I’d matched my strokes to the thrusts I could hear. When she cried out, I lost it, cumming all over myself. I’m still fucking hard, and I’m not coming out of her room until my cock finally goes down. I don’t care how long it takes. If I have to call in sick to the factory tomorrow, she’s going to work this hard-on off until it finally goes down. I don’t care if I have to sleep with my fucking dick inside her.

I push the door open to find her sitting naked on the side of the bed, her thighs open, her eyes on her own pussy. Hearing me, her head snaps up and her eyes meet mine. She goes to close her legs.

“Keep them open,” I tell her as I move towards her.

I reach into my shorts and pull my cock out.

“You did this to me. Do you know that? You’ve made things real hard growing up around here with you walking around tempting me.” I stroke my cock, and her eyes go to it as she licks her lips.

“I did it on purpose,” she finally admits, pulling her eyes up to mine. “I’ll make it up to you. You can do whatever you want to me. I belong to you guys. Always have.”

As I hear her words of submission, my cock leaks cum. Using it to lube my strokes, I look down at her and think of all the things I want to do.

“Get on your knees and take care of this, Gracie. Then I want your ass. Dad says your pussy is sore, but you’ve got another place you can take a cock.”

She moves from the edge of the bed and drops to the floor in front of me without hesitation. She’s completely naked as she kneels before me, her big blue eyes looking up at me, and she opens her mouth.

“Stick your tongue out.”

She does what I say as I start to jack my cock. I hold the head of my dick to her warm tongue as I stroke the shaft up and down. Big drops of cum land on her tongue, but she doesn’t move. She just kneels there, mouth open, taking what I give her.


“You’re a fucking tease, Gracie. You’re lucky we didn’t take you sooner.”

I watch as her hand slips down between her legs, and it makes me cum a little more. She’s getting off to sucking her brother’s dick.

“You like this? You like Dad and me coming in here and using you? Looks like you’ve been asking for it for a while now. You should be happy we’re finally giving you what you begged for.”

Her hand speeds up and so does mine. This is hotter than anything I ever could have imagined. I’ve never been with anyone because I always fantasized about Gracie. There aren’t really a lot of girls in town, but even if there were, she was the only one who ever made my cock ache.

“Rub it to the same speed as me, Gracie. I want us to cum together, brother and sister, at the same time.”

She moans at my words, and I leak out more cum on her tongue. I see her arm move in time with mine, and I watch as her body tenses up, little moans coming from her. She’s as close as I am, so I stop trying to hold back and cum in her mouth.

“Fuck,” I grunt as cum shoots out of my cock and into her mouth. She goes off at the same time, letting out a loud shout and then swallowing me. Her lips squeeze around the tip of my cock, and then she sucks the last bit of cum out of me. The feeling is so fucking good that I want to cum all over again. Her little tongue comes out and goes inside my hole, as if seeking any little remaining drops. I’m hard all over again thinking about how greedy my sister is for me.

“That’s enough. Keep sucking like that and I’ll want to fuck your mouth again.”

She pulls away from my cock and looks up at me, licking her lips and giving me a little smile. Her hand lazily rubs her pussy, and I can see she’s still horny for it.

“You wet enough for me to get in your ass, or you got some lotion?”

“I’m wet,” she whispers, and the dark blush hits her cheeks.

“Let me see.”

She spreads her legs a little, and I reach down to where her fingers are. “Baby sis, you’re soaked. This should be enough.”

I play with her pussy for a second, just feeling her. She’s warm, and her sticky cum is dripping out of her.

“Get on the bed and pull your knees up. I want to take your ass from the front so I can see your tits.”

She does what I say, getting on the bed and lying on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest. I follow her, getting between her legs. Her pink asshole is so pretty, and I can’t wait to put my cock in it.

Rubbing my cock across her pussy, I wet it with her juices. The feeling of her pussy on my cock almost has me cumming again, so I put the head of my dick to her asshole and let out a little on it. I figure I might as well use it to lube her up, even though she’s plenty wet enough to take me.

I press the head of my cock into her opening, and the tight ring barely allows my entry. I move my fingers up to her clit and rub it a little, trying to get her to relax. After a few strokes, she takes a deep breath, and I feel her ass open up a little for me.

“That’s it, baby sis. Just take a deep breath and let me in.”

As I rub her clit a little more, she relaxes the rest of the way, and I’m able to slip my lubed cock into her tight ass.

“Oh, God,” Is all I can say as my eyes roll to the back of my head, and I nearly pass out from the feeling. The impossibly tight heat takes more of my cock, and I feel cum coming out of the head as I inch inside her.

“Ty,” she whispers, and I open my eyes to look down to see Gracie lost in pleasure. Her eyes are closed, and I see her arm moving. It’s then I notice she put her hand on top of mine on her pussy and is moving my fingers on her clit. She’s using me to get herself off, and it’s hot as fuck.

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