“Quite an itinerary,” she told him sweetly. “You were doing fine until you brought up the anal thing, Callan. We both know it won’t fit, so don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

He smiled a second before he rushed her. Merinus had time to squeak out a cry of alarm before he had her on her knees before him. His hands anchored her shoulders, holding her fast despite her struggles. His cock was poised at her lips as one hand left her shoulder to grip her jaw, holding her still.

“You will,” he groaned.

The head of his erection pressed against her damp lips, his fingers opened her mouth until he slid home with a low cry. She would suck him, Merinus knew, but his climax would not be easily attained. Not with her. Not yet.

She refused to tighten her lips on him. Her tongue caressed him with slow, easy strokes, her body tightening as his flesh jerked within her mouth. A low, sexy growl filled the silence as he held her head still, his hips pushing against her, then pulling back as he sought relief in the humid depths of her mouth. The thick shaft stretched her lips, seared her with its heat. She drew on it with a slow, lazy sucking motion of her lips, staring up at him, watching his face contort in pleasure. His hands were in her hair, kneading her scalp; his short nails scraping the skin erotically. Merinus moaned in rising excitement, then felt the shiver that worked over Callan’s body at the vibrations against his erection. The mounting tension and excitement was burning her alive.

Merinus felt poised on the edge of an arousal unlike any she had known before. The feel of his thick shaft stroking in shallow thrusts in her mouth, her position, the dominance in him combined to edge the passion higher. His scrotum tightened against the base of his cock and a rough groan of sheer delight whispered over her ears. She licked him like candy, from base to tip. Her lips caressed and stroked, spreading the moisture of her mouth over the heavy veined cock as she sucked it with light moisture. She refused to tighten her lips. She wanted to tempt and tease. She wanted him wild and hot, wilder than he had ever been before. Her fingers encased the taut sac beneath his throbbing erection, her nails scraping the crease of his thighs, her tongue painting intricate patterns over the flesh of his cock as she ignored his near desperate moans.

“Suck it, Merinus,” he growled at her, his hands clenching in her hair. “Damn you, suck it.”

She watched him from beneath her lowered lips, tempting him to make her, daring him to punish her. The sexual game was heating up in a new and dangerous way. She felt a measure of nerves at her own actions, but the overriding demand inside her refused to let her give in easily. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue, then stroked the soft, incredibly sensitive area where the barb pulsed just under the

skin, threatening to emerge, pleading for the desperate stroke of her mouth to bring it to life.

“This is a dangerous game, baby,” he whispered as she smiled up at him. Merinus felt her uterus contract, felt the slow slide of her juices leak from her cunt. She was wet and burning. Her own orgasm would be only a few strokes away if he were to impale her with the thick, rose-headed weapon she held in her mouth. And what a sensual torture tool it was. Placing her tongue flat along the rising stiffness, she encased it snugly in her mouth and drew on it again. Slowly. She refused to give into his heated moans.


“Merinus, baby, you’re killing me,” he panted as her fingers joined the play, caressing and teasing his scrotum with light strokes and gentle rasps of her nails.

His hands kept her in place, refusing now to allow her to draw back, to continue the torture of her tongue swiping over his erection. His thighs were rock hard now, planted wide apart, his hips arching into her suddenly slack mouth.

“Damn you,” he growled hoarsely. “You will pay for this, Merinus. Suck my fucking cock.”

He pressed the length of his flesh into her mouth, nearly touching her tonsils before she clamped down on it, her teeth rasping the silk encased steel, her mouth enclosing it tight and hot as he began to fuck her with shallow strokes.

“Yeah. Yeah. Like that,” he whispered, his voice hard, sounding tortured with pleasure. He was watching her, his gaze intent as he stroked in and out of her mouth. His eyes were heavy lidded, his face sensually flushed, his lips parted and full as he breathed hard and deep, a growl whispering past his chest every so often. Merinus wrapped her hands around the base of the thrusting weapon, moaning in rising need as she felt the beginning erection of the barb. She would have loosened the pressure then, but Callan’s hands were suddenly cupping her cheeks, her jaw.

“No more teasing,” he snarled down at her erotically as he pushed his cock dangerously close to her throat.

The threat only incited her desperate lust. She began to suckle him deeper, her tongue caressing it with quick strokes as he began to stroke harder into her mouth. He was wild now, savage in his sexual intensity. The hard angles of his face were pulled into desperate lines as his teeth gritted with the rising need for orgasm. Merinus felt his cock pulse, the barb emerging, stretching the bit of looser skin over it as it began to come fully erect.

The need was on her now. She wanted the taste of him. She wanted to hear his desperate cries as he pulsed and spurted his seed into the waiting depths of her mouth. She wanted to taste him, love him. She wanted to show him, prove to him that she accepted him, all of him, every desire, every act he would have with her.

“Merinus.” He was pumping harder, faster, only her hands braced at the base of his thrusting erection kept him from driving it down her throat.

