking in here, getting me all hard? You horny?”

She slides down my dick, taking all of it easily, and my hand goes up to rub on her big pregnant belly.

“I woke him up, too.” She blushes, and I feel her needy pussy clench around my cock.

She’s so fucking horny lately, being as pregnant as she is. It’s a good thing she’s got two hard cocks always ready to please her.

“Go ahead, baby. Ride Daddy and get it all out of your system.”

My cock is pretty much a toy for her to fuck when she gets like this. She’ll ride me all night if I let her.

Normally she sleeps with Ty, but she’ll sneak in here with me sometimes, saying she wants Daddy. Ever since she got pregnant we’ve been having to fuck her twice as much as we did before, and it’s been heaven.

Her tight cunt drips as it moves up and down my cock, and I look down to see where we’re connected. It’s still dark out, but I can see my cock glistening with her need, and the thick veins in my dick strain from fucking her so much.

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