Pushing back the covers, I show her my dick, which is jutting up and begging for attention. I swear the thing only gets hard for her. If only she knew how much she owned me.

“Come over and climb on Daddy, baby.”

She bites her lip and walks over to the bed, her wide hips swaying, her heavy, full tits bouncing with each step. She slowly climbs on the bed and tries to put her leg over my waist.

I grab her hips and have to help steady her as she straddles my body. I reach down and hold my cock to her opening as she lowers onto it. I can see she’s already wet for it.

“Fuck, that’s is, baby girl.” Her warm wetness slides on my dick, and I thrust up, not wanting to wait any longer to be fully seated inside her tight little cunt.

Once she’s wrapped her pussy around my cock, she sits there, still looking at me like she doesn’t know what to do. I smile up at her. The innocence in her expression makes cum leak from the head of my cock.

“Move up and down, Gracie. Jack my cock off with your pussy,” I encourage her.

She places her hands on my chest and starts to move up and down. Her tight pussy glides easily up and down my thickness as she gets me off, her head falling back, her hair tickling my balls. It makes me want to cum already, but I bite it back, wanting to watch her cum first.

A knock on the door has me looking over to see Ty standing in the doorway of my bedroom. Gracie stops moving her hips back and forth on my cock and looks over her shoulder back at him.

He’s naked and his dick is hard, so I assume he wants a piece of this sweet pie, too.

“Sorry, Dad. I’ve got to go into the factory early today. Mind if I go first so I’m not late?”


“Sure. Just make it quick.”

Ty walks over to her and lifts her off my cock. She moans as I slip free of her pussy. I watch as Ty bends her over the side of the bed. She spreads her legs, and Ty pushes into her from behind.

They both moan as her eyes lock on mine. I sit there and watch her titties sway as he fucks her hard for a few minutes. Their movements shake the bed. I wonder how much more that pussy of hers can take. It only lost its cherry hours ago.

“Goddamn,” he grunts, as he takes what he needs from her cunt, and she moans into the mattress.

Just before he cums, he pulls out and jerks his cock off on her ass. Her fingers go between her legs and she rubs her pussy, cumming with him as he squirts onto her back and she cums on her hand.

Once they’re both finished, Ty reaches down and picks up a T-shirt from the floor, using it to wipe her back off before placing a kiss on the center of her spine.

I reach down and grab her, pulling her back up on the bed so she can go back to fucking my cock. I’m hard as hell waiting for my turn, and I’m ready to get off.

Ty comes up beside the bed and kisses Gracie on the lips real sweet as she lowers onto my dick.

“Bye, sis. I’ll see you when I get home tonight.”

I see her slip her tongue into his mouth before they pull back, and he walks out of the room to go get ready for work.

“Your turn, Daddy,” she says happily, looking down at me as she starts to ride my cock again.

That sweet pussy sucks me right inside, and I have to hold back to keep from nutting so fast.

“Goddamn, you feel tight. You’re such a good girl. Doing your morning chores just like I told you.”

She grinds her cunt down on me, rubbing her clit hard when she gets to the base of my cock. I feel her clench around me, and I grab her hips harder, helping her get off while I’m in her.

“That’s it. Get off on me, baby.”

I feel my cock buried deep in her, and I can’t hold back any longer. I start cumming inside her fresh cunt, filling that little pussy up with all of me. Her mouth falls on mine as I pump inside her, my pulses triggering her own orgasm.

When her sweet tongue comes out, I lick her in return, wanting her to know how proud I am of her.

I keep her on my cock as she cums all over it, my own cum running down between us. I want her at least once more before I have to get up and get ready for work.

“This time I want you to turn around and straddle me, baby. I want to see your asshole while you ride me.”

8 Ty

“What are you doing?” I growl, not liking what I’m seeing in front of me.

Gracie turns at my words, her face lighting up, but the smile quickly drops when she sees my expression. Dad and I both switched our shifts a little, not wanting Gracie to be at home alone without us as much as possible. I’d be going in earlier now, but getting home sooner, and Dad would go in later so he could be with her in the mornings.

It seems we had the right idea. We weren’t the only ones who had noticed Gracie wasn’t so little anymore, and dipshits like Cody from two trailers down were going to try and make a move. That wasn’t fucking happening. She’s ours.

“Hey, Ty. Gracie was just letting me borrow some sugar.” He reaches out and runs a finger down her bare arm. “Weren’t you, little Gracie?”

I’m on him instantly, my hand around his throat as I drop him to the floor. His head hits the linoleum so fucking hard I’m sure he has to be seeing stars.

I hear Gracie gasp from behind me, probably shocked by my act of rage. I’ve never had reason to get mad before, but I’m making it fucking clear that only Dad and I can ever touch her. We’ve been waiting years for her to be ours.

I lean in real close next to his ear, not wanting Gracie to hear what I’m going to say as he tries to pry my hand away from his throat. I only dig my fingers in deeper, knowing there’s going to be a nice fucking bruise for everyone around here to see.

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