When the glands no longer pulsed, he jerked back from her. She was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling in hard breaths, her nipples raking his chest, her hips squirming against his as she fought to force his cock inside her hot pussy. She stared up at him, her cheeks flushing as the potency of the hormone began to invade her system. His. She was his woman. His mate. This proved it.

“Mine,” he growled again, his hands clenching on the cheeks of her ass as he ground her against the torturously hot shaft that screamed out for relief. “Say it. Tell me you are mine.”

She smiled. That smile had his heart nearly bursting from his chest. The mix of tenderness and challenge was nearly more than he could bear.

“You are mine,” she whispered.

His eyes narrowed.

“You will say the words before this night ends, Merinus,” he swore. “You will scream them to me and beg for me to hear you.”

“No, you will scream them for me.” Sultry, her voice low and husky, her body hot and wild as she raked her nails down his chest, watching him through half closed eyes. She was smiling that smile again. The one that had the beast raging, growling low and deep. She licked her lips, spreading the taste of her over them. She wanted to tempt and tease. She wanted to push the beast and shred the control the man had fought for years to attain. So be it. The beast was free. It snarled down at her, not in violence, not in rage. In demand.

He moved then, rubbing her silky, slick folds of skin over his erection as he moved her to the bed. He watched her eyes dilate, her face flush as his hot cock stroked her clit. He heard her breath catch and gloried in it. When he reached the bed he dropped her to it, staring down at her for a long moment. He knew the ways to achieve what he wanted. He could throw her into pleasure so intense, so burning and deep that she would beg him for his possession, beg him to allow her to belong to him. He would show her this night who was master of their bed.

He moved to the nightstand and opened it slowly. He didn’t have all the sensual devices in this house as he did at his home, but he always kept on hand a large tube of lubricating jelly. He pulled it out and came back to her.

She glanced at the tube, then at Callan. He returned her stare, moving carefully onto the mattress beside her. Then he flipped her over. He threw one leg over her thighs to hold her in place, his upper body kept her shoulders against the mattress.


“I could tie you down,” he whispered, nipping at her neck as she struggled against him. “Restraints can drive the pleasure higher, Merinus. Would you prefer this? Or would you prefer to give me what I wish?”

She was breathing hard and heavy, and just under the scent of her arousal, he could smell her trepidation. She was breathing hard and rough, her body tense as he held her carefully in place for the touch to come. She jerked when his hand smoothed over her buttocks. The rounded pale globes enticed him to caress, to fill his hands with their warmth, and he did just that. Then his fingers traveled through the narrow crease. He smiled in tight anticipation as her breath caught.

“I’m going to take your ass now, Merinus,” he breathed against her ear. “I’m going to prepare you carefully and show you how much pleasure the pain of that possession can be. Whenever you are ready to submit, darling, just say the words.”

Her protest was a strangled groan as his fingers found the tight little entrance. She was feeling the effects of his kiss now. He could feel her muscles relaxing, despite her attempts to keep it from happening. Flipping open the cap of the lubrication he moved his hand back, spreading the gel in a thick line over his fingers.

“Callan?” Her voice was filled with nerves when his slickened fingers found the tight entrance once again. Callan lay with his head between her shoulder blades, parting the cheeks of her ass with one hand as his fingers began their sensual invasion. The first finger slid in easily. He heard her moan vibrating at her back as he slid in and out in easy strokes for long moments. Then a second finger joined in the play. She stretched easily for him, her body bucking against him, her skin dampening with perspiration as he held her still. When the third finger joined the first two long moments later, she jerked at the tight fit, the pull of the tender muscles, the burning pleasure he knew that was beginning to invade the tight channel.

“Relax for it, Merinus,” he soothed her. “Feel how readily your body accepts it. How easily my fingers slide into you.”

He pulled back, then returned with a swift, deep penetration. She nearly screamed with the sensation, pushing back on his fingers, her body trembling with need.

“I can’t stand it,” she cried out, bucking against him.

“Tell me what I want to hear then,” he told her gently, though he knew nothing could save her from the possession to come. It had been more than a decade since he had taken a woman in such a way. He remembered the tight heat, the heady sensation of the forbidden suddenly attainable. Watching his cock sink in, female flesh stretching to take him, accepting this ultimate intimacy. Merinus was no whore purchased merely for his pleasure, though. She was not practiced, nor well versed in the pleasures and the pain of lust. She was new to this touch and her womanly hesitations only spurred his need higher.

“No.” She tossed her head in denial.

“You will not orgasm until I have what I want, Merinus,” he promised her, filling her slowly once again.

“I know a thousand ways to make you scream for ease. Give in to me now.”

He had to have her submission.

“No.” Her hips followed his fingers back as he retreated.

The beast snarled out in impatience, the man moved quickly, his fingers retreating, his body moving to straddle her thighs, his cock lodging in the crease of her ass. She gasped at the move, her body tensing in expectation.

“Are you ready, Merinus?” he crooned, his voice gentle despite the sandpapery roughness of the tone.

“Are you ready to take me there?”

