"I think an entertainment company up north is behind the killing of Michael Gallager. They have a clear motive."


"I'm getting a lot of this from Tammy. She was given a quick offer for representation before Michael's body even turned cold. Michael even warned her of this company. The company is trying to move in on the local music scene and take it over. This could only be done if Mr. Gallager was disposed of. He had all the good bands and singers signed with him. They were all money making acts."

"Sounds like a Mafia thing," Frank suggested. "The hard part is getting this company to admit to something."

"I'm working on that. I've got Tammy trying to pick Hank Taylor for information without being too obvious. The company is called Taylor Time and they're from Pennsylvania."

Frank's fingertips rubbed his lips again. He reached for a nearby notebook and a pen. "Tell me the name again. I'll make a few phone calls and ruffle a few feathers. Our friends might have done this kind of crap before. We could establish some sort of a pattern."

John told him the name a second time and suggested he get the young officer he had just met to assist. A renewed sense of friendship was brewing between them. It a lot of ways it felt like the old days. Things felt pretty good now - solid and right.

The lieutenant had his head down while he scribbled on his pad. He finally looked up at John and asked, "How would Tammy feel about wearing a wire?"

Suddenly things did not feel so good anymore.



The following day John met Tammy at his office early in the morning. When he got there she was already in the parking lot waiting for him.

He parked the van and waved for her to come in with him.

"I didn't recognize you in that old thing," the singer admitted. A gust of chilly ocean air tossed her hair across her face. She pulled it away to revealed her trademark smile.

John unlocked the back door and told her about the van.

"Inspection's expired," she said.

John stopped just inside the door. "You don't miss a thing. Sure you don't want to be a private eye?"

"I already am," she shot back.

She then surprised John by giving him a quick kiss as she passed him on her way into the office. She went to work opening the blinds as sunlight and warmth instantly filled the office.

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