Henry smiled. “I can live with that.”

His smile had her tightening down below, and he groaned.

Yes, she could live with a lifetime of love with Henry.

Chapter Seven

Henry married her a month later while her stomach was slightly swollen from their unborn child. Watching April walk down the aisle filled him with such joy and love. Marcel stood beside him as he waited for his woman to come to him.

“Are you sure about this?” Marcel asked. “There’s no backing out.”

“I’m not backing away. She’s perfect.”

He took her hand when she made it to him, and they stood before the priest to say their vows. The day should be for women, but for Henry, this was the best day of his life. Seeing April possess his name made his cock swell. He couldn’t wait to get her alone in their bed that night. They were staying at his place for the night, and then in the morning he had a special trip to the Caribbean planned. There was so much he wanted to do with her.

Once he got her on the dance floor, April smiled up at him. “It’s official. We’re married.”

“I know.”

“Any regrets?” she asked.


Tightening his hold around her, Henry smiled. “The only regret that I’ve got is I let you take some time away from me.”

“What do you mean?”

The rest of the small reception fell away. He invited a few business associates, and April had some of the people from Marcel’s as her guests. None of them mattered to him in that moment. The only person he loved was in his arms.

“When your leg was broken and I took you back to my place, my original plan was to get you to fall in love with me. I saw how nervous you were around me, and I hated it. I took my time, knowing you’d get comfortable with me.” He spun her around, drawing her back to him. “The best moments of my life were at night when we’d watch a movie. Slowly, you started to rest against me and then you fell asleep on me.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he drew her close so she felt the length of his cock pressing against her stomach. She let out a gasp, and he dropped his head to kiss her lips.

“I planned on you falling in love with me.”

“Then you came home to find me packed up and ready to go,” she said.

“I know. Seeing that case and the determination on your face, I knew I couldn’t win.” He let out a sigh. “I promised myself I’d give you time.”

April chuckled. “We’ve not had an easy start.”

“This makes it all worth it.” He touched her cheek as they danced. One song led into another. Henry didn’t let her go and glared at Marcel as he approached to dance.

She laughed, poking him in the ribs. “You can trust me around other men.”

“Not this day. This day is ours.” They cut the cake, danced some more, and listened to several people talk. He put up with it for April’s sake.

When he could stand no more of their attention, he made their excuses and took April out to the car. Along the trunk he saw the “JUST MARRIED” sticker attached with several cans leading from the car. Laughing, he helped April into the front before taking his own seat. He took hold of her hand as he drove home.

The man on the door offered his congratulations.

“Thanks, Paul,” Henry said.

“Certainly. I’ll make sure the staff knows to call you Mrs. Jones, now.”

Hearing her name turned him on more. He had her in the elevator and at the threshold of his door within minutes.

Opening the door, he kicked it open and then picked April up into his arms.

“Henry, what are you doing?” she asked, squealing as he carried her into their apartment.

“I’m following tradition.” He kicked the door once again, walking toward the bedroom.

He placed her on the floor in front of his gift. April hadn’t seen it. She was too busy looking at him.

“You’re acting strangely,” she said.

Picking up the envelope, he handed it to her. “This is my gift to you.”

“Henry, we agreed to no gifts.” She took the envelope, looking angry. “I didn’t get you anything.”

Touching her stomach, he shook her head. “I don’t need anything but you. You’ve given me the best gift of all.”

“You’re being all sweet and charming again.” She looked at the envelope.

“Open it.”

April let out a breath and opened the single white envelope. She pulled out the tickets reading them. “We’re going to the Caribbean? I thought work couldn’t let you go.”

“I’m the boss, remember? I can go anywhere. Yes, I’ll be taking my laptop and phone, but for the most part, I’ll be with you.”

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