My throat was wide open for his mouth, and he furiously, needfully kissed the space, moving his lips down my body in a trail of passionate pecks. I gasped in excitement as he reached back up, kissing my neck as his hands slid under my shoulders – I arched my back, and he took the opportunity to unclasp my bra. Pulling the garment aside, my flowing bosom was free, the puckering peaks ready for his pressing attention.

The billionaire grasped my breasts, kneading gently as he explored them with his trailing fingers. Catching my nipples between the knuckles on either hand, he squeezed them together, tugging the erect nubs as his lips descended upon my neck again. My back naturally arched once more, pushing my bosom into his capable hands, and he dropped his mouth to swirl his wet, firm tongue around a gracious, perky nipple. My fingers scratched down his back, eager to rid him of his unnecessary clothing, but he held me at bay. The nipple slipped into his mouth – he tugged with his teeth gently, flicking with his tongue, all the while still grasping passionately at my breasts.

I grasped onto his head, holding him down onto my breasts as he swapped to the other. His mouth was incredible against them, and I could barely stand to let him part…but then, after several moments, he began to pepper a trail of kisses down my stomach. My hands pushed him further down, and he slipped his fingers into the band of my panties, tugging them down my thighs and flicking them across the bed.

“You’re so wet for me,” he murmured softly, his warm breath wafting across my sex.

I could barely manage a nod before he plunged his middle finger inside. My lips shuddered apart as I leaned my head back into the pillows, enveloped in the feeling that filled me.

“Oh God, Cole…that feels so incredible…”

My slickness was already prepared for a second finger, and he indulged. His index met the middle, curling to slide against my inner button, and he worked my body perfectly as his lips pressed slow, meaningful kisses upon my inner thighs.

Pleasure whiplashed down my spine – my back arched and my throat groaned as I squeezed my breasts in aching need. As my fingers trailed across the nipples, I plucked at the peaks between the firm Venus mounds beneath my thumbs and the nearest fingertips.

His fingers retreated from inside, and he married his tongue to my wet, slickened channel. My hands could only be in one place now – wrapped around the back of his head, my fingers buried in his hair. I rode the billionaire’s face as he lapped away my juices, digging his firm tongue deeper inside me. With my thighs slid up over his shoulders, I cried out in ecstasy as I felt his thumb sliding across the bead of my passion, rubbing circles against my clit.

I was already wound so tightly with pleasure. I couldn’t last long under his masterful command of my body, and soon the crushing orgasm ran its course, flooding my mind with a burst of impossible desire as the release surged across my body. My lungs let out a passionate scream of pleasure, and I clutched onto his head as I rode out the climax.

But Cole wasn’t done with me yet.


And I was ready for him.

As the billionaire rose between my legs, my fingers slipped straight to his belt again, eager to release the restraints on his rock-hard passion. Cole graciously tossed the blazer aside, removing his tie as I unclasped the belt and unzipped his slacks. He began unbuttoning his long-sleeved top, grinning confidently down at me as I reached into his boxers, grasping the powerful tool with my fingers for the first time.

The size of it was incredible – but the sheer heat emanating from it made my jaw drop. He radiated power, even between his legs, and groaned as I began to stroke his mighty cock.

Cole withdrew from my touch long enough to shed the rest of his clothing. He knelt between me, a handsome, chiseled specimen of masculinity perfected – the washboard abs stretched down to a cut V joining his hips, as if pointing down to the long, thick, incredible tool at his disposal.

“Are you ready?” He asked calmly.

“Yes,” I murmured softly, drawing out the syllable.

Cole shifted off of the bed for a moment, returning with a condom from the drawer. Slipping the wrapper against his teeth, he tugged the plastic open and expertly sheathed his weapon. Next, he leaned down against my skin, supporting himself with his elbows as he reached down for the forthcoming point of no return…but my hand grasped his cock first, eager to take control of this moment.

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