I’m not going to lie, it’s always pissed me off that we spent two years together and all of my attempts at seduction were turned down because she wasn’t ready, only to find out she jumped right into bed with that asshole Jordan not long after we broke up. I know we were young, I know we definitely weren’t ready for the heavy responsibility that comes with having sex, but I never understood what he had that I didn’t.

I’m thirty-three years old and I’m still pissed off about something that happened when I was seventeen. D.J.’s right, I’m a fucking idiot.

Once the guys had the electrical fire under control in the basement and I knew the building wasn’t going up in flames, I made my way over to where Finnley stood with her eyes closed, deep in thought, to apologize for what happened Saturday night. I didn’t want her to think I was some pathetic guy who was still pining for his high school girlfriend after almost two decades, even if it was basically true. As soon as I got close to her and smelled her soft, fruity perfume and saw the outline of her hardened nipples through the thin material of her top, my good intentions left my body and were replaced by a rush of need. I wanted to put my mouth over the silk of her shirt and suck her nipples into my mouth. I wanted to stare down at the wet spot left behind that would showcase the rosy color of her nipples and then go back in for another taste, running my tongue in a circle around the tight buds.

I watched as a beautiful pink spread up her chest and across her cheeks after I spoke, silently praying that blush was a result of my interrupting memories of what happened between us a few nights before. Hope quickly turned into arousal when Finnley looked up at me with a gleam in her big brown eyes, standing up on her toes and leaning forward to bite down on my lip. She obviously remembered how sensitive my ears have always been and it almost made me come in my pants when she ran her tongue right along the edge. It took every bit of self-control I could muster to remember that our co-workers were just a few yards away and I figured pushing up the black skirt that molded to her hips and thighs and fucking her up against the base of the tree would be frowned upon. I don’t know what this thing is happening between us. Right now, I’m chalking it up to residual lust and curiosity about what it would be like to have Finnley Morgan beneath me, something I’d always dreamed about. Thoughts of her regretting what happened were quickly tossed aside at her bold behavior and the flippant way she tossed out her address without a second look back as she walked away from me. I didn’t bother taking my eyes off of her ass as I watched her walk along the sidewalk, hurrying to catch up with her co-workers before disappearing inside the building. This is not the Finnley I remember from high school. That girl was shy and sweet and never initiated anything physical between us. This girl, this woman, radiates sex with just a smile and the husky sound of her voice when she speaks against my ear.

After a quick shower at the station at the end of my shift, I didn’t think twice about turning my truck in the direction of her house, ignoring the fact that this was probably wrong on so many levels. Even though I wasn’t dating anyone seriously, she was still a married woman, regardless of whether or not her husband was out of the picture. I should probably feel bad that one of the main reasons I’m currently pulling into her driveway is because I’d like nothing more than to fuck with Jordan Castillo’s life, figuratively and literally. I never liked him as a teenager and the things I’ve heard about him as an adult prove that my opinion of him was spot on. There have been a ton of rumors about his bad behavior through the years. I don’t know the cause of their separation, but I hope to God she finally found out the truth about the scumbag she married. I don’t even care if she’s just using me to get back at him, or if their separation isn’t permanent. All I know is that right now, she’s free and clear and she obviously wants me. I couldn’t pass this up if my life depended on it.

Pulling into the driveway of the address she gave me, I take a minute to stare at the house in front of me. It’s an older two-story colonial with flower boxes attached to the first floor windows and a neatly landscaped yard with an American flag hanging on a pole off of the front porch. This is the home she lived in with her husband, the place where she built a life with another man and never gave me a second thought. Am I really going to waltz in there and defile all of her memories with a quick fuck?

Remembering the feel of her breasts pressed up against my chest and her warm breath skating over my ear, I think about the way her moans of pleasure vibrated through my mouth as I kissed her. My dick stirs with arousal as I recall the way she rubbed the heat between her thighs against me and I quickly open the door to my truck, slamming it behind me as I stalk up to her front porch.

