John smiled. "Who said I had talent?"

After that, they sat in silence while they ate. A few people had left the restaurant and the line waiting to get in was much shorter now. It was almost to the point of walk in and be seated.

"I think I have a feel for you and Michael. Just tell me what happened that night. The night he died."

Tammy thought for a few seconds. "All right."

"Take your time," he told her.

"I'm all right. Let's see now. I think we met for dinner at around four in the afternoon. He loved his crabs. We went to Captain George's, I think. We ate and then went to my apartment and then he left."

John swallowed what was in his mouth. "Nothing else?"

"Well, on his way home he died."

"Did he ever mention a problem with the brakes on his Corvette? Anything at all like that?"

Tammy looked puzzled. It was a look that didn't suit her. He liked her better smiling. "Not that I can think of. He never mentioned it to me. Why?"


"Just something Brad mentioned. It could throw a wrench into this whole thing."

"What did he say?" Tammy asked.

Their waiter stopped by and asked if they wanted refills on their drinks. They both accepted.

"He said he heard the brake lines were severed."

Tammy's mouth hung open. She looked shocked. Only then did John realize that he probably shouldn't have dropped that on her.

"What do the police think?"

"I haven't really talked to them in any great detail yet," John admitted. I have an appointment with someone on Monday morning."

"That's kind of far off," she said, "that okay?"

John looked at her. He leaned back in his booth seat. The red leather made a noise as he shifted. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm helping you figure this thing out," she said and John could have sworn he saw a shimmer of a smirk work at her lips.

"I'm going to have a look at the Corvette. You up for it?"


It was becoming harder and harder to keep things professional. John was falling for her faster than he could manage. He found her a delight to be with. He would, however, tread lightly. At least until the case was solved. "My connection in the police department will let us into the impound yard. I'm sure he was thinking Monday, but I'll get us in tomorrow."

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