My tense muscles relaxed a few minutes later, his hands caress their way down my sides, coming to rest on my hips. His voice changes, lower and raspier, “Open your legs.”

I comply. Reaching up, he repositions the showerhead so that it’s spraying only on me. Warm, strong streams of water run over my back, as his hands continue their descent downward. His fingers glide across my clit, two fingers settling in to gently rub small circles. The taut bundle of nerves sends a current through my body, my skin reacting with goosebumps even though warm water blankets it.

Leaning forward, he takes one nipple into his mouth and teasingly tugs at it as he bites down and pulls with his teeth. I moan as the two fingers on my clit reach lower, slipping inside of me, his thumb replacing the pressure on my waiting swell.

My breaths coming faster and more shallow, I quickly find myself heading toward my climax. Sensing my body’s reaction, Vinny growls, “Don’t come.”

As if there was anything I could do to stop it from happening, the feeling of euphoria quickly taking hold of me. “I can’t,” I pant, so close to the brink, needing to free fall over and wash away all of my thoughts, if only for a short time.

Withdrawing his fingers, for a second I want to kill him, leaving me dangling, perched on the edge.

“Turn around, grab the wall.”

Desperate to get back to the place where I just was, I comply quickly, turning so my back faces him, bending at the waist and palms pressed firmly against the tiled wall, he wastes no time. Entering me from behind, with the water and my own slick juices, he easily slips into me. I feel every thick inch of him as he gloriously stretches me, seating himself fully in one agonizingly slow, incredible thrust in.

“Slow or fast?”

Oh god. He’s giving me a choice. Just hearing him say the words is almost enough to bring me back to the edge. “Fast.”

His big hand tightens on one hip, the other snakes around underneath me and lifts me at the waist, bringing my ass up slightly higher and positioning me for what he’s about to deliver. I gasp as the hard-driving thrust of his thick c**k begins to pound into me with a fury.


Holding me immobile, pinned to the wall as he powers into me, over and over, I moan his name as my core clenches around him, my orgasm beginning to form again in the distance. “Fuck!” he growls, leaning over me, his wet, hard chest pushing firmly into my back as he sinks his teeth into my shoulder. A sting of pain rushes throughout my body, turning my waning orgasm into a tsunami that washes over me, taking my ability to function with it. My body trembles as it works its way through, leaving me completely vulnerable to his strength, unable to even hold myself up.


Hair still damp and skin pruny from a shower so long the water goes cold, Vinny settles in on a bar stool, watching me make us both breakfast.

“You look like a pro in there,” he says as I slide a potholder on. I open the oven door and pull out the biscuits just as the timer rings. I tip the oven door shut with my foot and grab the pan just in time to turn the eggs.

“I like to cook, but I don’t get to do it often.”

“I like to eat, maybe you should come by and make me dinner every night.” He grins.

Laughing, I shake my head and pull down two plates from the cabinet. “My personal chef services are pretty expensive.”

“Maybe we can take it out in trade?” Vinny arches one eyebrow with a sinister smile. The man has a one track mind, it’s a good thing I like what he’s playing.

Plating the eggs, bacon, and biscuits, I set down breakfast in front of him and walk around to the other side of the bar to join him. “That depends on what you have to trade.”

Catching me as I’m about to sit, he pulls me onto his lap, teasing me with a piece of bacon at my lips, pulling it away as I open my mouth to bite, “You’ll cook, I’ll feed you.”

Leaning forward, I steal the entire piece of bacon with my mouth, nipping at his finger in the process. His eyebrows arch in surprise, but there is no hiding how his eyes dilate instantly at the feel of my bite on his skin. Grabbing my ass firmly, he growls. “Do that again and I’m gonna be feeding you here on the kitchen counter, and your food’s gonna get cold while you’re busy taking what I’m gonna put in that sexy damn mouth of yours.”

My stomach flip flops and I lean in to cuddle into his neck, needing my goosebump laden skin pressed up against him, wanting to show him the effect his words have on my body.

Blind to what’s happening around us, I completely miss the clickety-clack of Ally’s sandals on the wooden floor, not noticing her entering the room until she’s in the refrigerator. “Don’t you two have jobs or something?” she asks as she smiles and pours herself a heaping glass of orange juice, guzzling the tall glass in one long gulp.

“Thirsty?” Vinny teases.

I attempt to hop off his lap, but his grip on me tightens, keeping me locked into place.

“Very. And hungry too. Wanna share that egg sandwich, Liv?” She helps herself to a bite that consumes almost half of my breakfast, before I even have a chance to respond.

“Help yourself.” Shaking my head, my response a moot point, I smile anyway.

“Can you drop me at school on your way to work? I have to work on a project with a group.” Her happy face falters as she groans the last three words of her sentence.

“Not a good group I take it?”

“Five girls. I was hoping the big guy with the goatee would be in my group.” She wiggles her eyebrows for effect.

Chuckling, Vinny shifts me on his lap to grab his breakfast. “I’ll drop you. I’m heading to the gym. It’s on my way.” Two bites and the entire plate is gone. Perhaps I need to rethink the quantity of food I prepare. I’m definitely not used to cooking for a man that burns more calories in the gym than I consume in a month.

“Do you have your truck or motorcycle?” Ally clasps her hands together excitedly, her posture reminding me of a little girl waiting to find out if her mom bought her a new pony she’d been begging for.

“Bike.” Vinny stands, setting me on my feet, and turning me to face him. Pushing a lock of hair behind my ear, his voice low so only I can hear him, “That good with you?”

Nodding my head, finding it sweet that he cares enough to clear my best friend riding on the back of his bike, I ignore the tiny bit of jealousy I can’t help but feel at the thought of another woman with their arms wrapped around Vinny. Even if she is my best friend.

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