I feel my eyebrows pull together, not understanding what he means.

“Whatever it is, we’ll get through it.” I try to reassure him. I don’t want these little doubts between us anymore either. Maybe it was a product of my age and of rushing down the aisle so hastily. It didn’t matter. It still got us here, no matter the path. It got me where I wanted to be: in his lap, our baby in my belly cradled between us.

“I know we will because it’s too late. I fought it too long and now I can’t hold back.”

I try and wiggle a little closer to him while straddling his lap. My baby bump rubs up against his hard stomach. His hands drop from my face, going to my thighs where my dress ends. Then they slide just a little underneath, the tips of his fingers disappearing under my dress.

“I’ve been trying to hold back with you. Yeah, I was working a lot to get things wrapped up, but I was also doing it because I kept sinking deeper and deeper into you. My every thought began and ended with you. I wanted you by my side always. I was afraid I was going to crush you with my need.”

“I happen to like your need, if it’s anything like what you’ve shown me this past week,” I reply, eating up the look he has on his face. So much hunger and passion. It’s intense and I love it. I want that from him as deeply as he wants me.

Phillip leans forward, his hands sliding farther up my dress, his fingers digging into my thighs in a firm, possessive hold.

“I still haven’t let it all out.” His mouth is but a breath from mine. “I still want to consume every part of you.” Then his mouth takes mine.

I feel the heat pool between my legs, my panties dampening as his fingers trace the cotton. I’m desperate for our connection. I feel the pull between us, and it needs to be mended. I want him to possess me as intimately as possible so that whatever darkness fell around us can be washed away.

“Please,” I moan when his lips find my neck and his fingers plunge inside of me. The thick digits stretch my tight opening as his tongue goes to my collarbone.

If he asks me what I’m begging for, I couldn’t begin to tell him. Desire has overtaken my body, and I can’t explain what it will take to sate it. All I can do is beg and pray that he gives me what I can’t go another second without.

Suddenly, I’m on my knees on the edge of the couch and Phillip is moving behind me. I feel my dress flip up in the back, and the cool air hits my damp pussy as he tears away my panties. I grip the back of the couch and lean forward, spreading my legs for him.

“You thought I fucked someone else on this couch?” I hear the sound of flesh being spanked and then the sting follows. “I’ll show you the only woman who gets fucked on this couch.”

The second slap comes just as fast, and I shock us both when I moan and lean back into it.

“I think we both know you deserve that.” Even she knows it. “Because you’re mine.”

His hand goes between my legs and feels how soaked I am.

“Phillip,” I moan, and wiggle my ass a little.

“I know what we both need.”

The sound of his belt clinking and his slacks coming undone is my lifeline. When I feel the head of his cock at my entrance, and his big hand grips my hip, it’s as if we are becoming one again. He thrusts all the way inside in one hard stroke, the root of his cock pressing against my wet folds. He’s as deep as he’s ever been and I’m filled with him.

“Phillip!” My shout echoes in the office, and I should probably be embarrassed that someone could hear us through the doors. But instead, I’m lost to pleasure, moaning louder and louder.

“That’s it, my love. Let this whole goddamn building hear how much I want you.”

He slides his cock out, and then fills me again. His grip is tight and his thrusts are frantic. He needs this as much as I do.

“I want everyone to see how crazy obsessive I am about my wife. I can’t control it anymore. You’re going to get all of me, all the time.” He drags his thick cock out of my wetness, then grunts as he pushes back in. “Every inch.”

He talks through gritted teeth, and the dirty words send my already heightened senses through the roof.

“I need you so much, Molly. It’s all-consuming. I close my eyes and you’re all I see. Everything reminds me of you, and all I can think about is being inside your sweet pussy. I want to tie you to me so you can never get away.”

I moan again at his words, shocked by how much I love them. And strangely, it comforts me to know that my man is this crazy about me. Who wouldn’t want to be desired beyond rational behavior? What woman wouldn’t want to be worshiped by her husband?

I’m pushing back against him as he thrusts forward. I lean back and reach up, pulling his mouth to my neck. His hands move from my hips to the front of my dress and my sensitive breasts. He plays with my hard nipples, never missing a thrust. The perfect tempo has me squeezing around his cock, and both of our moans fill the room.

“I’m cumming,” I say, but he knows I’m already there. I feel his smile against my neck right as I hit my peak and cum all over his hard, thick cock. I can feel my warm release coating his shaft, the slick sounds of our love the backdrop to my orgasm. I cum hard, relishing wave after wave of pleasure. My body is on fire in the most delicious way, and I give it over to him.

“I love you,” he grunts as his hot cum pulses into my pussy, coating me.

I can feel each throb of his cock as every wave of cum fills me. It may have been months since we made love, but this feels like we never missed a minute. The way he cums inside me, how we lose ourselves together is the physical expression of the love that was formed the day we met. It’s something only we share. Something no one else has or will ever have. Something that we will always find, even when I forget.