I lean heavily against the wall, attempting to recover as he climbs to his feet, unbuckling his jeans and pushing them down just enough to free his cock from behind the zipper. I stare down at the thick, long length of him as he glides his hand from base to tip, my eyes widening in surprise at his size. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I’m certain the dick I delivered awkward handjobs and clumsy blowjobs to as a teenager was never this big.

Damn. He grew all over.

I realize I must’ve said that out loud when he chuckles. I tear my eyes away from the vision of him stroking himself to gaze up at him through my lashes. “I want to touch you, Collin,” I whisper in deference to the intimacy of the moment, my hand inching forward to join his.

A noise somewhere between a growl and a groan escapes his throat as he leans down until his lips are pressed against my ear. “I won’t last a minute if you touch me right now and I fucking need to be inside of you.”

He raises his head and I nod in agreement before he bends his knees and uses his hand to guide his cock through my slit, coating the tip with my wetness. I remember the vision I had earlier of looking down between our bodies and watching as his cock disappeared inside of me, glistening with my juices. I feel another clench of arousal thrum between my legs, completely shocked that I’m ready for another orgasm while I’m still reeling from the aftershocks of the first one.

“You’re killing me, Lee,” Collin says with a groan as he continues to slide the tip of his cock up and down and around my clit. “I’ve never fucked anyone without a condom but I can’t stand the thought of not feeling every inch of you on my cock.”

If it were possible to come from words alone, that right there would have done it.

“I’m on the pill and I’ve only been with him,” I whisper, not wanting to say his name out loud and break the spell that’s crackling in the air between us.

“I swear to fuck I’m clean. I would never do anything to hurt you, you know that, right?” he asks, looking up from what he’s doing between us to stare into my eyes.

I realize trusting a man I hadn’t spoken to in seventeen years until just a few days ago probably isn’t the best idea in this day and age. I used to know everything about Collin and I trusted him wholeheartedly, but that was a long time ago and we’re both different people. I don’t know where he’s been or who he’s slept with, but something about the conviction in his voice and the way he looks at me lets me know I can still trust him. Even though he’s not the boy I once knew and I know very little about the man he’s become, I know with everything inside of me that he’s telling me the truth. He would never do anything to hurt me.

Leaning towards him, I rest my forehead against his and speak the words I know to be true. “I know. I trust you. Please, Collin. I need you.”


With one hand still holding his cock right at my entrance, he uses his other hand to slide down my hip and grasp the back of my thigh, pulling my leg up around his waist.

“Do you want me to fuck you up against this wall, Finnley?” he whispers, running his hand back up my thigh until he’s clutching my bare ass.

I’m at a loss for words when he speaks, pushing just the head of his cock into me and holding still. I try to push myself forward and bring him inside my body, but he holds himself away from me, teasing me with a swirl of his hips while he denies me the pleasure of his complete penetration.

I clasp my hands together behind his neck, my forehead still pressed against his as I look down between us and see just how much hard length of him there is that still needs to fit inside me. I briefly wonder if it’s even going to work, but Collin speaks again and all semblance of worry flees from my mind. The wetness he’s creating between my thighs with his words alone is certain to ease his passage.

“Tell me what you want, Finnley. Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

He makes the tiniest of movements, easing forward just enough to push a little more of his cock into me and have me panting for all of it, begging him for more.

“Fuck me, Collin. Jesus, just fuck me,” I whisper harshly.

He lets out a guttural groan and slams into me with one hard thrust, filling me so completely that I shout in pleasure, tossing my head back. His other hand smacks down on my ass and the sting of his palm is a surprising blend of pleasure and pain. He grips the cheeks of my ass tightly with both hands and lifts, forcing me to curl both of my legs around him and hang on for dear life. He begins a pounding rhythm against me, fucking me so hard and so deep that I hear the photos on the wall behind me rattle in their frames each time his hips slam into mine. Just like the other night at the bar, he clutches my ass and moves me against him, lifting me almost completely off his cock when he glides out and slamming me back down when he thrusts inside me.

I feel his teeth at the skin of my neck, lightly nipping as his hips piston against me over and over until I’m pretty sure he’s going to push both of us right through the wall. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve had back to back orgasms, a feat Jordan only accomplished with the assistance of a vibrator, so I’m caught off-guard by the telltale tingle of pending release that courses through me each time Collin’s groin slams against my clit.

“Come for me, Finnley. I need to feel you coming around my cock,” Collin whispers against my neck as he picks up the pace, slamming into me so hard I’m sure I’m going to have bruises on my back. His hands tighten on my ass, gripping almost to the point of pain as he impales me over and over again on his cock. My body goes rigid, preparing for release, at the thought of wearing the marks from this man’s hands on my ass tomorrow.

Everything in the lower half of my body ignites and I hook my ankles together behind his back, using the muscles of my thighs to move against him faster and harder until I feel the rush of my second orgasm explode through my sex, shouting his name as I shatter around him.

“Fuck, baby, I can feel you coming. Goddammit, you feel so good,” Collin mutters, kissing his way up my neck until he gets to my lips, where he plunges his tongue inside my mouth with the same, deep thrusting motion as his cock inside me.

His thrusts lose their rhythm and his breathing becomes more erratic as he fucks me faster and faster, breaking the seal of our lips so he can draw in air. I feel his ass clench beneath my ankles as he slams deeply into me one last time, holding himself still as he comes inside of me.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” he shouts against my lips as he grinds his pelvis against me. I feel his cock pulse inside me with each spurt of his release and I squeeze my kegel muscles, milking him and pulling each and every drop into my body.

His grinding abruptly ceases as his body slumps against mine and he buries his face into the side of my neck. I take a deep breath in and hold it, trying unsuccessfully to slow my racing heart. I can still feel his cock inside of me, twitching with the last remnants of his orgasm and I wait once again for guilt to overwhelm me, for the rush of shame over what I’ve just done to take hold and the tears start to fall.

