Chapter Three

It took every ounce of willpower to keep his distance from Kaley. Quinn saw she was close to running away. He didn’t like it, yet there was nothing he could really do.

Take your time.

He was a patient man, and he refused to rush her. The moment he rushed her, he’d lose. He dried the dishes, loving the closeness to her. When his cell phone chimed, he took it out to see a message from Dorothy.

If I didn’t leave when I did, she’d find a reason. Be nice to her. x

“I’m always nice,” he muttered.

“Sorry?” Kaley glanced at him.

“Nothing. I’m just talking to myself.”

“Ah, okay.”

They finished the dishes then made their way to the sitting room.

“I’m going to get showered. I’ll meet you back out here and we’ll watch that movie.”


She nodded, closing her bedroom door.

You can run, but you can’t hide, baby.

He wasn’t put off by her lack of enthusiasm. Quinn didn’t linger in the shower or in his room. Within ten minutes he was out in the sitting room. He closed the curtains, turning the light off and only allowing two lamps to cast a low glow over the room. When the room looked perfect, he walked into the kitchen, taking out the chocolate ice cream from the freezer. He grabbed bowls, spoons, and some other candies for them to munch on.

Returning to the sitting room, he saw Kaley coming out of her room. She wore a set of shorts and a shirt with a teddy bear on the front. There was nothing sexy about her attire. He imagined her in sexy silk lingerie, and his cock began to thicken.


Quinn placed his prizes on the table, taking a seat on the sofa. With the way he’d moved the television, she’d have no choice but to sit with him.

“Cute PJs.”

She didn’t say anything.

Glancing over, he saw her cheeks were bright red. He could do better than that.

Kaley took hold of the DVD, putting it into the machine. She clearly didn’t have a fucking clue that the shorts rode up showing her ass off to perfection. He wanted to be those shorts. They were so tight, nuzzled against her pussy.

She handed him the remote, taking a seat on the other end of the sofa. He watched her put her feet up underneath her, keeping as much space between them as possible. In control of the remote, he allowed the trailers to run. They both laughed at several comedies coming out in the fall.

“I can’t wait to watch that one,” Kaley said.

“I’ll take you to it. It’ll be a date.”

He made sure he didn’t make any sign that it was more than two friends getting to know one another. Quinn really wished he knew why she was so shy and nervous around him. It wouldn’t matter soon. He wasn’t going to give her a choice about being with him. For over six years he’d denied himself the pleasure of being around her.

The movie started playing. Ten minutes in, he leaned forward, moving a little closer to her as he did. He scooped ice cream into their bowls, sprinkling more candy. Moving a little closer, he handed her a bowl.

She took it. Their fingers brushed across each other, and he wanted there to be more. Sitting back in his new position, he ate his ice cream, watching the movie.

She sat next to him, and by the end of the movie, he had his arm across the back of the sofa and they were almost touching.

“Are you ready for bed? What did you think of the movie?” It was only a little after nine. Dorothy had sent him a text asking how it was going. He ignored the text and concentrated on the woman beside him.

“No. It was a good movie, boring in places,” she said.

He chuckled. There was no real action. Quinn flipped through the channels.

The only movie he found was a scary one. He liked scary movies, so he left it on that channel. His cunning plan worked as within minutes she was clinging to his arm. Quinn moved her up the sofa so she was leaning against him with nowhere else to go.

“No, you stupid woman, don’t go outside alone,” Kaley said.

Quinn chuckled, staring down at her. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, nor was she wearing a bra. Her breasts were pressed against his arm, making him very aware how free she actually was.

Grabbing the pillow next to him, he placed it over his rock-hard cock. The sweatpants he wore didn’t do well for hiding an erection.

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