He lay his hand down to rest on her thigh. Quinn wanted her to get used to him. Her skin was silky smooth to the touch. Gritting his teeth, Quinn counted in his head, using all the techniques he remembered as a Seal to gain control over his emotions.

She buried her head against his shoulder. “I hate this.”

The movie had started out fun with her rubbing against him, but now it was pure torture. Kaley was so close to him, yet he couldn’t do anything to relieve the ache building inside him.

When the movie ended, Dorothy walked through the door looking a little flushed. He glanced toward her.

“Hey. What’s going on?” Dorothy flopped down on the chair. “Who moved the television?”

“We were watching a horror film.” Kaley released him, getting up from the sofa. He closed his eyes as she bent over to grab the empty ice cream tub and bowls. The shorts rode up, revealing the bottom of her curvy ass.

She left the room, leaving him to his sister.

“She doesn’t have a clue about the shorts, does she?”

“Kaley’s not very aware of herself, no. Have fun?”

“Until the horror movie, yes.” He ran a hand down his face. How was he going to make it to his bedroom without embarrassing himself?

“Why? I thought guys liked to watch horror movies. Oh, that’s right, they don’t. It’s just a lame ass attempt to get us women close to them. Shame on you, brother.”


He saw Dorothy was laughing at him.

“I’m going to head to bed,” Kaley said, coming back into the room. She stretched out, thrusting her tits into the air.

Torture, pure torture.


His patience wasn’t going to last long if she behaved like that.


For the rest of the week, Kaley was surprised by how much fun she had with Quinn. Dorothy always had a good excuse to be out of the apartment. They spent a great deal of time cooking or watching movies. When she’d brought him the ingredients to make a stir-fry, a dish she’d never tried before, Quinn took the lead, creating a delicious meal that was fit for a restaurant. The movies varied from romance to horror. Her favorite were action movies with lots of guns. She noticed many of the romance and horror movies had a lot of sex. The moment the lights went down and the clothes came off, she got more nervous as she became more aware of Quinn.

He never moved, and she always wondered what he was thinking about.

She looked down at the books on the trolley that had been returned that day at the library. Martha was training someone new back at the front counter. Kaley liked working at the library. It was usually quiet. They rarely had rowdy children or problems.

Walking through the history section, she placed the books about the Second World War onto a shelf. She tucked some hair behind her ear as she looked down to see what was next on her trolley.

“So this is where you work,” Quinn said.

Kaley looked up to find him leaning against the door toward the main reception. He was looking at her while she stared down.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“You work here.”

His gaze wandered down her body. She wore a pair of jeans and a pink shirt. Martha didn’t demand formal attire. Her boss preferred her staff to be comfortable in whatever clothes they desired. Jeans always made her feel comfortable, no matter the time of year.

“It’s lunchtime. Dorothy’s working. I was bored and wanted to come and see you.”

It would be the only explanation she got.

“Also, Martha said it was time for a real man to be calling for you.”

“You spoke to Martha?”

“She let me know where to find you.” He didn’t move from his space by the door. “I like her.”

“You want to have lunch?”

“Yep. When was the last time you ate?”


“Good. I’ll wait for you while you do this trolley, and then we’ll head out. My treat.”

He stood watching her as she made her way around the library putting all the books back in their proper places. When she got back to the reception desk, Martha was smiling at her.

“He’s a handsome man, Kaley. Where have you been keeping him locked up?”

“I’ve not. He’s Dorothy’s brother.”

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