“Well, in a way. When a pet curses and is angry, they are giving into their feral nature. It’s a bad habit, and it can only lead to more anger and savagery. Your master will make you stop and won’t let you have a temper tantrum. He’ll spank you very hard and make you apologize.”

“Are you sure you’re not just brainwashed by your master? Maybe this is all just a way to make us submit to them, make us grovel.”

“No, Nicky, you mustn’t think that. Please be careful not to let your wild nature overcome you. It can happen with some of us very quickly, especially when we’ve just been turned.”

He sighed and gave up, too confused to fight anymore. “Okay, let’s go.” She smiled in relief, and he allowed her to lead him to the back.

The next thirty or forty minutes were agonizing as hot wax was put on every part of his body and then stripped off, along with the hair. Luckily, he had little hair on his chest or back, so most of the hair came off his legs, arms, and groin. The ordeal left his skin pink and hairless, and he painfully limped along with Tara back to the door to find Rory.

Rory barely glanced at him as he clipped his leash back on and tugged him along behind him.

“Where am I going now?” Nicky asked listlessly. He was exhausted and felt like an emotional wreck.

“Back to your room. Marco’s waiting.”

At the mention of the Alpha’s name, Nicky’s spirits lifted a little, and his whorish cock stood up. He eagerly followed Rory up the stairs. Marco waited, sitting in a chair by the window, looking even bigger than Nicky remembered and twice as handsome. Rory nodded to him respectfully, unclipped the leash and backed out of the room. Nicky stood uncertainly just inside the door until Marco beckoned to him. “Come here, baby.”

Nicky fairly flew across the room and tried his best to crawl into Marco’s lap, but Marco pushed him down to sit at his feet. Though he’d called him ‘baby,’ he still looked displeased, and Nicky’s heart thumped loudly in his chest.


“Are you mad at me, Marco?”

“It’s time you called me Master,” Marco replied in a soft, but stern voice.

“Yes, sir,” Nicky said quietly. “Yes, master.”

“Take off your pants and let me look at you.”

Nicky dropped them quickly and pirouetted in place and his heart sank when Marco’s response wasn’t what he expected.

Marco watched him without a smile. “I’ve been hearing some negative reports about you, Pet, and I don’t like them one bit. It’s been reported to me that you continue to use bad language, and you’ve been a little rude. Is this true?”

“Who told you this? Was it Rory?”

Marco put a finger to his lips. “Hush. I didn’t give you permission to ask any questions. Now answer me. Is what I said true?”

Nicky dropped his gaze and slowly nodded his head.

“I’m trying to be lenient with you, Pet, because I know this is all new to you, and you were turned in unusual circumstances and not by your master. All of this can factor in. But you must stop the bad language immediately. Are you clear? It only leads to trouble. No more rudeness, either. I won’t tolerate your being a brat. You represent me now when you go out, and it’s not enough just to look beautiful on the outside. You must be beautiful on the inside as well.”

Nicky dropped to his knees again and nuzzled his leg. He couldn’t help himself. “You think I’m beautiful?” He looked up at Marco flirtatiously.

Marco hesitated and then smiled indulgently, pulling Nicky up on his lap and settling him there, with a hand on Nicky’s growing cock. “Yes, baby, I think you’re very beautiful. And I think you know it. You’re in danger of becoming very spoiled.” He touched Nicky’s curls. “I love your hair, and this is quite nice too.” He rubbed his hands over Nicky’s slick, waxed pubic area. “Did it hurt very much?”

“Like a bitch…uh, like a bad word.” he corrected himself.

Marco pretended not to notice his slip and continued to rub his hands over him. Nicky’s cock throbbed, begging for more. “It’s time for me to fuck you and feed you again, baby. This will be your last feeding for a while. It will help you be strong for the ceremony tonight.”

“Okay,” Nicky said eagerly. “Can we do it now?”

Marco smiled and surprised him by picking him up in his arms and taking him to the bed, apparently as aroused as Nicky and not wanting to even talk, wanting to have hot sex as fast as he could get it. Unzipping his pants, he pushed Nicky down on the floor to his knees, and moaned as Nicky’s mouth immediately closed around him. Nicky’s lips moved over and up and down his shaft, licking him, tasting him, sucking him, trying to consume him. He had no idea where the knowledge of what to do came from. He’d never sucked a dick before and never even had it done much to him. Something instinctive took over.

Marco moved his fingers to the back of Nicky’s head and held him there, taking control, holding Nicky still to thrust his cock into Nicky’s mouth, making him take it deeper and deeper into his throat. Only when Nicky gagged, did he pull back out and allow him to take a few breaths.