You bet your ass I’m going to taint this fucking house.

I’m going to erase every single memory of Jordan from every single room until she can’t walk into the kitchen without thinking about my cock buried deep inside her. I’m going to fuck her on every available surface and then I’m going to do it again just for the hell of it. I’m going to take what should have been mine years ago before I fucked it all up and then I’m going to walk away and finally put this woman out of my head once and for all.

The front door opens before I can ring the bell and, seeing Finnley standing in the doorway in nothing but a towel, droplets of water dripping down between the valley of her breasts and her long brown hair curling naturally from the shower she must have recently taken, I quickly realize that walking away from her when this is all said and done might not be as easy as I thought.

Without speaking a word, I push my way into the house, backing her up and kicking the door closed behind me. I don’t give her time to change her mind, not one single second to rethink her decision to give me her address this afternoon. I charge forward and wrap my arms around her towel-clad body, lifting her up until she can wrap her legs around my waist. If she showed any signs of fear or apprehension on that gorgeous face of hers, I would have stopped immediately. Fortunately for both of us, there’s nothing but need in her eyes as she stares down at me, her chest rising and falling quickly with each breath she takes.


With one hand under her ass holding her against me, I quickly use the other hand to tug on the edge of the towel tucked in between her breasts to hold it in place. The material parts and I stare at her naked breasts right in front of my face. They’re larger and fuller than the last time I’d seen them and my mouth waters as I think about sucking every inch of them into my mouth. Her fingers slide through the hair on the back of my head and pull me closer, urging me to taste her. I immediately comply, latching my mouth onto one nipple and sucking it into my mouth.

Finnley tosses her head back and moans softly, her thighs tightening around my hips and her hands pressing me harder against her as I continue to pull her nipple into my mouth and swirl my tongue around and around it, over and over until she starts grinding her hips against me.

I move a few blind steps forward, stopping when her back crashes into the wall next to the door. I pull my face away from her breast to rip the towel the rest of the way off of her body, impatient with the desire to have her completely naked in my arms. Tossing the towel aside, I use my hips to anchor her in place against the wall, bringing my hands up to frame her face before I slam my lips against hers. I swallow her cries of need as I plunge my tongue into her mouth. Her hands move away from the back of my head and quickly go to the hem of my t-shirt, clawing and tugging on it in an attempt to get it up and off my body. I move away from her lips long enough to help her, tossing my shirt in the general direction of the towel that covered her body before going back in for another taste of her mouth.

When I pull back a few seconds later, I can’t help but grin at her sounds of protest. I chuckle as she grabs onto my head and tries to pull me back in, outright laughing at the look she gives me when I resist.

“I love your mouth, baby, but there’s something else I’m dying to taste right now.”

I watch her eyes flare with equal parts arousal and curiosity as I move my hands away from her face, slowly sliding them down her neck to skate over her collarbones and cup her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples before I resume my downward path. Her legs slide down from around my hips until her feet rest on the floor, her breathing growing more and more erratic as I use my fingertips to lightly trace the skin around her belly button. Breaking eye contact, I follow my hands down her body until I’m kneeling in front of her. I wrap my hands around her hips and pull the lower half of her body forward until I can smell her arousal and practically taste it on my tongue.

I glance up at her through hooded eyes and see her staring down at me, her skin flushed with desire as her tongue darts out and licks her lips in anticipation of what I’m about to do.

“I’ve always wondered what you taste like. You have no idea how badly I wanted to drive my tongue into this tight little pussy all those years ago, but I had no idea what I was doing.”

My eyes travel down the beautiful woman in front of me, stopping when I meet her waxed, bare sex. Sliding one hand away from her hip, I trace a solitary finger up and down either side of her swollen lips, teasing her by refusing to dip it in between them to pull out her wetness and spread it around. Her hips move against my fingers, begging me for more. I look up at her as she bites down on her lower lip, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back against the wall.

I slowly drag my finger between her inner lips and circle it around her clit until I hear her moan.

