And I loved it.

Oh, god, I loved it. It was a glorious loss of control, it was Valentine Roth giving in and abandoning all hold on himself.

Lightning struck in a thousand scintillating sunbursts inside me, heat and pressure wed to become nova-hot explosions that weren’t orgasms but the bursting of pleasure inside me as that climax neared.

“Valentine, oh, god, Valentine, I’m almost there, I’m so close.” My voice was breathless, raw from moans and whimpers and shrieks.

“Not yet.”


I clenched around him with my inner muscles, clamping onto his thrusting, sliding c**k with every ounce of strength I had in my vaginal muscles. I was rewarded by a protracted groan from Roth, who abruptly slowed his pace, and instead of thrusting hard and fast, he slammed into me once, hard and slow, pulled out, and then slammed in again, his body tensed and trembling.

I felt his c**k throb inside me at each slow, deliberate, pounding thrust, and I knew he was close. I released my vaginal muscles as he pulled out, and tensed them when he thrust in, matching him, moving in the only way I could, clutching him so he could barely pull out.

“Kyrie…god, the way you do that with your pu**y…it makes me crazy.” He pressed a sloppy, passionate kiss to my lips, and I felt him trembling as wildly as I was, shaking all over, holding back, determined to draw this out as long as possible, despite how long we’d already tortured ourselves.

I felt my body spasming as climax stole over me, and I had to fight to push it back, hold it off, but it was impossible, like trying to push against a tectonic plate. “I can’t…I can’t stop it, Valentine. I have to come. I can’t…ohfuckohgod…I can’t—” I tried once more to hold it back, but it was in vain. I felt the orgasm seizing my body, striking my nerves like hammers, every pleasure point on my body pulsing with brilliance.

He growled. “Not yet, Kyrie. Not yet.”


“I can’t stop it!” I protested. “I have to come…have to…please!”

Roth’s thrusts were spasmodic and slow, and as he spoke, he bent over me, nearly collapsing, and then straightened his arms, tensed his abs, and paused with just the tip of his c**k inside me, his body trembling, muscles rock-hard.

And then, with a shout, Valentine thrust into me, and I felt him explode. “Now, Kyrie! Come with me!”

I came, and I screamed. It wasn’t a small breathless little shriek—oh no, this was a full-voiced scream, a sound louder than any I’d ever made in my life, a primal scream of raw ecstasy. White light flashed on my closed eyelids, and my entire body was shaken by pulsating waves of explosive pleasure. I felt Roth slamming into me, his hips thrusting madly as he came and came and came, his hot seed flooding into me, stream after stream jetting against my walls. In the throes of an earth-shaking climax, all control was forgotten, and I wrapped my heels around his back and ground my hips against his, my pu**y clamped tight around his cock, my mouth against his shoulder, biting and sucking and kissing as I was wrenched and twisted and wrung by an orgasm that never seemed to end.

When it did end, it wasn’t all at once, but gradually, a slow fading, a spiral drift down from the heights of heaven.

Eventually, Roth was limp above me, his weight partially braced so as not to crush me, and we were both panting and sweating. After a moment, Roth rolled off me and flopped to his back.

We lay side by side, panting, for several minutes, not speaking, reveling in the glow of bliss.

My eyes closed, drowsing for a time I didn’t bother measuring, I didn’t see him move, but I felt him untie the lace binding my wrists. I turned over and rested my head on his shoulder, felt his arm curl around my waist and his hand cup my ass, holding me close. “That was f**king incredible, Valentine.”

“‘Fucking incredible’ doesn’t do it justice.” He craned his neck aside to look me in the eyes. “‘Fucking incredible’ doesn’t do you justice.”

I traced my fingers over his pectoral muscles, across the ridged wonderland of his abs, and found his manhood. “You have the most amazing cock. For real.”

He chuckled. “I’m glad you think so.”

“I wasn’t sure I could take it all,” I admitted, gently, almost idly, caressing him, toying with him, feeling him ever-so-gradually thicken and harden.

“But you did.”

“Will I be allowed to participate next time?” I asked.

“Perhaps.” I heard the smile, but my eyes were locked on his cock, watching in rapt fascination as he grew under my touch.

“You’re getting hard already.”

“You make me hard. I just had you, but I need to be inside you again.” He lay still, letting me touch him, fondle him, stroke him until he was fully erect.

I shifted so I could use both hands on him, cupping his heavy balls in one hand, clutching his erect length with the other. I caressed him slowly, squeezing around his broad head and loosening my grip as I stroked downward. I slid my body down his, resting my cheek on his stomach, watching him grow bigger and harder with each stroke of my fist down his glistening shaft. Wrapping my lips around him, I kept my jaw spread wide open, and I took him into my mouth, tasted us on him, bobbing him as deep as I could take him, then withdrawing, f**king with my mouth until he was groaning and lifting his hips into my rhythm.

And then, of course, he pulled me away. “You seem very determined to make me come in your mouth, Kyrie.”

I rested my head on his shoulder again and smiled up at him. “Not necessarily. I just like seeing how long you’ll let me suck on you before you stop me.”

“Do you want me to come in your mouth?”

I shrugged. “Sometime, yes. Now? No. Now I want your c**k inside me.”

“You marked me, Kyrie.”

I lifted up on one elbow and glanced at him in surprise. “I did?”

He nodded, pointing at a large dark mark on his shoulder. “You did.”

I grinned. “Oh. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’ve never let anyone mark me before. No one. Not ever. I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

I frowned. “It’s just a hickey, Roth. And it’s not visible.”

“True. But I did tell you not to move.”

I met his gaze. “Yes, you did. But we were both coming at that point, and I just…couldn’t stop myself. I had to touch you somehow. Had to kiss you.”

“That doesn’t mean leave a mark on my body.”