No pussy could ever live up to this, and I’m not even going to try to find out if one could. Because I know it fucking couldn’t.

I start to move a little, just shallow thrusts, but after a few seconds I can’t take it anymore. I pull out almost all the way before thrusting back into her fully, rutting away.

A loud moan escapes her throat, and I reach up, putting my hand over her mouth, wanting her to hear what I have to say.

“Ty’s probably in his bedroom jerking off to you getting fucked in here. Thinking about your virgin blood coating my raw cock, just waiting for his turn.”

I feel her pussy get wetter, and I realize she must like the idea of us taking turns on her. That’s good because we will be. She could add this task to her daily chore list. Making sure Daddy and brother get their cocks wet. Milking out every drop of our releases every day like a good little girl.

“You want that, baby? You want him to come in here after I cum in you, and fuck you, too?”

She moans around my hand covering her mouth, and I fuck her harder, making the bed hit the wall with each thrust. Let him hear how good she’s taking it and how hard I’m giving it to her.

“Might as well work you good. Although he’s probably gonna want your ass for himself. Me? I just want this fresh teenage pussy waiting on me anytime my dick goes north.”

I feel her fingers move between us as she starts to rub her clit. I fuck her faster. My dick is being squeezed to death by her tight cunt, and I won’t last much longer. It’s bittersweet. I want the moment to last longer, but I want to coat her cunt with my cum. I remind myself that I can do that anytime I want now.

“Fuck, you’re doing great, baby girl. I’m close. Such a good little girl taking care of my cock. So fucking good to me.”

The headboard keeps smacking the wall that connects her room to Ty’s, but I don’t care. I can’t slow down. There’s no stopping me now. She’s taking all of me and getting off to it. Her body tenses up, and she screams around my hand as her climax floods through her body. I thrust in one final time, as deep as I can go, and fill her full of my warm cum.


I’ve never had pussy this tight or this wet. She’s fucking perfect.

I lean down and put my mouth on her hard nipple, sucking it into my mouth before letting it out with a loud pop. Big titties like hers need lots of attention, and I plan on getting my fill of them.

“I’m gonna go ahead and step out for a little bit and let you clean up. You did real good, baby,” I say, kissing the tip of her nose.

She smiles at me as I lean down and kiss her lips. I’m still hard and want to take her again, but I know after her first time she’s going to be sore. When I pull out, I see her flinch, and that’s how I know I should wait. I feel my cum slide out with my cock, and I have to grit my teeth to keep from pushing it back inside her.

I kiss her lips again and sit up, looking down at my cock covered in cum and her virginity.

I start to put my clothes on. “Your brother is probably waiting for his turn now. You going to take him, too? Take care of both men of the house?”

“Yeah, Daddy. I will.” She bites her lip and smiles at me as she watches me put my jeans and shirt back on. I look between her legs and see my cum leaking out of her. I took her without protection, and I don’t give a shit.

The idea of her scurrying around the kitchen, making our dinner with her belly swollen, has me wondering how soon I can get back in her and drop another load.

I lean down and give her another quick kiss. “Good night, baby. Thank you,” I say, walking out of her room.

When I get outside, I close the door behind me and see Ty exit his room beside hers.

“Her pussy is gonna be sore for a day or two. Go easy on her,” I tell him. If we want to bind her to us, we have to be good to her. Give her what she needs, just like she’ll be giving us what we need.

He nods at me, and I look down to see his dick tenting the front of his shorts. He’s horny as fuck, and I can’t blame him. She’s a real sweet piece of ass, and I’m not even sure he’s ever even gotten his dick wet before. In a small town like this one, there aren’t a lot of options. This points to why I hooked up with Gracie's mom all those years ago. I can’t even call it a fucking mistake because it got us Gracie, and that crazy bitch is long gone. Thank fuck.

“You probably ought to sleep with her tonight. You know, make her feel good. Sometimes she crawls into bed with me, so I know she likes company.”

I’d never touched her before, which had gotten real hard over the past few month, but after tonight, I know what I’ll be doing the next time she comes and gets in my bed. Pussy like that needs to be taken care of. And she won’t be begging to cum. We’ll be giving it to her regularly.

I grip Ty’s shoulder as I pass him and then go to my bedroom to pass out. That cunt sucked the life out of me, and I need some shut-eye. I can only imagine what Ty’s gonna do once he gets his dick in her.

She’s damn perfect.

5 Ty

I watch as Dad adjusts himself before he heads down the hallway towards his own bedroom. I feel a smile pull across my face. This house was lonely before Gracie came into our lives. I was still dealing with losing my parents, but she brought light. Now she’s going to really belong to us. Forever. We’ll never let her go. She was given to us, like a gift. We both need her in our own way.

I’d already cum two times now. Once when I’d pushed her up against the wall in the hallway, marking her ass, and the second time was listening to her moans as she lost her virginity. I could hear the hard pounding she took as her headboard beat against the wall.

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