He looked between us as he pulled out to the tip and then he watched his cock slide back inside of me. His breathing grew stuttered. Watching him watch our bodies was the biggest turn-on ever.

“You feel so good,” I whispered to him.

He looked up at me, eyes blazing. “You feel fucking amazing.” His grip on my legs suddenly tightened and he braced on his knees. Craig began to pump in and out of me with harder, deeper thrusts that triggered the climb to climax.

“Rain,” Craig groaned, fucking me harder now. “Rain . . .” he hissed, his jaw growing taut as he held off his own climax.

I was panting hard against his rough thrusts, the tension inside of me coiling tighter and tighter, my cries growing louder and higher. Craig slipped his hand between us, his thumb rubbing over my clit.

“Craig!” I screamed, the tension inside of me shattering into a million pieces, white light blazing across my vision as my inner muscles clamped down around his cock.

“Fuck!” Although I was off in hyperspace somewhere, I vaguely felt Craig’s hips jerk against mine as he found his own release. A few seconds later I felt his warm skin and hot breath on my breast as he rested his head on my chest.

As I became aware of my own languid limbs sinking into the bed beneath me, I also became aware of Craig’s heavy weight. I opened my eyes and found him collapsed over me. Instead of his weight being a problem, I actually found it quite comforting.

I slid my arm around his shoulder and began to stroke his hair with my other hand.

I suddenly realized I could still feel the pulsing throb of his dick inside of me. That felt good too.

“Good” wasn’t the right word for it. “Good” didn’t even cover it.





I had never come so freaking hard in my life. I’d never had a man spend so much time on my body, making sure that when he did finally thrust inside me, I’d be likely to splinter apart in the most majestic orgasm of all time.

Feeling Craig’s hot breath on my nipple, I looked down at him and saw his eyes were closed. For a moment I feared he hadn’t experienced what I’d just experienced.


I looked up at my high ceiling with the glitzy crystal chandelier hanging down from the middle and felt panic reach for me.

Not only had I enjoyed rough, hard, desperate sex when I thought I was the kind of girl who preferred only the gentle kind of lovemaking, I was already freaking out about Craig’s reaction to it.

I wanted him to have had a mind-blowing experience like I did, and if he hadn’t . . .

Oh, this was such a bad idea. He’d slept around. Of course he’d had mind-blowing experiences like this before. That’s why he was bloody excellent at lovemaking and fucking!


Why did I let this happen? I’d completely allowed myself to be sidetracked and then seduced. I was a terrible sister and I was terrible at fighting off temptation.

“Jesus,” Craig suddenly said, his voice low and rumbly with what sounded like satisfaction. “That—” He lifted his head long enough to kiss my nipple and then flick his tongue against it in a way I felt deep within me. “Fuck.” Apparently Craig felt it, too, because his cock twitched inside of me and he glanced up at my face. “That was earth-shatteringly fantastic.”

A tentative relief began to move through me. “Yeah?”

His eyes widened slightly and he braced himself up over me now, his hands on the mattress at either side of my head as he studied my face. “Tell me that wasn’t the best you’ve ever had . . . I dare you.”

My relief began to grow. “Was it the best you’ve ever had?” My heart was pounding as I waited for his answer.

His head dipped. He brushed his mouth gently over mine before locking gazes with me. Sincerity and desire mingled in one heated tangle in his eyes. “I’ve never wanted a woman so much in my life, and I promise you . . . I’ve never come so fucking hard in my life.” His lips quirked up at the corner in dry amusement. “I thought for a minute there I was going to come before you did. That would have been a blow to my ego.”

“Literally.” I grinned.

He laughed and kissed me again. “So . . . was it as good for you?”

I rolled my eyes at his silly question. “You know it was.”

“No, I don’t.” He pressed his fingers to my chin, turning my face so I had to look at him. “I’ve always gotten satisfaction in getting a woman off. Some guys don’t care as long as they get their rocks off. Well I care. But with you it’s different. I fucking care. I need to know this was more than whatever you’ve had before.”

I swallowed hard, finding courage in his rare moment of vulnerability. “The best I’ve ever had,” I whispered. “I promise you that.”

His eyes flared and he kissed me hard, his groan of gratification rumbling through me.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays were Craig’s nights off and he’d decided Tuesday night would be the real starting-off point for their relationship.

He’d called in a favor with Braden and gotten a last-minute reservation at his restaurant La Cour. It was one of the swankiest French restaurants in town and not Craig’s usual sort of place, but he wanted Rain to know she was special.

Her eyes had widened at the sight of him standing in her doorway wearing the suit his mum had insisted on buying him for Christmas last year. She said every man should own a suit. This was his first time wearing the tailored three-piece suit. It was a dark gray and a slim-cut fit.

Rain’s chocolate eyes had darkened to almost black. “You look sexy as hell.”

Craig had taken in the dark red, fitted dress that was similar in style to most of the dresses he’d seen her in. This one, however, was cut lower in the neckline and she was wearing a silver locket that was nestled in her cleavage. He was going to have to try hard not to become fixated on that damn necklace for the rest of the evening.

“You look stunning,” he’d said. “But then, you always do.”

“Where are we going that you’re all fancied up? And am I dressy enough?”

“You always are. And it’s a surprise.”

Now Rain was sitting across from him at their cozy table in La Cour, smiling curiously at him as the waiter poured them each a glass of champagne. He didn’t really drink champagne, although he didn’t mind the taste of it. He was more of a whisky guy, but again he wanted Rain to feel special, and an eighty-pound bottle of champagne should hopefully help do that.

When the waiter left Rain gave him a wry smile. “La Cour? I thought you had to make a reservation weeks in advance.”

“Joss’s boyfriend, Braden, owns it.”

“Ah.” She nodded. “Connections.”

“You’ve never eaten here, then?”

“Nope. You?”


The curiosity shone in her eyes. “Then why are we here?”

He leaned across the table and covered her hand with his. “Because I wanted this to be a special night.”

“This is lovely,” she said, her expression turning serious, “but you do know that you don’t have to spend loads of money on me to make me feel special?”

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