John was still smiling from the kiss when he closed the door behind him. "I'm amazed you still want to be seen with me. I thought you'd keep the blinds closed and try to hide a little. Go incognito."

"You think someone's out to kill you?"

"I think it's obvious." He sat the white bag he brought in on the corner of his desk.

"Live dangerously so I can keep looking after you. And yes, I'm the one looking after you. You might think it's the other way around, but no way."

John reached into the bag. "Have a doughnut and stop making sense."

She smiled and took a cream filled.

The street was unusually quiet for a Friday morning. He wondered where the world was hiding at this hour. Maybe they all slept in for the day. Wouldn't that be nice? A quick glance down at the answering machine told him that he had no messages. That was just fine with him. The morning was going pretty good until he remembered he had to see if she would mind wearing a wire. It was all for the good of the case, but he could understand her not wanting any part of the idea. But then again, she might actually enjoy it. She would probably like the process if she were assured of being protected. John and the lieutenant discussed having Tammy bring the manager from Taylor Time to a restaurant. Just have her sit down and talk with him in clear view. Then John could monitor the conversation by a remote vehicle and move in when enough information was obtained. It all sounded so simple, but John had done enough of them to know that no two were ever alike. You could never predict what someone was going to do or say no matter what the circumstance. Tammy could ask questions all day and night and they might still not have enough to convict. Or - a worse case scenario - the manager could catch on to their little private eye game and suddenly Tammy would be in danger.

Again, he fell victim to her sweet perfume. The fragrance filled the little office. The smell, like her, was unique. He had the aroma well memorized. It was a steady blend of the clean skin of a woman's neck and fresh rose pedals. He wanted to bottle it up.

"Well," John started. "Tell me what Hank had to say. Or did you even have a chance to talk to him?"

Tammy sat down with her doughnut wrapped in a napkin. "We talked," she admitted, "only he just didn't say much."


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