“Gods almighty!” Mirceo eased up on an elbow to watch, the corded ridges of his torso rippling. “Want to see your gorgeous face.” He brushed Cas’s hair back. Whatever Mirceo saw in his expression made the vampire’s heart race even faster.

As Cas sealed his lips over the head and sucked him down to the hilt, Mirceo breathed, “Ah, fuck me.”

Cas gave a harsh groan around the prince’s thick rod. Soon.

“Y-you’re sure you’ve never done this?”

He drew back, meeting Mirceo’s gaze. “I excel at my every endeavor.”

The vampire thumped Cas’s forehead. “Smart ass.”

When Cas set back in with a grin, Mirceo drew his knees up, subtly thrusting as he cradled the back of Cas’s head. The vampire’s thighs quaked around his ears. Already close.

He savored Mirceo’s reactions. The low rumbly sounds he made. The way he struggled to hold out as Cas’s mouth and throat engulfed his length. His heels digging in as he rocked his hips.

When Cas splayed his fingers under Mirceo, the vampire’s ass writhed in his palms. I’m going to claim this ass tonight. Overcome, Cas sank his claws into pale flesh, clutching his mate closer.


It’s the demon’s first time; want him to love this.


But for a first-time effort, Caspion was sending Mirceo off his axis, deep-throating while suckling with greedy pulls.

“You’re devouring me!” Unable to restrain himself, Mirceo grabbed his mate’s sensitive horns, bucking to his lips and grinding against his tongue.

“Uhn!” Caspion’s muscles tensed, his big body wracked with demonic lust.

“Can’t last much longer!” Mirceo teetered on the razor’s edge. When the demon fondled his balls, he yelled, “Do you want my cum?”

Caspion drew back, releasing him, leaving Mirceo’s shaft wet and pulsing against his belly. “I do. But you’re not to spend yet.”

Mirceo blinked for focus “What?” He let go of his mate’s horns, saying, “Fuck that.” His hand dipped, and he grasped his length. “I’m about to explode!”

Caspion seized his wrists, growling, “That cock belongs to me.” He bared his sexy fangs. “Take your fucking hands off it.”

Mirceo’s shaft jerked from the command. Never been so hard!

“Now, mate.”

Somehow he released his grip. To combat the temptation, Mirceo let his arms fall over his head. “There.” His body quaked from the denied release. “I-I surrender.”

Caspion’s gaze raked over him. “Look at you. You are mine.” He fisted his hand in Mirceo’s hair, tugging. “Say my name.”


“I’m goin’ to fuck you till you scream it.” The demon leaned forward to suck an earlobe. “Till everyone here knows who makes you come.”

Mirceo gasped at those words.

“But first I need to get my treasured mate ready.” In bed, Caspion was a mix of pure demon filthiness and heartrending sweetness.

“There’s a vial of oil in my pocket,” Mirceo said, though Caspion’s distended cock was producing so much pre-cum they might not need it. The head brushed against Mirceo’s thigh, leaving a distinct trail of dampness.

The demon retrieved the vial and returned. “Spread your thighs wider for me.” He poured oil on his fingers, then reached between Mirceo’s legs. “Don’t be nervous.”

Mirceo glanced away with a smirk. “Wouldn’t any blushing virgin be?”

“Ah-ah. Don’t do that.”


“Give me the face you give others. I want all of you. The real you.”

Mirceo swallowed thickly. With the demon staring down at him, he felt exposed. Raw. Somehow he forced himself to hold Caspion’s gaze. Words left his lips. “Demon, I’m glad it’s you.”

“I’m going to take care of you, Mirceo. Tonight and always.” Caspion grazed his slick forefinger between Mirceo’s cheeks, scarcely making contact with that needy part of him.

Each pass of his finger, the demon applied a bit more pressure, hard enough to breach him, just barely.

Mirceo’s groan of frustration made Caspion hiss in a breath. “My greedy boy wants more?” With one hand gripping a hip to hold Mirceo steady, Caspion circled the pad of his finger.

Circling . . . circling . . . Mirceo moaned at the exquisite sensations.

Then the demon dipped inside to his second knuckle.

At last! “More, more!” So much better than a toy.

Caspion pumped his finger. “Always.” More oil. Deeper penetration. Another finger joined the first, wedging inside, stretching. “You’re going to be so tight around me.”

The demon thrust those fingers just enough to get Mirceo ready—while keeping him on the brink. For what felt like agonizing hours, he gave shallow pumps.

More oil. Deeper. More oil. Wider.

Panting, Mirceo said, “I-It feels unreal. One night you’ll have to let me fuck you too.”

Caspion nodded easily. “Of course.”

You’d give me control? “Even though you’re dominant?”

Brows drawn, he answered, “What could be more dominant than providing my mate every pleasure he covets?”

Mirceo’s chest twisted for this male. His heart felt overfull from emotion—yet without an outlet. They shared a look.