But I don’t. Closing my eyes, I brace myself, hovering over her. Waiting. Watching. My arms begin to shake and I clamp down on every ounce of control within me and reign in my need. Her big, round, hazel eyes meet mine when I look down at her, and I find them filled with emotion. It takes me back seven years, to a time when I didn’t trust myself to not hurt her. Just like so many years ago, I find myself staring at eyes that scare the living shit out of me, eyes that trust me. Only this time, I want it. Need it. Finally man enough to take it.

So I kiss her softly on the lips and smile down at her. Wrapping her arms around my back, she smiles back at me and together we make love for the first time. I enter her slowly, our gaze never breaking, even when I’m seated deeply, the base of me flush against her wet opening.

Pulling back out, almost in unison we both take a deep breath in, and still for a minute before beginning to move again. Together, we find our rhythm, moving in and out slowly, unhurried, each breath and thrust in perfect sync with each other. Our eyes never parting for more than a few seconds, only out of necessity to steal a kiss.

Minutes later, I watch as her face changes, my slow thrusts speeding up, her hands on my back slipping down to grip my ass as she comes closer.

“Show me. Show me, Babe. I want to watch as that tight pu**y grips me. Need to see you.” Her eyes begin to roll back and drift shut, I know she’s close. “Open, Babe. Let me watch you give yourself to me.”

Glazed over, she struggles to keep her eyes open as her orgasm begins to pulse through her. Her body spasms beneath mine as I tremble to continue, holding back my own release, thrusting in and out, rocking back and forth, over and over again. I feel every pulse of her orgasm grasp and milk me, until finally, I can’t hold back anymore. I smother her moans with a kiss. The sound of her being stifled by me is almost too much to bear. Panting and sliding my c**k in as deep as I can, I release into her, my own body spurting uncontrollably as she moans my name through our kiss.

Chapter 35


The next morning when I awake, I roll over and find a cold bed where Vinny should be. A note on the pillow catches my attention. “Went for a run sleepy head. Be back soon. Be naked.” I smile, amenable Vinny gone, back to the demanding man this morning, not that I mind. I had no desire to get out of bed anyway.

Half an hour later, a knock at the door wakes me back out of my semiconscious state. Grabbing Vinny’s shirt from the night before and wrapping the sheet around me, I pad to the door, the floor cold beneath my bare feet.

Opening the door, I expect to find Vinny, instead a vaguely familiar face greets me on the other side of the doorway. One that’s wearing a short skirt and has more cle**age popping out of her scant top than breast underneath.


“Can I help you?” Please tell me you’re at the wrong apartment. I try to remain hopeful, but deep down I know she’s looking for Vinny.

The bottle blonde sizes me up and down, a look of annoyance on her face as she responds, “Is Vince here?”


“Who are you?” Attitude and all.

“Considering I’m the person wearing his shirt from last night, I think I should be asking you that question,” I give it back as good as she gives.

“I’m Krissy. Tell Vince I have what he needs and to call me.”

“I don’t think you have anything he needs anymore.” I respond curtly, barely holding my temper.

With an irritating smile that I know is about to deliver news I won’t like, she says, “That’s not what he said the other night.”


I deliberate staying and calmly asking for an explanation when he gets back from his run, but then my mind starts to question things. Maybe we’ve never defined our relationship, but holding himself out as my boyfriend and telling me he wants us to make love sure sounds like exclusivity to me. I go from talking myself into there being a valid explanation to thinking I’m a naïve idiot all within the span of ten minutes.

The need to clear my head wins out and I decide to get dressed and talk to Vinny later. Only I’m not quick enough. Sitting on the bed, I’m in the middle of putting on my shoes when Vinny strides into the bedroom.

“You’re supposed to be naked in bed.” He flirts as he takes off his sweaty t-shirt. His shorts hang low on his hips, the sight of his defined abs a distraction I don’t need.

“I was. Until you had a visitor.” Standing, I look around for my bag, I must have left it in the kitchen last night when we came in.

Catching on that something is awry from my icy tone, Vinny stops, arching one eyebrow and has the nerve to look like he has no idea what I’m talking about.

“What visitor?”

“Krissy. She said she has what you wanted the other night.” I push past him as he stands in the doorway.

He follows. “It’s not what you think, Liv.”

“Really?” I turn to finally face him. Not even the sight of his ridiculously sexy sweaty body can cool my anger. “Were you with her the other night?”

His jaw clenches. “Yes, but…”

“Get out of my way, Vinny.” He blocks the front door so that I can’t leave.

“No.” Seemingly calm, he folds his hands over his chest and settles in.

“No?” My voice rises higher.

“Give me a break, Liv. I didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t you trust me at all?” Really? He’s annoyed with me? What’s that old saying…fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

“How would you feel if it were you opening the door to a man who said he was with me the other night?”

He flinches. His jaw tenses and the answer to my question is clear without words.

“Fine. But hear me out. Nothing happened. I was looking for someone and ran into her and her friend. I asked her to get in touch with me if she saw the guy. I didn’t think she would come here.”

I try, I really try, to accept what he’s telling me, his voice even sounds so sincere. But history and my own self-doubt overshadow his words. Then I suddenly realize why she looked so familiar. She was the girl from the gym. The one that Vinny had waiting in the car for him the day we reconnected. It makes me feel nauseous to even think about.

“Did you sleep with her?”

Remorse on his face, words not necessary. “It was before I met you.”

“Let me go, Vinny.”

Taking two steps from the door toward me, he stands before me. “I haven’t been with anyone since the day I saw you in the gym, Liv. I’m a lot of shitty things, but a liar isn’t one of them.”

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