I’ve just taken another man inside my body. I let him come inside me and it was better than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I’ve only allowed one other man to do this to me and it should feel like a betrayal of everything we meant to each other. I should be ashamed that I just tarnished the one and only perfect thing that was left between us. I can no longer say that Jordan is the only man I’ve ever had sex with. I can no longer hold my head up with pride knowing that, no matter what went wrong between us, there was one thing that neither of us would ever dare damage.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, the regret I’ve braced myself to deal with never comes.

I feel nothing right now but exhaustion and satisfaction…

And the slow stirrings of arousal when I think about repeating what just happened between us as soon as possible.

Chapter 9—Fuel the Fire

I STARE AT myself in the full-length mirror behind my bedroom door, gazing in open fascination at the flush that colors the skin that runs from my breasts up to my cheeks and the wild tangle of chestnut curls that hangs around my face. Twisting my body and turning my head to look back over my shoulder, I see red marks along my upper back, a stark reminder of the force of Collin’s thrusts as he pummeled me into the wall. Dropping my gaze lower, I’m confronted with further evidence of his possession in the form of his fingerprints dotting both cheeks of my ass, and I find myself unable to stop the satisfied smile that takes over my face as I recall the way he dug his fingers into me and slammed my body against him

Jordan left his mark on me only once during the course of our marriage, smacking my ass so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. After I punched him in the arm and threatened to cut off his balls, he swore he’d never do it again. Rough sex is not something that ever held any appeal for me. I certainly never thought being fucked against a wall so hard it left marks would turn me on, but I find myself staring at the results of what we just did and feeling that familiar stirring between my legs again.

I hear the water shut off in the bathroom across the hall and turn away from the mirror before Collin sees that I’ve been obsessively eyeing all the things he did to my body. I’m not fast enough, though, and the dimple in his cheek stands out when he smirks at me as he strolls naked into the room,

“Checking out my handy work?” he asks, coming to stand behind me while I rummage through my dresser drawer for a pair of underwear and a tank top, trying to pretend like that wasn’t exactly what I’d been doing.

“Don’t get so cocky, Mr. McDaniels,” I warn, glancing at him over my shoulder.

He presses his body against my back and I feel his cock, hot and hard between the cheeks of my ass.

Jesus, how in the hell is he already hard again?

“I’m pretty sure I earned the right to be a little cocky,” he whispers close to my ear.

I can’t even think of a sufficient comeback because he’s right. He definitely went above and beyond tonight and I won’t deny him his right to gloat. After giving me two mind-numbing orgasms, he’s certainly earned it.

The heat of his body is suddenly gone as he moves away from me, his fingertips trailing down my spine and then circling each little red mark. I close my eyes as he leans in and kisses each spot.

“I’m sorry I was so rough, Lee,” he whispers as he squats down and presses his lips against the area on my ass that’s still pink from his handprint.

He stands back up, bringing his body flush against mine again and I lean my head back against his chest as his arms wrap around my waist.

“I like having your marks on my body,” I tell him honestly, because it’s the absolute truth.

I like that those marks will serve as a reminder of Collin’s possession for days to come, but, more than that, I love what each of those marks mean. Never in my life have I experienced the absolute feminine power of having a man want me beyond all reason, the thrill of having him need me so much that he couldn’t hold himself back, nor did I think I wanted to. I never had any desire to push the boundaries of sex with Jordan because deep down, I didn’t really trust him. I didn’t trust him enough to take care of me or explore that dark side of my sexual needs I’ve kept buried inside. I also know in my heart that I wouldn’t have been able to let go like that with any man other then Collin. I want it all, the dark and the sweet and everything in between, and I want it with the man standing behind me. I never felt comfortable telling Jordan what I wanted or needed from him, but I know I don’t have to be afraid with Collin.

“Open your eyes and watch,” he demands softly as he slightly turns both of our bodies.

Damn, what is it with him and making me watch?

I comply with his request and when I see that he’s turned us to face the mirror, I suddenly understand why he wants me to look this time.

I watch as the palms of his hands flatten against my stomach before they move in opposite directions, one going up to cup my breast and the other going down to cup my sex.

His thumb begins to trace a circle around one hard nipple while the other thumb slowly circles my clit. I let out a gasp as I watch his middle finger slide between my folds before dipping inside of me. He holds his hand still and seeing his finger completely disappeared inside of me is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. He continues to circle both my clit and my nipple with the same achingly slow speed all the while keeping that long, thick finger perfectly motionless inside my body.

“Slide your hand down here, baby,” he orders quietly. I manage to tear my eyes away from the sight of his hand cupping my sex, meeting his gaze in the mirror with a puzzled look on my face. “I want you to feel this, Lee. Push your finger inside you with mine.”

I have no idea who this man is saying such delicious things against my ear and I can’t believe I ever worried that adult Collin’s sexual skills would be a repeat of the awkward, bungling attempts of the boy I knew in high school. Seventeen-year- old Collin couldn’t bring me to the edge of release with a bit of dirty talk or play my body like he owned it. He’s grown up in more ways than one and I couldn’t be happier about that right now.

Resting my hand on top of his forearm, I slide it down until my palm brushes over top of his hand and our fingers are almost interlaced. I can feel the knuckle of his middle finger and I move my own until I’m doing as he asked and pushing it inside myself right alongside his. He pulls his hand away from me slowly, sliding both of our fingers out to the tips and holding them there until I can’t take the torture any longer. I push on his hand so we both slide right back in, my wetness coating both of us.

We continue the push and pull of our fingers while his thumb brushes back and forth over my clit, his other hand still working my nipple with the exact same speed and pressure.

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