“No, let me,” I whispered into his ear, tugging on the lobe lightly with my teeth as I stroked him gently. Rubbing his cock against my lower lips to tease us both, I could feel him groan a deep, hearty murmur of satisfaction from within his chest.

I adjusted my hips, lining him up…

…And I pushed the billionaire inside.

I knew that it was going to be a squeeze, but I hadn’t anticipated how much he would stretch my walls. Taking it gently at first, Cole tactfully retreated when necessary, only to capture further ground when he pushed inside. My ankles naturally slid along his calves as his overwhelming cock tunneled further into my slickened, yearning canal, wet with desire. Within a few more slow pushes, my body was adapting to his size; he was hilting himself into me now, his hips against mine.

My fingernails surged down his spine as he ratcheted up the ferocity, thrusting slower at first, and then harder, faster, absolutely dominating me. When my eyes opened and I gazed into his, the dim lighting twinkled ever so subtly against his pupils, and I saw him for what he really was – impressively powerful, highly reserved, and in need of connection. Why he had cut himself off from everyone around, I didn’t know; but our bodies were intertwined and his passionate, hungry eyes bore into my sight, I saw every last, heavy ounce of his need.

Our hips rocked together thunderously, dueling with our wills – I was submitting to his power, yes, but only on my terms. Cole, on the other hand, continued to dominate my body. His lips found my neck again; his powerful hand clasped my leg beneath the buttock. My lover was thrusting rapidly, uncompromisingly into me, pushing both of us to our brinks.

I could feel him coming close, and I knew that I was so very near the edge myself.

His hand grasped my face, palming my cheek as his lips crushed into mine. Cole’s thrusting was growing frantic now, and I could feel my own pleasure uncoiling once more, ready to flood my body.

One last gasp from us both – my inner muscles clenched tightly around his cock as I came, letting the cries rip from my heaving chest. Clutching his cock like a vise-grip, I felt his cock empty his seed between my legs, secured with our protection.

“That was…fucking…incredible…” I murmured in ecstasy, my body sapped of strength.

“You’re goddamn right it was,” he agreed, sliding against my side and pressing his lips to my shoulder, and my neck, and my lips…


Chapter 17


When I woke up the following morning, Kiona was snuggled up at my side, her arm draped over my chest. I didn’t move at first, simply basking in her body warmth, and memories of the previous night’s pleasure.

Unfortunately, I had wondered fleetingly at first if she was just making a move over the money, but her passion had been clear and sincere from the start. The ferocity with which she chased my lips, eager to have me, could not be so easily acted – and if the look in her eyes had been as fabricated as her work history, then there was truly neither passion nor love in the world.

With these thoughts in mind, it occurred to me that it was Thursday morning. Why is Thursday important? That rings a bell. With something of a mental shrug, I decided to let her sleep in, although I was already thinking about climbing out of bed and concocting a magnificent breakfast for her.

Let’s see…what do I have in the kitchen? I wondered to myself with a sly little grin. I could probably whip up some eggs benedict, sizzle some sausage…

As I considered the options, my eyes trailed over to a clock on the wall – reading half past eleven. A flush of memories and realizations snapped into my head.

Oh, crap.

Post-coital civility be damned, I was going to be late for something I couldn’t afford to miss.

Removing Kiona’s arm, I leapt out of bed, whipping out my cell phone. Gregory had tried dialing for me a few times, which meant that my contingency was hopefully in effect…

I immediately dialed for Patrick. He answered on the second ring, which told me that his Bluetooth was active – he only turned that on if he was in the chopper. As soon as the call connected, I could hear the sounds of the rotors whirring, and his shouting voice over the mechanical disturbance.

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