“Spread your legs,” he continues. I hesitate at the thought of sitting so completely bared to him. Looking up at him, he senses my need, “Do it.”

Slowly, almost sheepishly, I open my legs, spread only a foot or so wide, yet enough to allow him to see me.


Taking a deep breath in, I glide my legs across the bed, as wide as I can manage without causing physical discomfort. The smile on his face tells me I’ve pleased him. It helps shed the feeling of being utterly exposed.

He takes a step closer, but still remains at the foot of the bed, “Show me, Beautiful. How did you touch yourself thinking of me that night?”

My eyes dart to his, his strong, unwavering desire fueling me, pushing me to give him what he wants. Slowly, I bring my hand up to my nipple. My fingernail trailing tentatively across the sensitive pink flesh makes my already swollen nipple harden more. I close my eyes, allowing myself to relax into the heady feeling that touching myself brings.

Raising my hand to my mouth, I wet my fingers before returning them to my nipple to rub small circles. The cool air meets with my wet arousal and a low, throaty moan escapes as my need ratchets up, fingers pinching my sensitive nipple hard until I feel a jolt straight down to my already swollen clit.

Opening my eyes, I find Vinny unmoved, his eyes hooded, glazed over with need as he watches my hands work myself intently. Making their way up to find me, his eyes dark and hot, they lock with mine. I take a deep breath, my courage fueled by the desire I find reflected back at me, slowly I let my hand glide smoothly over my body. I watch as Vinny’s eyes follow, locked to my drifting hand. Watching him, unable to tear his eyes from my hand as I touch myself, is as much, if not more, of a turn on than the actual act of my touching.

My two fingers gently find my clit, applying pressure as they make slow rhythmic circles. Each turn transmits a small burst of electricity that shoots through my nerves, my body becoming electrified at my own touch.

My desire intensifying, I feel the unmistakable tightening at my core. I need more. Shutting my eyes again and pushing back hard on any feeling of inhibition and shyness still lurking in the corner of my brain, I drop my fingers lower, circling my wet entrance slowly. I gasp as I push two fingers into myself, my body slick, coated with my own juices.

Vinny growls, the sound making my body begin to contract and my orgasm begins to build. No longer hesitant, my fingers begin pumping into myself, wet and needy. Slow pumps turn quickly into deep plunging thrusts and I moan as my fingers slip in and out, in and out, desperate to feel filled, the way my body does only when Vinny’s inside of me.


I’m vaguely aware of the sound of a zipper and movement, although I’m too intent on finding my own release for anything to really register.

“Open your eyes,” Vinny says with a low, thick voice, but one that’s still clear it’s an order and not a request. I comply.

“I want to be inside you when you come. As much as I f**king love watching you touch yourself, I’m even jealous of you bringing yourself to orgasm instead of me.” Possessively, he grabs my waist, dragging me down the bed, and positions himself over me. “Eyes open. You come with me inside of you,” he coaxes as he spears into me, his c**k thick and hard.

“Does it feel better when I’m inside you?” He groans as he sets a frenzied pace, pushing deeply into me and pulling out almost to the tip each time.


“Tell me, who makes you come?”

“You,” I whimper, my body trembling as the power of my orgasm takes hold.

“So f**king beautiful.” Vinny crushes his mouth to mine, as I moan his name over and over, my orgasm hitting me like a blow. Wave after wave of pulse pounding, uncontrollable spasms grip him inside of me. Still riding the last of the aftershocks, I feel the heat of Vinny’s release spill into me as he pushes into me so deeply it leaves me feeling like he wants a piece of him to stay deep inside of me forever.

Chapter 45


I’ve never been a morning person, but waking up to Liv’s naked ass might help change that. I’m just about to show her how much I enjoy the view, when my phone rings on the end table.

Reaching over, I’m ready to hit REJECT. Who gives a shit who it is, they can wait. Until I see the name and picture come up on my phone. It’s worse than throwing a bucket of cold water over me. My mother. She never calls, especially at 8AM on a Saturday. I get the pang of unease in the core of my gut.

“What’s up?”

“Can you stop over today so we can talk?”

“Yeah, everything okay?” She sounds sober, that alone sends up a red flag, oddly enough.

“I’m fine. I just need some help in figuring things out.” Her voice cracks. “I’m sorry to bother you. I know I don’t have any right to ask you for anything, but…” Her voice trembles as it trails off.

“I’ll be there in an hour. We’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

Tossing the phone back on the table, I scrub my hands over my face and lie on my back, taking a deep cleansing breath to try to relax.

“You okay?” Liv’s sweet voice whispers, I didn’t realize she was awake. Planting a soft kiss on my pec, she rests her head on my chest and wraps her arm around my stomach, snuggling in tightly. I f**king love the way it feels. Used to hate women touching me, outside of sex. Didn’t see the point of lying in bed with someone else unless we were working toward one of us, or both, getting off. Yet now I lie here wanting to do nothing else but run my fingers through her hair and feel the warmth of her cheek against my chest. Fuck, I’m becoming whipped. Turning into the same sap I watched Nico turn into, and made fun of every step of the way.

“My mother. She wants me to come by.”

“She didn’t say why?”

“Nope. But something’s up. She doesn’t call unless there’s trouble.”

“Can I come?”

“You want to come?”

“Sure, I’d love to meet your mom.”

Why? I wish I could forget I ever met her. “If you want.”

“I do.”

“Then okay. Told her I’d be there in an hour…so we have about half an hour to kill.” I flip her over on her back. She laughs and giggles as I toss her around. The sound makes me smile. So f**king whipped.


“Mom?” I’m surprised when I let myself into her apartment that she’s not in her usual place…on the couch, in front of the TV

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