Still kissing and gently biting the side of her neck, I push my fingers into the side of her panties and find them damp. My dick pulses in my jeans. He likes this information. I stroke her lightly and feel her breath shudder. Her tissues are swollen and wet. Fuck, yes. I love that I get her wet and wanting, even though her head isn't so sure about this.

Unlike the last time, I don’t want us to feel rushed. I'm desperate to see her creamy, pale skin and full breasts that I got a glimpse of last night. Reluctantly pulling my fingers from her panties, I feel a frustrated groan rise from her chest.

I systematically strip her naked—kissing each bit of skin I expose. Her breasts, her stomach, the tops of her thighs, and finally when her panties join the rest of her clothes on the floor, I take a second just to appreciate how fucking fine she is.

She fidgets, pressing her thighs together and lifting her arms like she wants to cover herself. I grip her wrist and shake my head. No fucking way. Kylie chews on her lower lip, but doesn’t say anything.

I walk her backwards to the desk and lift her so she's sitting right on the edge. I drop one more kiss on her lips, and then sink to my knees. Parting her thighs wide, I press closer and kiss her lower stomach, right above her mound. When I glance up, I notice she's closed her eyes. Hell no. I want her to know I'm the one giving her this pleasure. "Open them," I command.

Her eyes flash on mine.

"I want you to watch," I say, my tongue licking lazily up her silken folds while my eyes stay glued to hers.

Her eyelids flutter, but they remain open as she tracks the movements of my tongue. Up and down, I tease her, slowly at first, letting her get warmed up. Her pussy is every bit as beautiful as the rest of her. Neatly trimmed, nice and pink. If she thought she was undesirable, then she was insane. Every inch of her is perfection as far as I can tell. And the crazy thing is, as gorgeous as she is, it's really her heart—the soft, nurturing side she's given me a glimpse of—that really steals my breath.

Tiny whimpers escape her lips, and her breathing grows fast.

"Don't take your eyes off of me," I growl.

Kylie refocuses her attention at the spot between her thighs that I'm intent on worshipping. I lick against her clit in a brutal rhythm. I have to physically restrain her, holding her hips in place, so she can't squirm away. She's close, I can tell, and when I plunge two fingers deep into her heat and curl them up to meet her special spot, she comes on command, bucking against me and clawing her fingers through my hair. My dick salutes her show. It seems impossible, but she is even hotter when she comes, and the urge to do this with her every day spikes within me.


When I rise to my feet, she's looking at me with lust-filled eyes. Wordlessly, she attempts to unbuckle my belt, but fumbles with it one-handed, I reach down to help her and once my jeans are open, she reaches into my jeans.


Her hand is soft and delicate compared to mine and my cock immediately takes notice, hardening to steel and weeping for her.

She jacks me up and down while I take her mouth, kissing her deeply so she can taste how sweet she was on my tongue.

"Kylie, you don't have to," I choke out, even though I don't want her to stop.

"I want to," she breathes against my lips.

Fuck yeah.

I help her, shoving my jeans down my hips until my cock is free.

"Do you wear boxers?" she asks.

"Not usually," I admit.

"God, Pace."

I look down, trying to understand the panic in her voice.

She's holding my cock away from my body like she's inspecting it.

What in the hell?

"Are you serious?" she asks, her mouth curling up in a devilish grin.


"This thing is massive."

I notice her fingers don't close around me, and  I chuckle darkly, pride tearing through me.

"I mean, I know I've had a baby, but I'm actually scared right now."

I take her face in my hands again. "I told you we won't do anything you don't want to. But I promise you, it will fit if you want to do that."

She swallows down her fears and nods up at me. Then she takes me by complete surprise, dropping down from the desk, and lowering herself to her knees before taking me in her mouth.

I reach out blindly, gripping the edge of the desk. Christ, her mouth is like a vacuum. She sucks me in deeply, creating a warm suction all around me. She strokes my base with one hand while her mouth goes to work. Even one-handed, her touches feel incredible. She reaches down to lightly grip my nuts. Goddamn. I shudder. Most women don't know how to handle the sensitive areas of a man's body, but Kylie does. She gently tugs on the hyper-sensitive globes before releasing her suction on my cockhead to lick them. I cannot control the groan that tears from deep within my throat. One thing is certain, Kylie gives one hell of a blow job.

"Fuck, angel." I reach down and smooth her hair back from her face while she eagerly grins up at me with a mouthful. "That feels amazing."

After a few more wet kisses strategically placed in spots that make me groan, I help her rise to her feet. She glances down at my cock and then back up at me in a way that says, It's time to put that big thing to use. Yes, ma'am.

I consider bending her over my desk, since I've been tortured by her beautiful round ass all day, but I know that the first time I have her, I need to see her eyes. It's never been something important to me until right this moment. It should scare me, but I feel calm and in control.