“Open your eyes, Lee. I want you to watch me suck your clit into my mouth and push my tongue inside you,” I tell her with a low voice.

With a shaky breath, she opens her eyes, her eyelids fluttering as she struggles to focus before looking down at me. When I’m sure she’s not going to look away again, I close my own eyes and the distance between us, preparing to do exactly as I promised. I tighten my hand on her hip as she writhes against me, wrap my lips around her clit and pull it hard into my mouth.

“Fuck! Oh, my God.”

She lets out a strangled curse and it takes everything in me not to shout with her as I get my first taste of her sweet pussy on my tongue.

Chapter 8—Sex on Fire

“OPEN YOUR EYES, Lee. I want you to watch me suck your clit into my mouth and push my tongue inside you.”

I’m a little embarrassed by the fact that just those simple words from Collin are almost enough to make me come. It’s only when he buries his face between my legs and I feel his lips and tongue wrap around my clit that I realize the words were nothing compared to the feel of him working me into his mouth.

I’m only half aware of the curses flying from my mouth as his tongue circles my clit. When his hand joins his mouth between my legs and he quickly thrusts two of his long, thick fingers inside of me, the sensation becomes almost too much to bear and I have to force myself to keep my eyes open like he asked. I must admit that the sight of him sucking my clit past his lips as he fucks me roughly with his fingers is almost as hot as feeling it happen.

I bring my hands to the back of his head and pull him in closer, thrusting my hips against his face as he works me over with his lips and tongue and his fingers curl inside of me. Our eyes meet as he looks up from what he’s doing, his mouth moving away from me but his fingers continuing their deep push and pull.

“Lee,” he moans my name, the hot breath from his words tickling against my sex. “You taste so fucking sweet, baby. Like sugar and honey.”

I’ve never been much for dirty talk. Jordan and I were both virgins, so our initial attempts at sex were awkward and fumbling at best. Once we learned each other’s bodies and figured out what worked and what didn’t, we had a pretty good sex life for the better part of our marriage. I’ve always been a little on the shy side, so Jordan was usually the aggressor when it came to our sex life. When he attempted a little dirty talk, it always felt weird and it never turned me on. I was satisfied with our routine and, even though we experimented here and there with different positions and toys, I’m realizing now just how much I’ve been missing. The strength of the response this man wrings from me with only his tongue and his fingers and a handful of words borders on cataclysmic.

As Collin dives back between my thighs, sliding his tongue inside me with his fingers, a part of me wonders if I’m reacting so strongly because I’m with someone new and different or because Collin instinctively knows my body like the back of his hand. Even though what’s happening right now is new territory for us, he knows the exact pressure I need from his mouth and he knows the perfect way to curl his fingers inside of me as pulls them out. Even after over a decade of marriage, Jordan still needed instruction when it came to giving me pleasure. I moved his fingers when they rubbed in the wrong direction or grasped onto his hips to slow him down when he fucked me too fast. The man worshipping my pussy has no such problem. Collin works my body like he’s spent years getting intimately acquainted with it.

His mouth is hot and wet on my clit and he continues the motion and pressure of his tongue as it circles me, realizing that if he changes up what he’s doing too quickly the orgasm that’s hovering right there, waiting for me to fall over the edge into oblivion, will slip out of my reach. He pushes his fingers so deep inside of me that I feel his knuckles pressing against the sensitive skin of my inner lips. My hips roll against his mouth, his tongue never slowing its assault on my clit and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. When the tips of his fingers brush against my g-spot seconds later, his demand to keep my eyes open is forgotten as the first wave of my orgasm washes over me. I squeeze my eyes closed, my fingers clutching so tightly to the hair on his head that I’m afraid he’ll have bald spots when I’m done as my legs shake and my hips thrust frantically against his hand. I come against his lips and tongue and he drinks me in, sucking down every last drop and prolonging my orgasm with little flicks of his tongue until my body feels like jelly.

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