“No more talk of what we can’t and can do. I love you, and we’re going to make this happen. I don’t need all the fancy crap, and I know you, April. You’re not fond of big crowds.” He paused in his thrusts to stare down at her. “We’ll invite a couple of friends, a priest, and we’ll have a simple ceremony—unless you want something lavish.”

She stared up at him, shocked at how much he knew about her. April never liked large crowds, nor did she like to be the center of attention. “How do you know?”

“Julia organized you that birthday party the year we met. You walked into the room, and I watched you.” He dropped another kiss to her lips. “You looked like you entered into your own version of hell.”

“You saw that, and she didn’t.”

He bumped their noses together. The affection he displayed caught at her heart. “I was always looking, April. Every little detail of you fascinated me. I wanted to know what you were thinking, feeling, yearning for. I needed to know the answer. Watching your reaction told me a lot. You stared around the room at all the strangers you’d never met and looked ready to run. When you saw Julia, you forced yourself to stay, even though you didn’t want to.”

She held onto his hand a little more tightly. “I can’t believe you saw all that.”

“I cared. You were so uncomfortable, and all I wanted to do was take you out of there. She even forgot that you didn’t drink. I left the party long enough to grab a case of soda.”

“You were the one who got it?” she asked.

Each new revelation made her fall in love with him a little bit more.

“Yes, I saw how miserable you were. Everyone was drinking, having the time of their life apart from the main woman. It was your night, and you should have enjoyed every second of it.”

His cock pulsed inside her, and she stared up at him feeling the love and the warmth surround her from his touch alone. “We’ve wasted so much time,” she said.


“I take it I get to have a simple wedding with the woman I love?”

“You can have whatever you want so long as I’m the one who gets to keep you for the rest of my life.”

Henry leaned down so his lips were beside her ear. “You’ve got me, April. Nothing is going to take me away willingly.”

She tightened her hold on his hands never wanting to let you go. What had started out as a guilty craving had changed into something beautiful, life changing, and April never wanted to let it go.

“Make love to me,” she said.

With his lips on hers, Henry started to move inside her. He went slowly, taking his time. Every inch of him worked her pussy so easily. She moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist. “I love you, April.”

He released her hands and circled them around her back. Henry turned them so she straddled his waist. “Now, it’s your time to take over.”

April moaned as her arousal increased in the change of their positions.

“You look so fucking beautiful,” he said.

Henry cupped her breasts. She glanced down to see him pinch her sensitive nipples. The tight pinch drove her wild, and she started to thrust harder onto his length.

“Fuck, baby, take all of me.”

She whimpered with the depth of his penetration.

His hands went to her hips as he guided her over his shaft. April bounced on his length feeling him fill her to the verge of pain.

“Ride me.”

Staring into his eyes, April lost herself to the heat of the moment. The love she had for him would never disappear or darken. They were perfect for one another. Henry was more than she could have imagined. His sweetness touched her heart, and she never wanted to be anywhere else but with him.

One of his hands left her waist going to the hard bud between her thighs. He stroked her clit, drawing her orgasm from her. She gripped his arms, crying out in pleasure from the touch of his hands.

“Fuck, you’re tight. I can feel you, April.”

Her orgasm rode her, and his cock jerked deep inside her.

Throughout their climax, Henry told her how much he loved her. She collapsed over him, and he wrapped his arms around her back, holding her close.

She caressed his chest, amazed at the pure beauty of the man beneath her.

“I know I’m going to die a happy man.”

Tucking some hair behind her ear, she glanced up at him. He touched her cheek, pushing more strands of hair off her face.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, I just like looking at you.” He skimmed his fingers down her face. “You’ve no idea how utterly beautiful you are, do you?”

“You’re being a charmer again.”

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