“You’ll fit. Just…go slow.”

“Don’t worry, love, I’ll never hurt you.”

“I know.” I held still and breathed in his scent, staring up at his eyes as they locked on mine. “More.” I moved against him, rolling my hips to take more of him.

He groaned low in his chest. “More?” Roth’s eyes were hooded, his pale blue gaze never wavering from mine as he inched himself deeper, his thick shaft filling me to aching fullness. “Like that?”

Once I caught my breath, I shook my head. “No. Deeper. More.” He pushed in, a slow, aching penetration. I gasped, a high-pitched inbreath of surprise as he filled me. Holy shit. I felt like I was about to split apart, a burning ache that quickly turned to ecstasy as I adjusted to his size. “Yes, like that. God, you’re f**king huge.”

He grinned at me in the candlelit haze. “Can you take more?”

My eyes widened. I’d felt his girth with my hands, stroked his length, but that couldn’t prepare me for the reality of the way he’d feel inside me. I could only incline my head in a slight nod, and then he leaned down to kiss me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and palming my breast as he stroked fully into me. Holy hell. I couldn’t breathe, aching, burning, stretched, pierced. I forced my breath in, and out, and then I blinked as my head cleared, and I absorbed the steel-and-silk of his c**k inside me. He cupped my breast, then dragged my nipple between two fingers, sending a small quiver through me. He still hadn’t moved, but I was shaking with delirium at the way he felt inside me, even motionless.

I planted my feet on the mattress and rolled my hips, sliding him partway out and then back in, and I sighed. “Move with me, Valentine. Please.”

He groaned, touched his forehead to mine, released my wrists and planted his hands just beneath my raised arms. “Don’t you dare move a muscle, Kyrie. Lie still. Perfectly still. Just take me.” He drew out almost all the way, and paused there. “Don’t speak, except to say my name.”

I nodded, fists clenching in the effort to hold still, the slow slide as he drew out sending a frenzy of quivering thrills through me, putting alight my need to move, to feel him glide inside me. But I remained motionless, at least until he brushed his lips over mine, breathing with me, tongue flicking out to trace my lips. And then I couldn’t help but kiss him back, and he took my kiss and multiplied it, giving in to need, his c**k poised just inside me, only our mouths moving.

We kissed with ferocious intensity, mouth clashing, tongues tangling, breath coming ragged and harsh.


And then, matching a thrust of his tongue into my mouth, he stroked into me, spearing me with his massive cock, sliding slowly so his head spread my pu**y apart and took him into me to the root. Our hips met, and I was frantic to move, shaking all over.


“Was that good, Kyrie?” He withdrew, pinched my nipple between the fingers of one hand. “You want it again?” I almost nodded, but didn’t. I just gave him all the desperation I felt in one pleading gaze. His brow furrowed, and he glided into me, smoothly and slowly, and this time I shrieked, a breathless sound. “You take me so beautifully, Kyrie. You take all of me and want more. Don’t come yet, baby. Don’t come yet. Don’t you dare come until I tell you to.”

I swallowed hard and forced myself to remain still, hands clenched over my head, legs extended and spread apart to accommodate his trim hips. “Valentine…ohhh….” I was close.

He knew it. Surely he felt it in the throbbing quiver of my pu**y, the way my walls clenched around him, the way I couldn’t slow my breathing, the way my hips were rising and falling on their own in a slight flutter, despite my mental commands to stay still.

But he was breathing hard, too, despite only having thrust into me a few times. Every muscle was tensed, making him a skin-soft sculpture of rock kneeling above me. His mouth covered my breast, his tongue sliding over my nipple, sucking my boob into his mouth and making me inhale sharply, and then he did it to the other boob, and then he was squeezing my tits together and licking at both ni**les at once, and I was helpless, unable to stay still, my spine curving by itself, lifting my tits to his hot, wet mouth.

He moved, driving his hips against mine, and this time when his thick, hard, throbbing c**k pierced me, I shrieked, and it was a loud sound, splitting the quiet room. “Yes! Valentine…oh, god.”

“That was more than just my name, Kyrie.”

“I know…I can’t help it.”

He pistoned into me again, and I moaned even louder. “You can say whatever you want. Just keep still.”


“Why?” Another slow thrust, and another, then a pause. “Because this time I only want to feel your tight little pu**y around me. Nothing else. Just the tightness of your cunt.” I hated that word usually. But from Roth, it sounded right. I wasn’t sure why, but it did.

He pushed in yet again, and this time he started a rhythm, an agonizingly slow pace meant to make me insane and succeeding. I moaned with each stroke, fighting to stay motionless as Roth teased and tortured me with glacially slow thrusts, filling me inch by inch, splitting me apart with his slick, hard cock, then withdrawing just as slowly and leaving me aching with emptiness, dearly needing to move to bring him back inside me, as if his erection filling me was all that I needed to be compete.

I felt the sheen of sweat that coated his body, heard his breathing coming in ragged pants, and felt his body shaking as he fought to hold the torturously slow pace he’d set for himself.

“Faster, Valentine. Don’t hold back. Give me all of you.”

“I’ll hurt you.”

“No, you won’t.”

He levered up to stare down at me, still thrusting slowly. “You’re sure?”

“Yes. God, yes. Please. Harder. Faster.”

He groaned and put his weight on one hand, pulled my arms down over his head to rest on his shoulders. “Hold on to me, Kyrie.”

I held on.

He sucked in a breath and let it out in a slow groan of relief as he started moving faster, incrementally increasing his pace. I pulled at him, wishing I could touch him, stroke his skin, hold his hips and clutch his hair. Instead, all I could do was hold on his neck with my bound wrists and focus on feeling him, focus on holding still.

Faster and faster, each stroke ripping a gasp from me, until he was pounding into me and I was shrieking, my voice raised in a nonstop series of screams. My tits bounced as he f**ked into me, and I felt his c**k fill me, pull out, fill me, slamming deep and withdrawing in a frenzied rhythm of primal fury.