* * *

That next evening….

The house line rings, and I know it’s the doorman calling. They’re the only ones with the number. Thank fuck she’s here before I need to head out for my business dinner. I at least want to show her the place before I have to go, but I thought the doorman would just give her the key. I don’t know the girl, but I don’t want her to be alone when she’s here for the first time. I can make some kind of effort, but I thought she would’ve been here hours ago.

“Frank,” I say, knowing it’s him. He was at the lobby desk when I got home, and he informed me she still hadn’t picked up the key.

“Good evening, Mr. Archer. A Ms. Sullivan is here to see you.” Well shit, I might have welcomed this if Debra’s daughter wasn’t going to be here any minute. Holly Sullivan is the daughter of one of the firm’s biggest clients and was well aware that my marriage was one of convenience. On multiple occasions she let me know she’d love to be in my bed.

I’d toyed with the idea years ago. She was hot and exotic looking with long dark hair and even longer legs. But I always decided against it. Now that I was single, coupled with not feeling a woman's body against mine in years, I was beginning to rethink things. She’d be discreet and the goal is mutual—sex.

“Please send Ms. Sullivan up,” I tell Frank before hanging up, grabbing my suit jacket off the back off my chair, and powering off my computer. I figured Holly would be meeting me at the dinner with her father, but I guess there was a change of plans.

Looking in the mirror, I adjust my tie. Maybe Holly and I could go back to her place after dinner. Fuck, I don’t have any condoms, but I bet she does. Holly is walking sex and just what I need. Maybe I could fuck some of the stress out of my system.

I make my way to the elevator and wait for it to arrive. I own the entire top floor of the building, but I actually might need to look into getting a new place. Debra and I got such a big place to begin with so we had our own space and didn’t get in each other’s way. Now it’s entirely too large for just me.

When the door opens, Holly comes strolling in, swaying her hips right towards me. Her heels click on the marble floor, and I see the doors slide closed behind her. Her long chocolate hair is stacked on top of her head, exposing her bare shoulders. The red dress she’s wearing is pasted to her like a second skin and shows off her long legs. They are made to look even longer because she’s wearing the kind of shoes men like to fuck women in.

“Are you finally going to take me up on my offer? We have ten minutes before we need to head out, and I bet I could make you cum before then,” she says, getting right to the point.


Holly was never one to beat around the bush. She knew I never took her up on her offer out of respect for Debra, but now things have changed. She wraps her arms around my neck, her heels make her so tall she’s almost at eye level. It’s impressive, being as I’m six four.

“Is that so?” I tease, pulling her closer and looking into her dark brown eyes. Her tart perfume fills my lungs, but my body doesn’t seem to react. Maybe it’s been so long since I’ve had sex my cock doesn’t remember what it’s like to have a woman so close. I’m giving him the green light, but he doesn’t even move.

“Yeah,” she whispers against my mouth, but before her lips touch mine the elevator chimes. I pull back from Holly. The elevator doors slide open, revealing something that makes my limp cock finally grow with need. It presses hard against my zipper and I suddenly ache. If that’s little Sophie, I’m totally fucked. I’ve never seen something look so perfect and pure before. She’s perfection. My whole body has come alive like a punch to my system.

“Holly, if you’ll excuse me, I need a minute,” I say, pulling myself away. Before I take a step I turn around and adjust myself because my hard cock is obscene in these pants. Holly gives me a sultry smile and an eyebrow raise, but I don’t explain that this wasn’t her doing. I’d rather her think that than the idea of my getting hard at the sight of my stepdaughter.

Fuck, what is wrong with me? I just looked at Sophie and I was at full attention. Get it together, Bruce.

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