Taking her in my arms, I lift her to the edge of the desk again and spread her thighs so I can step in between them. Yanking my shirt off over my head, I also let my jeans drop to the floor and step out of them. I want to feel her skin against mine.

Her eyes lower, travelling down my chest and abs before rising again. I like the small smile I see playing on her lips. She reaches out and circles her hand around my cock, looking up at me in wonder, like she can't believe this is really about to happen.

I lift her chin and kiss her again, then pull back to meet her eyes. "I'll be careful with you, always. I promise." We both know I'm not just talking about sex—I'm referring to her emotions.

She nods.

I line myself up against her heat and gently rub back and forth. Kylie shudders and arches her back, ready to take me.

"Fuck, a condom," I groan. I'd almost forgotten. That's never happened before.

"Are you clean?" she asks.

"Of course. I never fuck without a condom."

She hesitates just a moment as though reading me. I've told her before that I'd never lie to her, and I can tell she's recalling that. "I'm on birth control," she says.

Bareback? With this beautiful woman? I'm certain I'll come too fast and embarrass myself without the layer of latex between us, but I don't care. I want to feel her. Just her. Without a piece of rubber between us. "Are you sure?"

She quickly nods and reaches for me again. "Yes, I'm sure."


I position her so that her casted arm rests comfortably between us, being careful not to jostle it too much. "I don't want to hurt you," I say.

"I'm fine, Pace. I promise."

I ease forward, keeping one hand on the base of my shaft and one hand on her hip as our bodies join. The wet heat that envelopes me is indescribable. Inch by inch, I bury myself inside her. Fuck.

Kylie's whimper once I'm fully seated makes my balls tighten.

"How does that feel?" I choke out.

Her eyes lift to mine. "My vagina isn't stretched out."


"My ex ... he said he didn't want to be with a woman who was fat and had a stretched out vagina after having a baby."

"As much as I love discussing your ex while I'm inside you, what are you talking about, angel?"

"My vagina—it feels normal. It doesn't feel stretched out."

"It feels fucking awesome." I still my movements and look deep into her eyes. "And you're nowhere near close to fat. Your body did something fucking amazing. You grew a little person in there.  With all due respect to Max's father, he sounds like a fucking moron."

Kylie smiles up at me, placing her palm against my cheek.

I take that as a signal that sharing time is over, and it's time to get down to business. Which is excellent news, because if I don't move soon I'm going die.

I lift her calves, securing both of her ankles around my back. "Hang on, baby."

Kylie grips my shoulder with her good hand, and with my hands still holding her legs, I begin sliding in and out once again. She moans softly and digs her fingernails into my back. It feels incredible. I love watching her take her pleasure while I fuck her. She tightens her legs around my waist, arching into my thrusts to take me deeper and her cheeks flush with heat. She is alive and confident. It's incredibly sexy.

I move slowly, pressing deep and then retreating. I want this moment to last.

"Tell me how to make you come. Tell me what you need," I whisper, pressing light kisses to her mouth.

"Harder. I need it harder," she says.

Oh fuck, yeah. Done with holding back, I rock into her, giving her my full length, gaining speed with each thrust until I'm fucking her hard and fast.

Kylie moans softly and her normally bright green eyes glaze over with lust.

I slam into her again and again, barely holding off my own impending orgasm in pursuit of hers.

"Let it go," I remind her again and she does. Her muscles squeeze around me, and she lets out a low whimper, clutching my shoulder and crying out my name.


The sound of my name shuddering on her lips undoes me.

I come with a small shout, burying my face into her neck as I spill inside of her.

Chapter Nine


I'm still trembling as I crawl back into bed with Max. I cannot believe what I've done. I not only let Pace fuck me on his office desk, I begged him to do it harder. Oh dear, God.

I bury my face in my shaky hands. And worst of all is that I’m still smiling, and I want to do that again and again. I know I've fought it hard and tried to convince myself that this man doesn’t fit into our lives, but at every turn, he proves me wrong.

After our intimate encounter in his office, he grabbed a handful of tissues to clean up his essence that was running down my thighs. Then we'd redressed in silence, the weight of what we'd just done sinking in. He kissed me goodnight in the hallway and then headed to the couch while I retreated to the safety and comfort of his bedroom. Which is where I am now.

Max is still sound asleep, thank goodness, oblivious to what just took place.

My cell phone chimes signaling a new text, and even though my limbs are heavy with sleep, and I'm sure it's no one important, I reach blindly toward the bed side table until my fingers close around it.

It's Pace.

Goodnight, Moon.

How two simple words placed together on the screen can make me feel so much, I have no idea. The way his eyes stayed on me while I read the story to Max is a feeling I will never forget. It makes me feel like I'm beautiful, not just as a mother, but as a woman.