He stroked his hard flesh along the crease, watching the tight globes part until he found the little pink hole he sought. She jerked against him as he moved between her thighs then, separating them quickly, his hands jerking her hips to the proper position.

She tried to move away from him then. With a lithe, graceful movement, she was nearly out of his arms, rolling to her back and attempting to roll from the bed. Callan laughed in victory as he caught her, dragging her back to the center of the bed, staring into her dilated eyes as he moved between her thighs once again.

“We can do it this way as well,” he assured her.

He gripped her ankles, then pulled them to one shoulder, angling her hips to the side. As one hand held them there the other re-positioned his cock. Merinus was breathing hard and heavy, watching him with wide eyes filled with a combination of fear and anticipation. Waiting no longer, he tested the readiness, the slick preparation of the tiny hole then placed the head of his cock at the entrance.

“Submit to me,” he ordered her, his body tightening at the thought of the bliss to come.

“Callan,” she cried out as his hips lodged the broad head into the tender opening.


“You submit,” her cry was a plea for mercy.

He pushed against her, feeling her muscles part, stretch as her trembling moan turned into a low, long cry of building pleasure/pain. Callan clenched his teeth, fighting his overwhelming desire to drive into her

flesh. He stroked in slowly instead, watching her eyes widen, feeling her ass clench on his flesh, then he stroked through the tight, resistant ring of muscle that was his last hurdle.

Merinus couldn’t scream. She could only stare up at Callan as she fought for breath, feeling the thick length of his cock as it impaled her ass. The pain blended with the pleasure, making her hips buck against him, driving him deeper, keeping her poised on the edge of orgasm as he stretched her, stroking nerve endings she never knew she had.

Her fists were clenched in the blankets, her head tossed as she fought to deny him further.

“Give in,” he whispered.

She couldn’t give in. Not until he did. Not until he was taking her as she knew he wanted to. Not until all control was gone.

“You give in,” she pleaded as he began to stroke slowly inside her. She couldn’t stand it. The sensations were terrifying. The mix of pleasure and pain would kill her. Callan held her legs to his shoulders, parting them, his eyes going to where he invaded her. His face was contorted with absolute animal pleasure. His eyes glowed with it. His hips moved slow and easy, stroking his cock in and out of her, his scrotum slapping at the cheeks of her ass with every downward stroke. Merinus clenched on him, hearing him growl. She pushed back to him, almost insane now with the need for a deeper, harder stroke.

“More,” she finally cried out. “Please, Callan, harder.”

“Submit to me.” She was more than shocked when his large, broad hand struck the cheek of her ass from the side.

Her eyes widened at the burning pleasure.

“No,” she denied him again.

He thrust against her harder, deeper, his hand striking her smooth flesh once again. Merinus cried out, driven nearly to the brink of orgasm with each powerful stroke in her ass, each small slap to her buttocks. She jerked against him, fighting for more, harder. She needed desperately to climax. Her fingers went to her clit, intending to stroke it to release, but Callan laughed. He laughed at her as he gripped her hand, pushing it away.

A groan of frustration tore from her lips. Her head tossed as the pleasurable pain was being stroked in her lower channel, she was crying out on every stroke, almost begging.

“Submit to me,” he ordered her again.

His fingers glanced her clit and she bucked. They circled the little pearl, pumping it with easy strokes, but never enough to bring her release. The caress only threw her deeper into the morass of insane arousal.

She could feel her cunt clenching, weeping. Her muscles straining for release, her body pleading for it. She shook her head, unable to speak now as she fought for climax.

“You will.” His fingers moved as his erection continued to impale her anus. He spread the lips of her cunt, his eyes narrowed as he kept her legs raised to his shoulders. Then two diabolical fingers plunged inside her.

So close. Her body tightened, orgasm a breath away, and still he wouldn’t let her have it. He merely stretched her vagina, filling it, his fingers twisting inside her as she bit her lip and fought her body’s demands that she give into him. Give into him now, her body screamed out the demand.

“Mine,” he told her again, his eyes narrowed, wild. His face savage as he watched her, teeth clenched on a snarl as he allowed one more thrust of his fingers.

“Yours,” she screamed out to him, desperate now, her body assaulted by so many sensations she knew they would drive her insane. “You’re…oh God, Callan, let me—”

His fingers pumped into her hard and fast in a rhythm that matched the cock buried in her ass. She felt the smaller erection emerge, his barb stretching her ass further with a burning pain that tipped her over the edge as she heard him growling in his own release. A second later, she felt the hard blast of his semen spurting inside her, she exploded in such mind consuming pleasure she wondered if she would survive. Over and over again, her cries weak and strained as she clenched on his flesh, on his fingers, her body shuddering violently with the wild release that quaked over her. And Callan was by no means immune. The beast was loose. He threw back his head and roared his victory over her as the last pulse of his seed shot into her behind. He was lodged deep inside her, his cock jerking, the barb pulsing as it held him locked to her. His hair was damp, his facial expression tight as his body arched into her once again, trembling in the aftershocks of his release. Long moments later, she felt him slide from her, still hard, still throbbing, only the barb had lost its erection. His cock was still engorged, thick and heavy with his lust.

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