“No, Marco, not that! Please!” Nicky pleaded while the very thought of that knot teasing his prostrate made his insides clench with want.

“Nothing I can do about it, baby. It’s all up to the wolf now. And the wolf is thinking you need a very good fucking and a few orgasms to let you see what you’ve been missing.”

Marco put him back on the bed and stood up, removing his clothes. Nicky sat up suddenly and threw his arms around Marco’s neck and kissed him full on the lips. Surprised yet pleased, Marco looked down at him with a wolfish grin. “That’s not going to stop me, baby. I’m going to make love to you for a very long time.”

“You always did talk too much.” Nicky’s fingertip stroked the wolf knot encircling Marco’s cock. “You know, actions speak louder than words.”

“That’s for special occasions, and this is very special.” His words served a double meaning as he enclosed Nicky’s hard cock with his fingers and smiled wolfishly, showing his large incisors.

Nicky gasped. “Marco, your teeth!”

“Mmmm…All the better to…oh hell, you know the rest.”


The meeting with his council had been the most contentious meeting in the history of the pack. Bowing to pressure from the families of the rogues and in response to passionate and articulate pleas from both Shawna and her mate, the council decided to allow the rogue pack to rejoin the Mountain Wolf pack on a trial basis. Many of the older wolves had walked out in protest, a huge challenge to Marco’s leadership as Alpha, but he had made the final decision for the good of the pack as a whole, as a good Alpha should. They would adopt a wait-and-see attitude and allow the rogues to move back in the compound and live their lives the way they chose to as long as the pets continued to feed from their mates.

Marco walked outside to the gardens and found Nicky by his easel, painting a group of laurel trees tangled together alongside the path. He turned when he sensed Marco close by and put down his brush to run to him.


“Is the meeting over?” “Yes, baby,” Marco said, catching him in his arms. “The rogues are moving back in tomorrow.”

“Shawna and the others must be so pleased. Thank you, darling, for being willing to try.”

“I’m a very reasonable man.”

Nicky made a choking sound of laughter, though he tried hard to keep it in.

“Oh, you don’t agree, huh?” He began to tickle Nicky’s sides as he convulsed in laughter and tried to get away. They wound up falling down in the grass, Marco turning his body so he took the brunt of the fall. He turned Nicky over on his back and held his hands helpless above his head as he kissed him thoroughly.

“I think I should take you up to our room to show you what happens to bad boys who laugh at me.”

“Mmm…promises, promises,” Nicky said, laughing. “I think I’d love that.”

Marco brushed his lips over Nicky’s again. “Good boy.”


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