"You can do that?"

"If you have the right connections, you can do anything you want. I just know a lieutenant I used to work with and he helps me out from time to time."

She nodded.

"Nothing illegal about it. We won't be taking anything."


The Saturday morning sun came to wake John soon after dawn. A piercing beam of light shot between the window and the blind just enough to lie across his eyelids. He awoke hearing gunfire in his head and wondering for an instant where he was, who's bed he was in, and who's house.

They got back from Williamsburg late. After finishing at Andy's they dropped by a little club in Newport News, which was situated between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. The place was empty but a friend of Tammy's was playing there. It was a bluegrass band and John was surprised at her diverse taste in music. He dropped Tammy off at just past two in the morning. They had fun and the time seemed to fly. To him it felt like the best date he'd ever been on, forgetting being shot at for the second time in a single week. However, he imagined for Tammy it was more business than pleasure.

He agreed to pick her up after he dropped by to get an estimate on his busted window. His insurance company had office hours until twelve on Saturdays.

He called Lt. Grimm before leaving his apartment. And after a few odd long pauses, his friend gave him the clearance to get into the impound yard for wrecked cars used for evidence in pending police matters.

A drizzle rain had started as he was leaving the insurance office at just past ten in the morning. The traffic was unusually light. John was pleasantly surprised. He used the drive time, as he usually did, to run over things in his mind. He was getting valuable information from Tammy the more time they spent together and hopefully after today he would have more information about Michael's car. He needed to get back with Brad and see about questioning the other bands involved with the music mogul. He couldn't forget the call from Joyce. She had him stumped with her sudden interest in him.



"'Bout time," Tammy said as she pulled the passenger door open to the Jeep and ducked her head in.

John paid her no attention.

"Just kidding," she said, "don't beat me."

"Never really had a partner."

Tammy was silent for a few seconds. John was not quite sure if she was thinking of a clever comeback or if she had taken his comment the wrong way.

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