Taking a few deep breaths, I get my body under control the best I can. I turn back towards the elevator and walk over to where she’s standing. She’s got Debra’s blue eyes and it shocks me that they don’t look stressed or sad. I never realized Debra’s had looked like that until now, as I compare them with Sophie’s bright and happy sapphires. It’s strange how it hits me with just one look. She’s short, at around five three, and has lots of curves, the perfect size to fill my hands. Her body looks like a mature woman’s would, not something you’d expect on an eighteen-year old. She’s wearing jeans and a tank top that does nothing to hide her full breasts. Her long, wavy, blonde hair falls down her back and makes her look like she’s been freshly fucked. Jesus Christ, this girl is a bombshell. My thoughts race, on the one hand I’m fantasizing about what I want to do to that sexy little body, and on the other I’m beating myself up over how I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. Her legs are thick and my mouth waters thinking about how I could sink my teeth into the insides of her thighs. I can feel my heartbeat in my cock, and I try to focus on anything but my forbidden fantasies.

“Please excuse me, I was expecting you earlier,” I say in a clipped tone. I didn’t intend for this to be our first encounter, and it’s a bit embarrassing for her if the blush on her cheeks is any indication. Her skin is so milky and pure; the slightest blush makes her look so innocent. My God, she looks untouched.

My dick throbs at the thought but I immediately dispel it. She’s my responsibility for a week. Just one week. I can do this.

“Let me show you around a bit. I’ve got an engagement tonight and I need to leave.”

She nods her head a little and follows me around the place. She seems shy and quiet, which is fine with me. I have a fleeting thought of someone taking advantage of her innocence, and I realize she’s never been on her own outside of boarding schools. She’s been in France, so coming back to America on top of being out of school must have turned her upside down.

I shake my head to banish my worry. This isn’t my problem. I’m helping her get a new place and then we’re finished. She’s on her own.

“This was your mother’s room,” I say, and stop for a moment to let her look in. “You are welcome to all of her things, so feel free to go through and pick out what you want to keep. I’ll donate anything you don’t want.” She looks at me peculiarly, but I keep walking.

“That’s my room down there at the end of the hall,” I say, pointing, “and this is yours right here.” We stop in front of her door and I open it.

She slowly steps past me, and I get a bit of her sweet honeysuckle scent. I breathe deeply and close my eyes, the throbbing in my cock returning.

When I open my eyes, I see her looking at me, and then back to the floor. She seems so submissive, and I have the sudden urge to put her on her knees.

“Yes, well, this is your room,” I say again and clear my throat. What the fuck is wrong with me? She’s too goddamn young to be doing this to my body.


I really need to get laid.

“Thank you, Mr. Archer,” she whispers, and I realize this is the first time she has spoken. Her voice is soft, making me wonder how hard I could make sure scream my name. I want to hear her say it now.

“Bruce. Please, call me Bruce. I think we are past certain formalities, especially while you live here.”

“Thank you, Bruce.”

“You’re welcome. Feel free to make yourself at home. I’m out for the evening, and probably won’t see you in the morning. I’ll leave a note for my housekeeper, Lily, to help you out if you need anything. She’ll be here in the afternoon.”

She looks around her room again and then back at me. She nods her head and walks towards the bed, putting her bag down on it.

I grip the doorknob and then turn around abruptly. I’ve got to get out of this place. I stomp down the hall. When I get to the elevator where Holly is waiting, I grab her hand and pull her towards the elevator.

“Everything okay?” she asks, a concerned look on her face.

“I’ll explain later. We don’t want to be late for dinner.”

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