Nicky wanted to resume, his mouth open and seeking. Marco pulled away and lifted him up to the bed, turning him over, directing and guiding Nicky to his hands and knees. Ready and waiting, his ass wiggled in invitation, and Marco smiled, rubbing his fingers over the cleft of Nicky’s ass. He took the lube from the bedside table and applied it liberally to his cock before turning back to Nicky and preparing him. His finger swept over his hole, dipped and probed inside, stretching him, adding one finger and then two. Nicky moaned and gripped the pillow in front of him tightly, his ass shoving back when slick cock replaced fingers. Marco entered him slowly, with a long, deep stroke, stretching, filling, and making Nicky feel complete. Nicky rocked, wanting harder, deeper thrusts. Marco didn’t hold back, pounding into him, making Nicky scream with pleasure. Marco moved again and again in a steady, forceful rhythm, burying himself to the glandular ring. Nicky matched his rhythm, shoving back with each push with one hand on the bed and the other on his own cock, squeezing and pulling.

Marco drove slowly in and pulled back, driving in over and over. No matter how hard Nicky tried to prolong the union, his body bucked, cum shooting out in long, thick streams. He called out Marco’s name, and Marco followed him in climax, pump for pump. Collapsing on top of him, Marco rolled to the side, pulling Nicky with him, grinding his softening cock into the cleft of Nicky’s ass.

“I love those little whimpers you make, baby. They drive me crazy.” He ground into him again. “Do it some more.”

Nicky obliged him and rolled over, licking Marco’s chest. Marco laughed, catching Nicky under the arms and pulling his face up to his own. Nicky thrust his tongue inside Marco’s mouth, tasting his sweetness until Marco lowered him to the bed and smiled to see him struggling to catch his breath. Giving Nicky a moment, Marco bit his wrist, offering it up to Nicky’s lips. Nicky attached to it greedily, lapping at it and trying to catch every drop as it fell. After several minutes of allowing him to feed, Marco pulled his wrist away and licked at it a few times to heal it back up. Nicky’s eyes followed his every move, always wanting more of him. When would he ever have enough?

“Never, darling. It’ll never be enough for you and me. We’re blood mates.”

Nicky looked up at him oddly. Had he spoken the words aloud?

“No, baby. I can sense your thoughts now. It takes a couple of matings for it to kick in, and it finally has. I can kind of hear your thoughts, and no, to answer your question, you can’t hear mine. It’s a one way transmission. I’ll be able to keep up with you as long as you’re close by, and I’ll know what you’re doing.” Marco nuzzled his neck. “I totally own you now.”

“But that’s not fair. I mean, I don’t even have my own personal thoughts anymore? What if I’m angry at you or what if I—?”

“Do something bad? That’s the point, baby. I don’t want you to do anything bad. My job is to keep you safe and protected always. Even from yourself. The masters take their responsibilities very seriously.”

“So it’s like I’m a dog and a child? A damn puppy?”Two stinging slaps fell on his naked ass. “Ow! What was that for?”

“Cussing. I’ll give you just a warning this time because you were surprised and still learning. Next time, you’ll go over my knee. Now say you’re sorry and be careful what you’re thinking. I can hear you.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry.” Nicky’s voice was sullen, but Marco seemed satisfied.

Marco put his arm around Nicky and pulled his head back around to face him. “This is hard for me too, Nicky. I don’t want to hurt you, and I never envisioned my mate to be someone like you. When I first saw you, I couldn’t believe it.”

“Someone like me?” Nicky’s heart fell with a thump. “Is it that bad?”

“You know what I mean, baby. A boy. Just a young straight boy, and I almost lost my mind the first time I saw you. I’d never been attracted to that many boys before you. Though I’ve had sex with men before, I never imagined I would take a man as a pet. The fragrance, the sight of you—I thought I’d lose my mind and throw you on the ground right there. I first saw you at an art show in Atlanta in Piedmont Park. I was in Atlanta shopping with my mother. She’s an adopted pet and can’t be out alone. I was keeping her company while my dad watched the game on TV back in the hotel. Then I saw you setting up some of your paintings.

“The blood lust was so strong I almost dragged you off into some bushes and bit you right then and there. I think I might have too, if my mother hadn’t been with me. She saw what was happening and calmed me down. She went over to you and got your card and bought one of your paintings. When she got back and gave them to me, the scent was so strong on them I was miserable and sick for a week. My mother talked me into waiting until you got a little older. She said you told her you were only nineteen, and I had to give you a few years. When I was away from you, it was hard to believe you were so irresistible. I even got cocky about it and went to the restaurant where you worked. I sat across the room from you, and when you walked in I almost lost my mind again. I had to leave before you saw me. I couldn’t wait. You being so young and a male couldn’t be helped. I had to have you. I assigned some watchers until I could make arrangements.”