I don’t know what to say, can’t express how much I want you. This really will be forever. I’m falling for you, demon.

Caspion rasped, “I know. I know. I feel the same way.”

Yes, Mirceo’s heart was overfull—but every inch of his body felt empty, receptive to whatever the demon wanted to give him. By the time Caspion removed his fingers, Mirceo was insensible, shamelessly rolling his hips. “Pleasepleaseplease, demon.”

Caspion knelt between his legs and squirted more oil. To slather over that heavy length? Mirceo shot upright to behold his golden demon oiling himself. He was transfixed as Caspion glided a big hand over his cock—across the taut crown, the thickened base, along those prominent veins.

“Wanted you for so godsdamned long, Mirceo.” Had the demon’s horns ever been so straight and swollen? “Do you trust me not to hurt you?”

“I do. I trust you in this. I trust you in everything. I always have.”

Biceps bulging, Caspion clamped Mirceo’s hips and dragged him closer. Then he fisted his length. When the broad head tucked against Mirceo’s entrance, the demon groaned as if in anguish; Mirceo cried out, shaking from the contact.

As Caspion pressed the tip inside, he held Mirceo’s gaze. “You are mine. Forever. I’ll never let you go.” Beginning to sweat, he inched forward, until the entire oiled crown had passed Mirceo’s ring. “Ah! My mate’s so fucking tight.”

Mirceo moaned because it was so good. Better than good.

Gnashing his teeth, the demon delved farther, his girth difficult to accept. Even so, pleasure suffused Mirceo the deeper Caspion went. Mirceo’s own shaft jutted above his belly like a steel rod. He feared it would go off without a touch.

“Waited five hundred years for this.” Caspion withdrew a couple of inches and peered down, gaze riveted to where their bodies joined. If eyes could incinerate . . .


As Mirceo writhed, trying to adjust, the demon drizzled more oil. “Don’t fight me,” he bit out. “Let me in.”

When Mirceo willed himself to relax as much as he could, Caspion sank farther inside, his rigid length stretching Mirceo, forcing him to yield.

“That’s it! Vampire . . . everything I can do not to come!” His brows were drawn, his mighty chest heaving as his fingers dug into Mirceo’s hips. He was stronger, demonic, older, and he was impaling Mirceo—yet Caspion seemed overpowered. “Want deep inside your virgin ass.”

The demon got his wish. Deeper. Deeper. Deep, until Caspion had filled him with thick, pulsating flesh. “Mine!” he roared in triumph.

With a mindless yell, Mirceo surrendered . . . everything.


Don’t come . . . don’t come . . . gods, don’t come.

Nothing in Cas’s life could have prepared him for this lust. He’d been on the verge from the moment his cockhead had kissed Mirceo’s entrance. He ignored the tingling in his spine, the heavy ache in his balls. Won’t come before my mate.

He burned to wrest more pleasure from the vampire than anyone ever had before, to be the only one Mirceo fantasized about. Just don’t come. “I’ve possessed you. Completely.” He sounded crazed. “I’m inside your body. I’ll always be a part of you.” He drew back his hips and thrust—

Found paradise. His eyes rolled back in his head. My home. This vampire’s my home.

When Cas grew aware of his surroundings again, Mirceo was still arching his back like a bow, his shaft bouncing between them.

Cas’s gaze widened. “What was that?”

“Do it again! You’re hitting my prostate.” Mirceo’s cock had painted his pale torso with pre-cum.

Awestruck, Cas slowly withdrew, then inched back in.

“Right . . . right THERE!” Mirceo’s head thrashed. “Want this always. You inside me. NEED it.”

Sweating, Cas sank in just enough to rub the vampire right at that spot.

Mirceo bit his lip so hard that blood ran down his chin. My stunning vampire mate. Cas leaned down and licked the stream, then took Mirceo’s mouth to feed it to him.

Their tongues tangled as Cas drew his hips back, then rolled them forward. Don’t come, don’t come! After another measured stroke, he fucked harder, grunting.

His sweat-slicked body slapped the oiled curves of Mirceo’s ass—flesh that Cas had conquered completely. He broke from the kiss and raised himself on straightened arms. “No going back, vampire.” Clenching his jaw, he dug his knees into the bed to thrust harder.

The prince’s moan grew continuous. He’s on the edge.

So was Cas. Never felt pressure like this. His cock throbbed with each of his heartbeats.

“About to come, demon! Can’t last . . .”

Holding the vampire’s gaze, he said, “Do you want my spend inside you?” His free hand trailed down his mate’s belly.

Mirceo panted in anticipation. “Gods yes, give it to me, demon!”

“Then wring it from me,” Cas commanded. “Take it from me with your tight little ass.” He curled his oiled fingers around Mirceo’s shaft. Right as he plunged, he stroked.

“My gods! Fuck, yes!” Mirceo’s agonized expression transformed to one of ecstasy. “YES!” His cock jerked, then began to spurt between them—would’ve caught Mirceo’s face, if not for Cas’s hand. “DEMON!”

He wrenched yells from Mirceo’s lungs and cum from his rod. With each surging jet of seed, Mirceo’s ass contracted all along Cas’s length.