A low, agonized growl tore from his throat as his breathing became harsh and deep. Perspiration dotted his forehead, his hands were back in her hair, clenching in the silken strands. Merinus felt the full erection

of the barb, at least half an inch in length, stiff, pulsing. She curled her tongue around him, her body tightening at his animalistic cry as she caressed it, raked it with her tongue. He pushed against her desperately now, his body trembling, lust overtaking him. He was so wild, so desperate for release that when she felt the first hard blast of his semen spurt into her mouth, she heard the loud, feline cry of pulsing satisfaction that was torn from his chest. He climaxed long and hard, filling her mouth with the hard jets of his release.

Merinus still refused to ease the soft strokes of her tongue. His body shuddered each time she licked the head, the throbbing barb, small pulses of his cum tearing from his body with each stroke, for long moments. Finally, the small appendage withdrew once again, but the hard state of his cock remained. He pulled back from her, his eyes wild, his expression savage as he reached down and pulled her quickly to her feet.

“Mine.” His voice was rough, demanding in his possession.

She smiled slow, tempting.

“So prove it,” she whispered.



The beast in Callan roared at the challenge that whispered past her lips. He snarled down at her, now past the point where he could be shocked at his own actions. The beast inside him was in control and no matter how hard he tried to fight it now, he could no longer rein it in. And Merinus was tempting it. Deliberately, systematically destroying the control he fought to keep. He pulled her up, his hands no longer gentle, though he fought to keep from hurting her. He didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t want to bruise her delicate skin, but he knew his grip was too harsh as he dragged her against his chest.

Her nipples poked at his flesh. They were hard, hot, tempting. He lowered his head, his lips going for the seductress’ smile on hers. He growled when she refused to open to him. His teeth nipped at her. He felt

her nails bite into his shoulders, but still she refused him entrance.

“Merinus, do not do this,” he pleaded with her, his last reserves of restraint slowly slipping from his grasp as she continued to tease him.

Her lips curved into a small smile, her dark eyes glittering from beneath her lowered lashes as she licked her lips. His hands tightened on her arms. The beast clawed for freedom, raking his loins with a demand he could no longer deny. He jerked her closer, his teeth rougher as he nipped at her lips again, drawing a surprised cry of pleasure from her. That sound gained him entrance. He slanted his head, grinding his lips on hers as he speared into her mouth. He could feel the glands along his tongue, swollen, the intoxicating hormone of his race ready to release into her system. He stroked her tongue and she refused to play. As with his cock, she refused to draw on him, taking the release into her. She struggled against him, her nails raking his shoulders, though her hips thrust desperately against his shaft as it pressed against her lower stomach. He drew her tongue into his mouth, his mouth drawing on hers in example, then sent his spearing into her mouth again. A tempting sound of laughter vibrated against his lips as she refused yet again. One hand went to her hair, fisting in the strands, jerking her head back. He knew the light pain warned her of his intent, yet still she refused to draw on his tongue. His savage growl shocked him, as did his actions, but he no longer had even a measure of control to ease his way. He backed her quickly into the wall, jerking her against him, moving his cock until it raked the tender folds of her soaked pussy. She was so slick and creamy, so hot and tempting he couldn’t stop the aroused snarl of pleasure that pulsed through his body. His hands gripped her buttocks, his fingers smearing through the lubricating cream before he eased a finger inside her tight anus.

“Do as I want,” he ordered her savagely as she cried out, arching at the small penetration.

“Make me,” she dared him again, a siren, a seductress out to destroy.

“Don’t do this, Merinus.” His finger slid deeper inside her ass, his cock jerking at the tight, heated depths of that channel. “I know more about forcing what I want than you could ever dream. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nipped his lips, her lips curving, her gaze beckoning.

“I want all of you. Man and beast,” she whispered when he jerked back in surprise from her rough caress. “I won’t submit to you any longer.”

The beast howled in joy, the man trembled in pleasure.

How long had it been since his passions had been given free rein? He knew it hadn’t been since the labs, where the women brought to him were well versed in all manner of painful sexual acts. The beast had raged then, when his sexuality had first been emerging. But not since his escape had he allowed it free again.

“I’ll hurt you.” His finger drew back, drawing more moisture, then plunging its full length up her ass once again.

Her body arched, her mouth opening on a low scream as she shuddered with the pleasure/pain he

brought her.

“You will do as I want, Merinus,” he commanded her, his voice a graveled rumble now as man and beast merged. “Do as I wish. Suck my tongue into your mouth.”

His tongue throbbed with the need to release its essence into her body. The aphrodisiac would fill both their bodies then, spurring their lusts, releasing the beast from the last fragile bond that held it.

“No,” she cried out, her head tossing, her body jerking against him as she fought to accustom herself to the impalement.

“Then I will stop.” He eased his finger free of her.

“No. No. Don’t stop.” She fought to follow the slow retreat, to keep his finger buried within her.

“Do as I ask, Merinus,” he ordered against her lips, then his tongue stroked over them, the rough rasp more pronounced now with the hormonal need surging through his body. “Do it, Merinus.”

Her head tossed as he rubbed his cock against her clit. He could feel the little pearl trembling against him, swollen, desperate for release.

Her lips ground against his, her mouth accepting his tongue, drawing on it slowly, sensually. The taste of spice filled his senses as she drew the drugging hormone from his tongue. She cried out, her nails piercing his back, her legs tightening around his hips as he plunged his tongue in and out of the silken lips encasing it.

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